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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:54:15 PM

Chapter 286

In contrast, Pei Ge felt relieved when she saw Liu Yan’s cutting gaze .

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Anybody could call her cheap, but she was just used to her second auntie’s bad treatment of her . Thus, she really felt scared when the latter acted nice to her for a short while .

The idiom ‘One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions’ was really well said .

Her second auntie was not a simple person, so she would never treat her so well for no good reason .

“Second Auntie, I put on makeup . ” She smiled at Liu Yan .

Luckily, she had insisted to Lily not to apply heavy makeup on her earlier . If she had that goddess-like appearance, her second auntie would definitely be green with envy .

“Yo! You even know how to put on makeup now . You really have a boyfriend, then?” Liu Yan hurriedly posed this question with twinkling eyes .

She was curious to death if her useless niece had really managed to snag a golden boyfriend!

It would be good too even if her niece did snag one as she could take advantage of it .

Pei Ge was momentarily stunned by her second auntie’s question and raised her head in confusion . This was when she realized that Pei Shishi, who was sitting beside Zhang Manhua, was also focusing on her .

Pound! Her heart thumped . A light flashed through her mind, and she suddenly understood why they had called her mother over for a chat .

They probably wanted to sound out her relationship with Ji Ziming .

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She saw the nervousness in Pei Shishi’s eyes and pursed her lips .

She did not want to lie to her cousin or mess up their relationship just because of a man, but her cousin was already someone’s fiancée, and it would not be good if she cared too much for another man .

Perhaps, clarifying my relationship with Ji Ziming will make things worse… I probably should continue lying to her, so she will give up all hopes .

Although Zhou Zhuoyang was not suitable to her cousin, she could see that he cared deeply for Pei Shishi .

“Ge Ge, you haven’t answered my question . Do you have a boyfriend?” Liu Yan pressed on when she did not receive a reply .

Looking directly at her second auntie, she calmly nodded her head . “Yes, I have a boyfriend . ”

The three people in the living room were shocked by her admittance .

“You really have one? Who is your boyfriend? Bring him over some time to see your second auntie!” Liu Yan good-naturedly said this, playing the part of a caring and doting auntie .

Pei Ge merely smiled and turned her gentle gaze on Pei Shishi, saying, “Cousin also knows my boyfriend . ”

Pei Shishi balled her hands into fists as her smile turned stiff .

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“Your cousin knows him, too?” Liu Yan wholly believed by now that the useless niece she had always looked down on really found herself a rich boyfriend .

I wonder which rich man’s son has such terrible taste .

“Yes . ” Since her mother was present as well, she was careful not to mention Ji Ziming’s name and glossed over the details .

“Ha ha! Make sure to bring your boyfriend over next time for your second uncle to meet, too . Your second uncle is the person who is most concerned about your marriage . ” She affectionately held her niece’s hands in hers .

Pei Ge had guessed her second auntie’s intention with her action at this point .

Her second auntie was not a bad person, but she had plenty of small flaws . She was stingy, loved to take advantage of people, liked to quarrel over every little thing, and had a mean streak . She was the typical person who saw power and money as the measure of someone’s worth in society .

“We’ll see about that in the future . ” She smiled but did not give a definite answer .

Meanwhile, Zhang Manhua, who had just witnessed Liu Yan’s passionate treatment of her daughter, was very touched by her sister-in-law’s words .

“Aye, Xiao Yan, thanks so much to you and Ah Hui for all these years,” she choked .

Zhang Manhua was an emotional person . Thus, when she learned that her daughter was in a relationship and Liu Yan’s family was this concerned about her, she could not help but cry .

“Elder sister-in-law, look at what you’re saying . Ge Ge is our eldest brother’s only daughter, so how can Ah Hui and I not take good care of you two?” Liu Yan smiled .

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If it were the usual situation, Liu Yan would not speak such amicable words . She would instead mock them for ‘mooching off’ of her family .

However, knowing that she could probably take advantage of Pei Ge’s rich boyfriend, her attitude and expression did a one-eighty .

Pei Ge was certainly not used to her second auntie’s amiable and affectionate treatment of them .

“Ge Ge, have you truly decided to be with him? You guys are just… not compatible,” Pei Shishi softly said .

When Zhang Manhua, who was talking to Liu Yan, heard this, a slight displeasure rose from her heart .

Her precious daughter could definitely match up to anyone in her eyes .

Liu Yan did not reveal any expression on the outside, but she actually completely agreed with Pei Shishi’s assessment on the inside .

Of course, Pei Ge’s next words displeased Liu Yan .

“He said he is the one who will decide if we are compatible, so, Cousin, you don’t need to trouble yourself with this . The person in a relationship with him is me, after all,” Pei Ge met Pei Shishi’s eyes and spoke firmly .

She knew that Ji Ziming’s position in her cousin’s heart was something Zhou Zhuoyang could not compare to .

If she gave her hope now, her cousin would likely make a mistake .

More importantly, Ji Ziming was a cold-hearted and uncaring man that did not like Pei Shishi at all .

If Pei Shishi were to sink into his honey trap, she would probably end up heartbroken and desolate .

Thus, she would rather not give her any hope .

I only hope that she can think this through .

“Ge Ge, what do you mean by that? Your cousin is just worried about you, so what’s with your terrible attitude to her?” Seeing her daughter’s face paling, she coldly snapped, “What is there for you to brag about when you only got yourself a rich boyfriend?!”

Zhang Manhua, who was sitting a little further away from Liu Yan, obviously did not clearly hear her words . Meanwhile, Pei Ge, who had heard her words clearly, did not care much about this stuff in the first place .

“Xiao Yan, Ge Ge did not mean anything when she said that to Shishi . ” She smiled amicably to Liu Yan, feeling a little more confident at her daughter’s words .

“That’s right, Mom . Pei Ge did not mean anything by that,” Pei Shishi forced out a smile and said this .

While the four women were engrossed in their thoughts, the door was opened and closed .

“Madam, Miss, Master is back . ”

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