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Chapter 374

“Hello . ”

Ji Ziming frowned and then rushed out of the conference room to pick up the call .

“Boss, I’ve uncovered what Pei Ge’s mother was diagnosed with . ” A rough voice came through the phone .

“What is it?” He inexplicably thought of that woman’s crying face and felt worried .

“It is…” the man paused for a while before reporting, “gastric cancer . ”

He was stunned when he heard this .

“Gastric cancer?” he asked with uncertainty .

“Yes, gastric cancer, but it’s still at the mid-stage from what I heard, so as long as her family has the money, there is still a chance of full recovery . ”

His initially creased forehead relaxed in that instant .

“Mhm-kay,” he acknowledged, his expression turning cold once more .

“Unfortunately, Miss Pei doesn’t seem to have sufficient money for the surgery . She’s been calling the same number a few times today but to no avail,” his subordinate posited .

“Mhm . ” His frown returned upon hearing this supposition .

These calls must be to her friend, Tang Xiaoyu .

He instantly guessed her thinking process .

There’s no way I can let that happen . If Pei Ge successfully contacts her friend, I won’t have anything to use as leverage on her .

Looks like I have to hurry with the plan .

“Where is she going today?” he asked his man .

“Miss Pei and her mother visited the house that they used to live . From their nostalgic expression, it seems that they are very fond of the place . ”

“Mhm,” he hummed lightly, not at all putting much importance to this information .

People tended to reminisce of their past when they were about to die or near death .

“But when they went out, their happy mood was gone, especially in Miss Pei’s case; she appeared to be very angry,” the man cautiously relayed his observation of her behavior .

At this, his frown deepened .

What happened to her? Why was she angry when she went out? These questions greatly disturbed him .

“What happened to her?” he blurted out his thoughts .

Once he uttered these words, he was dismayed by his impulsiveness .

He was thankfully speaking on the phone, so the opposite party could not see him .

“Maybe, it is because Miss Pei’s previous house is being sold . ”

He did not doubt this information despite the uncertainty in his subordinate’s voice .

“I see; continue to follow her . ” He hung up the phone after giving this instruction coldly .

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His forehead moved slightly as his eyes glazed over from thinking deeply .

While he was busy worrying over the woman on his end, the latter was occupied over some matters on her end .

Pei Ge anxiously looked at the phone in her hand after failing to reach Tang Xiaoyu .

“Du… du… du…” She nervously licked her lips as the beeping sound of the phone disconnecting incessantly echoed about .

Why is Xiaoyu not picking up the phone?

Logically speaking, she should’ve gotten off her flight by now, so why isn’t she picking up my call?

“Aiii…” She tried calling one last time, but when her call still did not connect, she threw her phone aside in frustration .

“Everything should be fine on her end, right?” Her initial frustration turned into worry as she stared at her mobile phone .

Besides phone number and social account, she had no other way of contacting her best friend .

She grabbed her phone and opened the social media app in a desperate attempt to contact her best friend, but, as expected, she still could not reach her .

“I hope Xiaoyu is okay…” she worriedly mumbled .

She sighed for the umpteenth time .

Honestly, she was feeling very drained right now .

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Too many things had happened in these past two days that… she felt suffocated . It was as if a big rock were pressing on her chest, making it hard for her to breathe .

She gave up on contacting Tang Xiaoyu and lay on her back in the bed as she stared blankly at the ceiling . Her mind spun over her mother’s illness, the ugly truths about her second’s uncle family, and… the 2,000,000 yuan that the female landlord had mentioned today .

These matters caused her to have a headache from thinking too much .

She was especially angry when she thought of that 2,000,000 yuan .

Something that made breathing laborious seemed to be blocking her throat .

It was obvious that their relatives had taken advantage of her family’s difficult situation in the past and cheated them off 1,000,000 yuan, but now that they were rich, why could they not loan her family even 200,000 yuan…

Ke ke… Indeed, this was her good second uncle…

Her eyes involuntarily turned watery as her heart felt very heavy .

Right now, all she could do was ignore her mother’s words and interrogate her second uncle properly . He cheated them off 1,000,000 yuan, so why could he not even loan her 200,000 yuan in return?!

Was it really as Tang Xiaoyu had once said? Had her relatives never really regarded them as family?

The more she thought about it, the more upset she became .

“Forget it; forget it . I won’t think about it anymore…” She stretched her palms out and covered her eyes lightly .

It was as her mother had said; this one million paid off all their debts and was the price to cut off all relations . In the future, they would have no interactions with them anymore .

From here on, they would be nothing but strangers to one another .

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Be it her second uncle or her cousin, she would no longer have any contact or feelings for them .

One million was enough to show someone’s true colors . This might be an expensive price for them to pay, but, as her mother had said, it was all worth it .

She drifted off into dreamland while pondering on this .

However, as her mind was riddled with confusing thoughts, she did not sleep well that night .

She was visited by the worst nightmares until dawn .

In them, it was either her second uncle’s cunning face or her cousin’s vicious face that was looking at her with a smug smile…

While her sleep time was uneasy and restless, a particular CEO’s awake time was rather peaceful and pleasant .

Ji Ziming looked satisfactorily at the contract prepared by his lawyers .

“Now… This should do . ” Holding the A4-size contract, his lips curled into a rare smile as his eyes pored over it .

This time, he believed that that dumb woman would have no way of escaping his grasp!

“Ke!” Setting aside the contract, he picked up a glass and elegantly took a sip of the wine in it; his face looked satisfied .

If he looked in the mirror right now, he would see how silly his current expression was .

Mu Heng would definitely tell him that as well if he were to see him now .

There was a saying that when a woman fell in love, she would become a fool, but for their respectable CEO who had fallen in love, while he had the wisdom, he was still a fool .

What a pity that Mu Heng was not around to witness someone’s silly look of satisfaction .