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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:53:17 PM

Chapter 303

The weather was very fine today . The air was comfortably warm and the sun was bright since dawn . Meanwhile, the surrounding greenery exuded a natural fragrance .

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Of all days, Pei Ge was in the best mood today .

This was because today was the day that Tang Xiaoyu would return to the country .

“Ge Ge, you seem very happy today,” Pan Xinlei, who was sitting across the table, teasingly remarked upon seeing her broad smile .

“Yes, Sister Pei Ge! You are smiling more brightly today,” Qin Qitong agreed with a nod .

After drinking a mouthful of soup, she enthusiastically replied, “My childhood best friend will be back home today, so how can I not be happy?!”

“Oh, is that childhood friend the one who sent you those clothes and flowers before?” Pan Xinlei grinned .

She nodded and happily affirmed, “Yes, that’s her!”

Qin Qitong felt jealous at how happy she was .

“Sister Pei Ge, what about me? Am I your best friend, too?”

“You…” She licked her lips, her face showing a seemingly complex look . It was as if the other had asked her a very difficult question .

“Hmph!” Qin Qitong pouted .

“You can’t be considered as my best friend,” she pulled a face and said this intentionally .

Her answer seemed to have wrong Qin Qitong as the latter looked as if she were about to cry .

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Her next words cheered the latter up, however .

“You can’t be considered as my best friend but my younger sister, instead . ” Pei Ge grinned and said this gently at her .

She had long considered the kind and naïve Qin Qitong as her younger sister .

“Hmph, hmph, hmph! That’s more like it!” she happily said . Her initially close-to-tears face turned cheerful again .

Pan Xinlei, who was the oldest among them, chucklingly shook her head at Qin Qitong’s childlike antics .

Once the three of them had a good laugh over their meals, Pei Ge returned to the CEO Secretariat .

As she sat down at her workstation, she glanced at the CEO’s office and found the blinds to be closed .

The company’s big boss, Ji Ziming, had not been to the office for a few days now .

She quickly retracted her gaze .

Forget it! Didn’t Qitong say it already? That annoying fellow isn’t sick and has just gone on vacation to rest . His days are so comfortable!

With this thought in mind, her mouth involuntarily twitched .

And here she was planning to apologize as she was thinking that that annoying person might have felt wronged…

Ze! I am indeed overthinking things again!

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She chided herself softly and shrugged off all thoughts of the man to work seriously .

However, today was Tang Xiaoyu’s day of return, so she was not at her best mood to work; her eyes constantly strayed on the clock at the lower right corner of her computer screen .

As a result, her work efficiency was not like the usual .

With every passing minute, her eyes grew brighter and her mouth smiled wider .

This was just like when she was still at school; the moment the office hours ended, she scurried out of the door .

This gave He Yan and Lu Huiya a shock .

“Did Pei Ge eat the wrong medicine today? She is always the last to leave, yet she left so early today . ”

Pei Ge did not care for their gossips about her as she made a beeline for the elevator and hailed a cab toward the airport once she exited the office building .

One could not blame her for hurrying, though, as Tang Xiaoyu’s plane was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at 7 P . M .

She wanted to see her best friend immediately after the latter exited the airport – hence, the hurry .

She quickly arrived at the airport in her excited state .

“Keep the change, Uncle!” She passed a few hundred-yuan bills to the taxi driver and rushed into the airport, ready to receive her best friend .

She ran to the departure area and saw a crowd in it . She took out her phone to check the time and saw that it was exactly 7 P . M .

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She proceeded to look at the exits and did not spot Tang Xiaoyu’s figure .

Sighing in relief, she strove to catch her breath .

“Ge Ge!”

A familiar voice suddenly rang out .

“Ge Ge…”

With eyes filled with surprise and excitement, she looked up and eyed the exits .

“Xiaoyu!” she screamed ecstatically .

“Ge Ge, I miss you to death!”

“I miss you, too!”

The two embraced with faces full of joy .

It was only after hugging for a while that they separated .

“Ge Ge, why do I feel that you’ve become prettier?” Just as Tang Xiaoyu was measuring her up, Pei Ge was doing the same .

Tang Xiaoyu wore a fiery red windbreaker that reached her calf .

She was rather tall, though, so she looked very stylish with the long windbreaker .

This was especially the case since her matching black leather pants and corrugated willow stilettos made her getup look very cool .

Additionally, her beautiful and aggressive look transformed her into a walking fashion statement that could cause heads to turn on the streets .

Even she, who was walking by her side, could feel the burning gazes directed to Tang Xiaoyu .

She was still the same – still pretty and still popular!

“Why do you keep looking at me?” Tang Xiaoyu blinked and teasingly asked, “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with my beauty?”

“Yes, I’m so in love with it I’m feeling dizzy!” She grinned and hugged the other’s arm .

Although they had not seen each other for a long time, there was no awkwardness between them now .

“Xiaoyu, how have you been all these years while living abroad?” she asked lightly once they boarded a taxi .

“Of course, I’ve been well! Don’t you know? Not only am I a successful businesswoman, even love is on its way . ”

Pei Ge’s eyes brightened at her words .

“You’re almost together with the man you mentioned the other time?”

“Ke, ke, ke! Let’s not talk about that now . Let’s talk about your CEO Ji and gay boyfriend, instead, eh?”

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