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Chapter 7
Translated by: RandomAlex
Edited by: Cazhe

“Concubine Luo, do you think this water is clean?”

Hearing Zhou Xi’s hostile words, Luo Ran quivered while her eyes fixed on the other’s eyes, and replied softly, “Clean . What about it, Imperial Concubine?”

Zhou Xi smiled with cold light in her eyes: “I’ll wash your dirty body for you . ”

Luo Ran’s face suddenly showed panic and she tried to break free of Zhou Xi’s hand, but in just a moment, a loud scream rang as Luo Ran fell straight into the water .


A man behind Luo Ran directly jumped into the water to save her . This was no accident . This was the result she wanted, but it didn’t go according to what she had planned . She didn’t push Luo Ran into the water just now! Zhou Xi looked at the red marks made by Lu Ran when she clenched her hands around hers as if she had struggled . Her heart was filled with endless doubt and cold, and her face was tight . What did Lu Ran intend to do?

“Imperial Concubine!” Behind her, Zi Fu held her while her face was full of panic . Zhou Xi finally snapped out of it, looking to the side, at the crying Qing Ru . Her face started to pale . Luo Ran was acting! The future accusation of her having pushed her into the water could easily be erased .

The man had rescued Luo Ran . Luo Ran was wet all over, showcasing her exquisite figure . The man approached her with Luo Ran in his arms and a cynical smile on his face . However, it felt a little colder this time . He smiled and approached Imperial Concubine Chen, shouting, “Concubine Chen, what are you doing? Even such a beautiful woman could do such a thing…”

Because of the excessively thin body in his arms and the soft waist as if without bones, the man took one more look at Luo Ran . His eyes were slightly stunned and were filled with the image of her snow-like skin, white lips and immortal jade appearance . He had read of countless beauties; compared with her today, they all turned to rotten leaves in mud .

Zhou Xi looked at the man holding Luo Ran with a smile in her eyes . Her panic disappeared: “So it was the young Wangye . Us sisters were just chatting in the royal garden . Concubine Luo tripped and fell into the water . You saved her . I don’t know whether to call it luck or misfortunate . “

The first half of the sentence was said to defend herself, while the second half pointed directly to Zhou Xi’s innocence .

Zhou Xi smiled slightly and looked at Luo Ran who had fallen into a coma, while the ‘Xiao Wangye’; Lu Yu, did not change his expression . He cooperated with Zhou Xi and nodded, then suddenly said: “So the situation was like so, Benwang misunderstood Imperial Concubine Chen . ”

(Benwang [本王] = This Prince/ I; a titled Prince referring to himself . )

The two people talked deeply, but the imperial eunuch on the side was pale and looked at Luo Ran with sympathy and pity . Such a beautiful woman’s image was destroyed in public, he had no clue how the Emperor would deal with her now .

Lu Chen was in the royal study and had just finished his work . Thinking that he hadn’t seen Luo Ran for many days, he held back any thoughts and prepared to visit the beautiful woman in the Luoyun palace . However, he saw De Gongong come inside in a hurry . Lu Chen’s face sank: “What’s the matter?”

“Imperial Concubine Chen and Concubine Luo encountered each other in the royal garden, the two had an accident . Concubine Luo fell into the water . “

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Lu Chen’s face changed dramatically and he was even about to jump out the window . However, when he saw De Gonggong from the corner of his eye seeming to have something more to say, his eyes dimmed and anger rose in his heart: “Is there anything else?”

De Gonggong swallowed: “Concubine Luo was rescued by Xian Wangye, in full view of the public . ”   

(Xian Wang = Idle King; it means he was titled as a Prince who does not have to govern over anything . ing, as in a king of a province . ) 

Lu Chen arrived at the Luoyun palace, walking all the way with great anxiety . He did not have time to question whose fault it was, nor did he have time to think about what De Gonggong had implied . He only wanted to know whether Luo Ran was in good condition currently .

The Luoyun palace servants were busy going in and out, it was chaotic, and Xian Wang and Imperial Concubine Chen were sitting to the side . Everyone who saw Lu Chen had come in, knelt down and waited to be told to rise .

Lu Chen entered the main hall, just as the doctor had come out of the inner hall . Before the Doctor could perform his rites to the emperor, he heard Lu Chen say with inexpressible impatience: “How is Concubine Luo? Did she wake up?” 

