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Published at 30th of June 2019 07:02:31 PM

Chapter 122

Ji Ziming finally recognizing her did not bring happiness but rage to Pei Shishi, instead .

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She cast Pei Ge a dark look . Her eyes were full of complex emotions .

Why would Ji Ziming only remember her after Pei Ge’s reminder, while her many attempts did not even give him any impression at all?

One could say that Pei Ge was being wrongfully accused right now .

Ji Ziming could remember Pei Shishi not because of Pei Ge’s reminder but because of Pei Ge calling the other her ‘cousin’ .

Mu Heng had previously mentioned to him that Pei Ge’s cousin was the ‘spendthrift princess’ that year .

Honestly, she was so irrelevant to him that he had long forgotten her name and looks, but her actions that year had still left him the impression that she was a ‘spendthrift princess’ .

If not for that, he would not remember an irrelevant person like her even if she talked to him for the whole day of today .

“You remember my cousin now?” Pei Ge looked at Ji Ziming curiously .  What kind of relationship does he have with my cousin? How did they meet?

Ji Ziming saw the curiosity written all over Pei Ge’s face and cast a glance at the outwardly gentle but inwardly scheming woman across them and answered coolly, “I don’t remember . Just an irrelevant person . ”

“…” Pei Shishi’s hands clamped into tight fists at his words, but the smile on her face only grew gentler .

“It’s normal for Ziming not to remember me . ”

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“We are not that close . ” Ji Ziming threw Pei Shishi a cold look and said coldly .

Everyone at the table was not stupid and could tell the subtle meaning behind his words .

We are not that close; Ziming, this title is not for you to call .

When this statement was said, although Pei Shishi was good at disguising her emotions, the smile on her face still froze up .

“True . We are not that close . ” Pei Shishi lifted her eyes to look at the man who was very out of her reach and felt resentment boil under the surface .

Initially… She had already given up on him and thought that he was beyond her reach and, therefore, nothing she did would move him, but what rights did Pei Ge, a woman whom she was superior to in every way, have to sit next to Ji Ziming and be the center of his attention?

What rights?!

“You said you have already eaten?” Ji Ziming arched an eyebrow and turned to look calmly at Pei Ge .

Pei Ge rolled her eyes and could not be bothered with Ji Ziming . “Mhm . ”

“Then, let’s go . ” He pulled at her wrist while he said this .

Pei Ge was enraged by his overbearing action that did not care for her opinion at all .

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“Ji Ziming, you let go of me! What rights do you have to make me leave with you?!” She struggled fiercely as she fixed him an angry stare .

The sight of the two entangling together caused Pei Shishi’s eyes to darken further and her fists to tighten to the extent of her crystal nail polish breaking . She did not notice any of these, though .

“Ji Ziming, you let go of me!”

Amid Pei Ge’s intense struggle, an angry male voice rang out .

“She asked you to let go; did you not hear it?”

Zhou Zhuoyang, who had quietly been sitting there since Ji Ziming’s arrival, suddenly stood up and fixed the latter a fiery stare .

He had been dissatisfied with this Ji Ziming fellow from the time of his arrival until now . However, he could not pinpoint whether his dissatisfaction with the man before him was for his fiancée or his former girlfriend .

Regardless of Zhou Zhuoyang’s thoughts, who was Ji Ziming? Why would he bother to look at Zhou Zhuoyang or even listen to his words?

“You!” Zhou Zhuoyang felt his throat constrict from being ignored by Ji Ziming . He was about to rush up and save Pei Ge when his fiancée stopped him .

“Zhuoyang, don’t be rash . Zi – Ji Ziming is Ge Ge’s boss . Perhaps, it is work-related . After all, it is still the working hours . ” Pei Shishi held Zhou Zhuoyang’s fist and said this softly .

She had really looked down on Pei Ge too much as she did not even consider her to be capable of attracting these two men to this extent .

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She was clearly not as pretty, was not as smart, and had inferior family background, yet… Why did these two men care more for her?!

“Yes, but…” Zhou Zhuoyang frowned and looked at Pei Ge’s angry figure and felt bothered by it .

“Zhou Zhuoyang, are you my fiancé or Ge Ge’s?” Pei Shishi looked at the man with disappointment, her voice faint as she asked this .

If everything were different, Pei Shishi would not have said such words, but… Today, the man whom she could never reach showed care for Pei Ge, while her very own fiancé displayed clearly that he still had feelings for Pei Ge .

How could these not trigger her?

If no one were around her, she would smash the stuff around her to smithereens .

“I…” Zhou Zhuoyang was stunned by Pei Shishi’s words and looked at her with eyes full of guilt and confusion .

“Zhou Zhuoyang?” Ji Ziming suddenly looked at Zhou Zhuoyang with his cold eyes .

Being sized up by a pair of cold eyes, Zhou Zhuoyang completely forgot what he was going to say to Pei Shishi and only felt goosebumps on his skin .

Just as Ji Ziming was sizing up Zhou Zhuoyang, Pei Ge managed to extricate herself from Ji Ziming’s grasp .

“It’s as such, huh . ” Ji Ziming lowered his gaze on to Pei Ge and said this coldly .

That tone seemed to be filled with contempt, ridicule, and… anger?

However, regardless of what Ji Ziming wanted to say, Pei Ge was truly angered by now .

What kind of person is this?! Why would he tell me his displeasure with Zhou Zhuoyang?! The one across us is his fiancée, alright?! Hmph! Pei Ge snorted coldly and left the restaurant with big strides .

Seeing this, Ji Ziming quickly followed after .

The two, who had been left behind and had not eaten yet, dazedly watched Ji Ziming and Pei Ge’s departing backs .

Ji Ziming’s words earlier pertaining to them deeply entrenched in their hearts .

One was because of the way Ji Ziming had treated Pei Ge .

The other was because of the way Pei Ge had treated him .

Could it be that… Ge Ge still had feelings for him? She… actually still loved him?

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