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Chapter 8
Translated by: RandomAlex
Edited by: Cazhe

Lu Chen reached out and brushed teardrops from the corner of her eyes and bent down to listen to her intermittent words: “… Emperor… Don’t go … I’m afraid… I’ll be good… Won’t make Imperial Concubine Chen angry… Why don’t you come and see me…”

Lu Chen’s heart ached . He knew that she had misunderstood his intentions . He was busy with the court . She thought he forgave Zhou Xi that day and had decided not to come see her again . No, that day she mentioned how it was too hot in the summer . He decided to finish all the work for this period and accompany her to the summer palace for vacation .

Lu Chen’s eyes were filled with remorse . Even if he was busy, he should have come to see her . She was sensitive and always thought too much . How did he forget?

After Qing Ru had brought the candied fruit in, she didn’t go out again for fear of missing any of the Emperor’s orders . Currently, he didn’t look bored with the little mistress but instead looked at her pityingly . Qing Ru’s eyes moved slightly, dropped two lines of tears, and knelt at Lu Chen’s feet .

“Your Highness, recently the little Mistress hadn’t ate or drank very much . She would also wake up in the middle of the night . When this slave would tidy up the bed the next morning, she would always find that Mistress had wet half of the pillow . Although the Mistress did not say so, this slave knew that she was afraid she had done something wrong and that you would never see her again . The Mistress has lost a lot of weight since half a month ago . “

Lu Chen’s eyes were pitying, holding Luo Ran’s body lightly, it was thinner than half a month ago . He knew that Qing Ru was telling the truth and her words were still continuing .  

“The little Mistress looked through the window, to the direction of the royal study every day . Occasionally, she would want to step out of the door but stopped . She was afraid that you were busy and did not want to disturb you . That is until today when Li Gonggong came . The little Mistress made up her mind and went to the royal study to find you . She said that she wanted to apologize to you . Please don’t ignore her . “

“When we arrived at the royal garden, we met Imperial Concubine Chen . Imperial Concubine Chen’s words insulted the little Mistress, but because of her status, Mistress did not dare to refute . This slave never expected that Imperial Concubine Chen would bring the little Mistress near the river . The little Mistress struggled unsuccessfully and fell into the water . “

Qing Ru lowered her head, wiped away her tears, and her voice spoke with grief: “Your Majesty, the little Mistress would often mention that she was originally a slave in Imperial Concubine Chen’s palace, and was fortunate to have your favour . However, Your Majesty! The little Mistress will lose her life . Please, asking the Emperor to be the judge for my Mistress! If this happens again, this slave is afraid that she will never see her Mistress again . ”

After listening to Qing Ru, Lu Chen only felt his heart quivering . After half a month’s thinking sat alone in the palace, she took all the blame herself and had even wanted to make amends? Why did he let her misunderstand?

After hearing the last sentence; ‘She will never see her again’ . Lu Chen suddenly realized something . A cold wind blew in from the window . Lu Chen felt a cool feeling from behind him . It was the thin sweat in his clothes combined with the chill in the wind . Why did this sentence make him nervous?

Lu Chen’s face suddenly turned dark and gloomy, holding Luo Ran tightly in his arms, he replayed Qing Ru’s words, over and over again, his fingers could not wipe away all her tears, and half of his sleeve was wet . Her beautiful eyebrows were becoming more wrinkled and tighter, her whole body was pale and colourless, and slightly trembled in his arms .

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Lu Chen felt pain in his heart like pins and needles . He was greedy for her beauty . He was greedy for her body . Her mind, however, was sensitive . How was she not be aware? How was she stupid enough to offer a piece of her heart?

Lu Chen saw her face suddenly become afraid, she despaired and cried out: “Emperor, where are you? I’m afraid… “

Lu Chen again, felt a pain in his heart and helped her with one hand to wipe away her tears: “I’m here, don’t be afraid . “

He didn’t know if the beauty in his arms had heard his words, but she gradually calmed down . The delicate and white jade hands tightly grasped his sleeves, which made Lu Chen unable to leave, but Lu Chen didn’t want to leave .

Lu Chen appeased Luo Ran in the inner hall . Zhou Xi and Liu Yu waited long outside, from noon to the Shenshi hour . Lu Chen did not speak so no one dared to leave, even Zhou Xi’s face was very ugly .


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When Lu Chen came out of the inner hall, everyone in the hall knelt down in gloom . Lu Chen looked coldly at Zhou Xi . Zhou Xi looked stiff . She knew that he would hear people say that she pushed Luo Ran into the water . However, Zhou Xi’s face was more than angry . Luo Ran was done for, just drop an imperial edict to send her to the cold palace . Why did the Emperor still have pity for her? Was that face so attractive to him?

“Did you push her?”

Zhou Xi bit the tip of her tongue to wake herself up . She knelt at his feet two steps away: “If I say that it was not this concubine’s doing, would Your Majesty believe me?”

Her eyes were slightly red, but Lu Chen held no pity in his own eyes: “You still need to resort to sophistry in front of the public?”

Under the watchful eyes of the people? Zhou Xi pursed her mouth and stubbornly refused to let the rotating tears in her eyes fall . She glanced at her wrist . The red mark made by Luo Yuan Ran had already disappeared from the long-time she waited . Zhou Xi’s heart turned cold . Did Luo Ran have so much confidence in herself being the favourite that she would dare to slander her?

Zhou Xi’s voice choked with sobs: “When did Xi’er ever go back on the words she promised the Emperor? Your Majesty has already ordered Xi’er not to make trouble with her . How could Xi’er harm her? Your Majesty and Xi’er have known each other for many years . What kind of person is Xi’er? Does the Emperor really not know?”

Of course, Zhou Xi truly did feel a little aggrieved and sad: “Your Majesty and Xi’er have many years of feelings together, but were they not equal to knowing Concubine Luo for 4 months?”

Her true feelings did not make Lu Chen think of past warmth . Lu Chen turned his sight to Lu Yu . He frowned and his face turned a bit ugly . If this was not his biological brother and was also someone who took a life-threatening injury for him when he had tried to ascend the throne; he would have punished him . Even if he knew that if he had not saved Luo Ran, Luo Ran would probably be in a more dangerous situation . He still felt a little uncomfortable .

“Did you see what happened?” Lu Chen frowned at Lu Yu .

Lu Yu cheekily said: “Yes, I saw Imperial Concubine Chen glance at me as soon as I came to the royal garden . Then, she took the beauty lying inside, to the river bank . As soon as I approached, I saw the beauty struggling and fall . “

Lu Chen’s face was dark when he heard the word ‘beauty’ twice, but Lu Yu didn’t notice . However, he was quite interested in how Lu Chen clicked his tongue . He said to Lu Chen, “Imperial Brother, when I went to save the beauty for you, your Imperial Concubine Chen’s face didn’t even change . It seemed she expected me to do so for quite a while . “

Lu Chen had long experienced his brother’s cynicism . If he was angry, he would be so angry that he wouldn’t bother to pay attention to him . He looked at Zhou Xi but saw how Zhou Xi stared at Lu Yu with disbelief . She didn’t expect him to say that . Her mind was exposed to the public . This was the first time Zhou Xi had seen him like this . In a short time, her face turned from red to white, ashamed and angry . There was also a hint of fear and confusion .