The doctor was stunned and hurriedly bowed his head and replied: “Although Concubine Luo didn’t stay underwater for too long, she still swallowed a lot of water . For a while, I was afraid that she would not wake up . “

Lu Chen’s face suddenly became cold, and his jade finger protector was almost crushed . Only after that did he stabilize his worries and hide his exposed emotions .  

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(Banzi [扳指] = lit . ‘pull finger’ . It’s a thick ring used to protect the finger when pulling a bowstring . It turned into a male accessory in ancient China, usually made out of jade . looks like a very thick ring)

Just because of that, Zhou Xi who was sitting nearby also had on an ugly look . She didn’t believe that the people who went to report the incident didn’t mention how Luo Ran was rescued by Xian Wang . Everyone knew that Xian Wang loved beauty the most . After falling into the water, her body was held by a male from outside . The Emperor actually didn’t mind at all, and only cared about whether she was safe or not .   

On his side, Xian Wang could see and understand the situation in the room . He was quiet with a hint of interest in his eyes . He looked towards the inner hall and thought of how wrong he was in his idea of how she must have only been an unusually beautiful concubine, because now, with his brother and the Imperial Concubine’s attitude, clearly, that was not the case . Xian Wang’s lifted his eyebrows . He had only left Beijing for half a year to play around, and this harem had already produced such a great figure .

Just thinking about holding the woman’s delicate and soft body made Xian Wang’s eyes turn deep . He understood why his brother had such an attitude, his lips hooked up a little, thinking about the changes inside his home .

Lu Chen took a quick look at and glanced coldly at Zhou Xi . He entered the inner hall . The warm candlelight in the inner hall cast a shadow on the separator screen, and the woman on the bed behind it was lying there pale . There was no one else around and no sound in the room except for Lu Chen’s footsteps .

Lu Chen just stood in front of the bed . He pressed his lips tightly and touched her cheek . It was cold . The hair he touched with his fingertips was wet . The clothes were clean . The imperial servants changed them for her after she came back .

Lu Chen’s eyes were filled with remorse . Although the monarch was busy, how could he have no time to visit her for half a month? He knew that she was timid and fragile, but Lu Chen did not even try and see things from her perspective .

He wanted to take care of her and protect her . However, she was injured twice in succession . He knew clearly that because Zhou Xi was able to gain a firm foothold in his harem, how could she be an entirely good person? He mistakenly believed she was .   

Luo Ran frowned, as if in a nightmare, and Lu Chen stroked her hand with a slight tremor .

There were footsteps behind him . Lu Chen looked back with his eyebrows fixed . It was Qing Ru, holding a bowl of medicine in her hand . Lu Chen extended his hand: “I’ll do it . “

Qing Ru did not dare to look up . After handing Lu Chen the medicine bowl, she bowed her head and stepped down .

Lu Chen sat down at the edge of the bed, scooped up a spoonful of medicine and fed it to her, but she had her mouth closed tightly . Lu Chen put the medicine bowl aside, and helped her up and tried again . She was in a coma, how could the medicine be fed?

Lu Chen was impatient, he held her hand and whispered in her ear: “Ran’er, drink the medicine . “

However, Luo Ran did not make any movement . Lu Chen was helpless . He remembered the day when she was injured and was drinking medicine, how her eyebrows frowned, how she sipped it a little, and how she could not help but cry . Lu Chen thought she was a little pitiful and had raised his voice to ask the people outside to deliver some candied fruits .

He had flicked his sleeves, picked up a candied fruit and put it in Luo Ran’s mouth . He was not familiar with her movements back then . He ended up touching her lip lightly . Her pale lip was stained with honey, but Lu Chen didn’t notice . He had patted her on the back with one hand and gently coaxed her: “Ran’er, candied fruit, it’ll make it not bitter . ”

Luo Ran eyes right now were closed and she wasn’t responding to him .

Lu Chen held her hand for a long time and looked at her quietly . After a while, Luo Ran slightly quivered her eyelashes . Lu Chen felt happy and stuck close to her, but saw that she still did not wake up . She seemed to have slipped into a nightmare, her eyebrows frowning tightly, she spilled drops of tears from the corner of her eyes, and started to murmur and utter in broken sentences .