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Chapter 163

“I remember you . You are my girlfriend’s boss, right? I don’t want you to feel bad with this, but it is currently after the working hours, so it’s quite unbecoming of you to intrude in your employees’ personal time . ”

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Chen Zhengchu, as if he were vowing sovereignty, proceeded to hold Pei Ge’s free hand . Although his expression was calm, his eyes were faintly provocative .

When she heard him stake his claim to her, her whole brain turned mushy .

Her brain then played his words in an endless loop . ‘She’s my girlfriend… She’s my girlfriend… . ’

Damn! When did I become this man’s girlfriend! We have only met twice, alright?!

Pei Ge soon returned to her senses and was about to rebut when someone beat her to it .

“Let go . ” Seeing another man hold her hand, Ji Ziming found it rather unsightly .

The man’s handsome face was gloomy, as if dark clouds hung over his head, and his whole body exuded a chilling aura .

“Mister, you should be the one letting go . The person you are holding is my girlfriend,” Chen Zhengchu replied calmly, his lips curving upward . As a doctor, he was often in contact with dead bodies, so the chill Ji Ziming was emitting did not faze him at all .

His face was devoid of warmth or gentleness and his eyes revealed evil intentions .

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However, Pei Ge, who had high regard for Chen Zhengchu, did not notice this at all . She lacked the energy to observe the two men, anyway . She was, at this moment, feeling deeply embarrassed by the onlookers’ burning gazes .

Those eyes seemed to contain disdain, curiosity, interest, and so on . Ultimately, everyone was enjoying the drama .

She could feel her cheeks burn with shame . Although these people were not saying anything, their gazes were enough to embarrass her .

“Your girlfriend…” Ji Ziming coldly sized up the other man, and his mouth curled up . “How come I didn’t know about this?”

“Why should we tell you especially that we are dating?” Chen Zhengchu kept his cool and replied in a measured tone .

“Enough!” Pei Ge could no longer take it and could not tolerate these two men grabbing her wrists!

Perhaps, it was due to her reaction or the two men’s deep involvement with their argument that her shout stunned them .

As a corollary, she merely swung her hands and the two men released their grips and retreated .

“Are you both done?! Is this a drama?! If there is anything, can’t you find a private place to discuss it?! Don’t you see that this is a public place?! You two don’t find it embarrassing, but I do!” Pei Ge yelled angrily as she stopped caring that one was the boss she needed to please and another was a blind date partner she had her eyes on .

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In a fit of anger, she scolded the two of them .

Ji Ziming and Chen Zhengchu, who were fighting over Pei Ge, felt stunned by this, and they involuntarily stopped their bickering .

“Then – Then… CEO Ji, CEO Hu – Huang is still waiting for you…” Du Wen, who was jolted out of his dazedness by her shout, stammered this .

He was shocked by his respectable CEO’s current behavior! He had never seen the man ‘fight’ with anyone, especially over a woman, before .

Du Wen stole a glance at her pearly white round face, and the corners of his mouth twitched .  She is only considered as cute, Du Wen thought , and not pretty .

Damn, Big Boss likes the fleshy kind? No wonder those skinny girls always get ignored by our boss without even being able to touch the hem of his clothes!

“Postpone the meeting!” he coldly ordered with barely suppressed anger .

“But…” Du Wen was about to voice his disagreement but lost his courage under Ji Ziming’s cold gaze .

“Scram!” Ji Ziming, whose patience had long been worn thin by Pei Ge, silenced his assistant who was about to argue with him .

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“Yes, yes, yes!” Du Wen bowed his head and no longer dared to speak . Hastily leaving the area, he quickly disappeared from the three’s sight .

“Let’s go to a private place . Alright, alright! Talk, talk!” Ji Ziming’s eyes were beastly – sharp and murderous – and could make one panic .

Seeing this domineering Ji Ziming, Pei Ge and Chen Zhengchu were stunned and, for a moment, were intimidated by him .

“Why? Don’t tell me Mr . Chen did not book a private room, and you two are dining in this crowded dining area?”

The proud and cool Ji Ziming no longer masked his emotions and openly revealed his anger and rage .

Chen Zhengchu’s smile faded at Ji Ziming’s sarcasm and he flatly responded, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I can afford a private room . After you, CEO Ji . ”

“Hmph!” Ji Ziming snorted and shot Pei Ge an angry look . He angrily thought to himself, This woman who attracts butterflies should be locked at home!

Pei Ge found Ji Ziming’s gaze to be strange and incomprehensible .

Seeing the three people leave one after the other, the diners in the general dining area felt a slight pity .

Although they could not hear their argument, the good looks of the two men and the atmosphere among the three were enough for a blood-shedding drama of love .

Returning to the Sakura Court, Pei Ge’s depressed feelings faded away when she saw the table filled with food and she was wholly captivated by the food .

It was just a pity that the two men did not feel the same way .

After she sat down, Chen Zhengchu sat on her right .

Ji Ziming narrowed his eyes and did something he would never do in a normal case .

He did not sit opposite Pei Ge and, instead, sat on her left .

As such, the two men sat on each side of her . The table was fortunately big enough for the three of them; otherwise, it would really be difficult to eat .

Of course, these two men did not have much appetite to eat .