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Chapter 234

Pei Ge had been trying to understand what Du Wen meant by ‘redesigning her image’ the whole journey .

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She had the hunch that this ‘image redesigning’ was related to her clothes .

Only when they arrived in front of an extremely fashionable salon did she realize that her thinking was too conservative!

This ‘image redesigning’ was not just referring to replacing her attire but to giving her a complete makeover, as well!

Inside the salon, he guided her past many stylish people and into a brightly lit room .

The room was spacious and had simple furnishings . Its design was modern yet minimalistic .

Many white, light bulbs illuminated the room . Although it was daytime, every light bulb was lit up, making the room look exceptionally bright .

It was so bright that any skin flaws would be visible to one’s eyes .

“Lily, I’ll have to trouble you with her . ” With a smile, Du Wen pushed Pei Ge, who was feeling dizzy over the salon’s appearance, in front of a flamboyantly dressed man .

“Oh, my gosh! What an old-fashioned dress style and dreary hair color!”

Pei Ge was struck dumb by the stylist, who had questionable sex, standing in front of her .

A big man is called Lily?! What the hell is up with his fashion sense?!

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Purple hair and extremely coquettish hot pink clothes – his appearance was too loud she could not see its aesthetic appeal .

This combination was tainting her eyes .

This person is considered as a stylist? And he is actually criticizing my fashion sense? Am I dreaming?!

“He he! I’ll just leave her to you . You should work quickly on her, since we can’t afford to delay . ” Du Wen chuckled .

“Rest assured; I will definitely finish this task within the required time . ” Lily gave Du Wen a wink with laughing eyes and said this sweetly .

Pei Ge was so frightened by that that goosebumps immediately rose on her skin .

Oh, my mama! What a terrifying scene! It’s so beautiful that I can’t accept it at all!

“… He he he! I still have something on, so I will take my leave now . ” Du Wen gave an awkward laugh and then resolutely left Pei Ge in the salon as if he were fleeing .

“Tsk . How boring . ” Lily pouted affectedly while watching Du Wen’s fleeing back .

She gulped nervously . At this moment, she really wanted to have Du Wen bring her in his escape!

Why don’t I feel that this person, with a questionable gender, is a stylist?!

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“Aye! I say; how did a little fudge like you manage to get together with CEO Ji?” Once the assistant was gone, Lily focused her attention to her .

“Huh?” She looked at Lily with puzzlement and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Puh!” Lily burst into laughter at Pei Ge’s lost-little-white-rabbit appearance and then raised her chin with a slender and white finger, “Hmm… I somehow get what CEO Ji sees in you . ”

She frowned tightly, brushed off the finger on her chin, and glared at Lily with displeasure .

“Talk if you must, but don’t touch me!”

Lily paused for a moment when such a naïve woman, who resembled an ignorant little white rabbit, abruptly turned into a fiery cactus-like person and then laughed .

However, this time, Lily’s laughter was boisterous and his smile was extremely dazzling .

“Ha ha, you’re really interesting!”

“…” She looked at the laughing person before her and muttered somewhat exasperatedly inside, This person must be sick in the head .

“Alright! We don’t have much time, so let’s get to work!” After a bout of laughter, Lily turned serious .

“Work?” She looked at Lily with bafflement .

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Lily did not reply to her question and, instead, walked to her front to scrutinize her with a sharp, penetrating gaze .

She reflexively took a step backward when she felt Lily’s intense gaze .

“Don’t move . ” Lily took a step toward her once more .

“You… Why are you looking at me like that?” She frowned and glared at Lily self-consciously .

If it were not for her sensing no ill will from Lily, she would already bolt out of this place and not obediently stand in one place for him to look at .

“Mhm . You have fair skin and exquisite five features . You have… the right amount of flesh as well . Your foundation is pretty good, just slightly plump . If you want to be a beauty, lose thirty-three pounds of your weight . ” Pinching his chin, Lily critically evaluated her .

She once more blinked in confusion upon hearing Lily’s words . “What are you talking about?”

My five features are exquisite? That’s an acceptable evaluation as I used to be pretty when I was younger . I was even our school flower . However, that flower has now become a joke…

“Tsk . Although your foundation is good, your aesthetic taste is just too low!” Lily looked distastefully at her bright-yellow hair and nudged his lips .

“…” Pei Ge tugged at her lips speechlessly and she spat endlessly inside, What rights do you have to comment on my appearance?! Do you think your weird purple hair is any better than mine?!

“Let’s go . We will give you a suitable hairstyle first . ” Lily raised an eyebrow and urged .

“Oh . ” She obediently nodded and followed Lily .

She had long since been dissatisfied with her hairstyle, and now that she could get a free haircut, she was of course very willing!

Let’s just treat it as that annoying fellow’s remuneration for milking me dry!

She followed Lily into a room with plenty of equipment . After getting her hair washed by a clean-looking young lady, she started an experience she had never had in her entire life .

“Trim her nails properly .

“This evening gown is not suitable for her, so get her a deep V-shaped, backless, high-waist gown . A black one!

“Give her that series of shiny, golden manicure .

“For shoes, give her that pair of ten-centimeter tall, strappy high heels . ”

Pei Ge felt as though her body were no longer hers . From head to toe and face to nails, they were all being taken care of by the appropriate staff . She felt extremely awkward with this .

There were about five people busying themselves with her .

For a moment, everything made her feel as if she were in a dream…