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Published at 11th of July 2019 11:56:17 AM

Chapter 390

“You don’t like me, yet you want to marry me . What’s your reason for signing a ‘marriage’ contract with me, then? This is just too inconceivable, isn’t it?”

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She looked at him with her clear eyes as she asked this question softly .

Her pure-looking eyes, however, ended up making Ji Ziming feel extremely flustered .

He managed to hide his fluster from her, though .

Fixing her with his cold gaze, his expression remained neutral . His silence gave her the impression that he was wholly unperturbed by the question .

“You really want to know badly?” There was a pregnant pause before he asked this question .

The honest her earnestly nodded . “Yes, I am pretty curious . ”

How can I not be curious?! Ji Ziming is a top-notch, crème de la crème, eligible bachelor, yet he still wants to sign a marriage contract with the average-looking me! This is totally unbelievable!

Who would believe that if told about it?

If not for being the party involved and signing that contract herself, she would not believe it, too! Even if someone were to beat her to death, she would still refuse to accept it as the truth!

“Oh . I’m already too lazy to go on blind dates . ” He calmly raised an eyebrow at her .

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She froze when she heard that .

Too lazy to go on blind dates… already?

“Pfft!” Fully digesting this new information, she could not help but laugh out loud .

This reason is just too amusing, especially when paired with his stoically cold face! It’s so hilarious!

He snorted coldly but did not say anything and merely silently watched her shake with mirth .

He did not realize that, on his face, there was gentleness and indulgence .

After a long bout of hearty laughter, she was finally satisfied . She then got back to her question . “Then, why did you ask me to sign this contract? You also know that I’m not the best choice for this, right?”

She blinked her eyes and looked at him questioningly .

“You are indeed not the best choice,” he lightly agreed while basking in her sunny face .

“So why did you still choose me?” She was even more curious now after his admittance .

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“Why do you have so many questions?” He frowned in annoyance .

She grumbled, “That’s because it’s not like you to do something like this . ”

He shot her a glare upon hearing this . “I chose you because you’re easy to control . Who told your mother to fall sick at this time?”

“Oh, so it’s like that…” She nodded . It finally dawned on her why he had chosen her for this role .

The annoying fellow’s situation is exactly like Wen Qimo’s! The two think that finding other women is not safe, as they’ll likely eventually grow clingy, so knowing that I won’t be like that, they seek me out, instead .

“That… My identity is so average; will your parents just be okay with this?” blinking again, she asked the question that had been bugging her .

Her family did not even belong in the middle class, so how could his family, which was among the richest in the capital, easily accept her entrance to their circle?

Frankly speaking, this man was so capable she refused to believe he would be unable to find someone with an appropriate identity whom he could easily manipulate .

“… Shut up . Stop asking nonsensical questions . ” His brows furrowed more deeply, and the words ‘I am very annoyed’ were clearly written on his face .

Noting his annoyance to all her questioning, she knew that asking further would just aggravate this man more and result in him going ballistic .

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“Oh, I won’t ask anymore, then,” she nudged her lips and then muttered .

At her pitiful look, his frustration over her never-ending questions ebbed away . Instead, he found her current look rather adorable .

“Tha-That… CEO Ji, can you help arrange a bed for my mother at the hospital?”

Once their long discussion about the marriage contract concluded, she recalled that she had earlier been unsuccessful at getting her mother admitted at the hospital .

When he turned to regard her with inquisitive eyes, she gave him a silly smile and explained, “Actually, I went to the hospital to process my mother’s admittance just this afternoon . ”

“Mhm, okay . ” He calmly nodded .

The corner of her lips arched upward at his response .

She thought he would make things hard for her today, but, unexpectedly, all she had to do was sign a contract, and then her mother’s operation was quickly settled .

This annoying fellow not making things difficult for me is totally unexpected .

With this thought in mind, she found the man standing opposite her, with only the office desk between them, to be increasingly pleasing to the eye .

Inside, she was thinking smugly, No wonder he is the man I, Pei Ge, like!

Under her ecstatic look, he made another phone call and arranged everything required for her mother’s hospitalization before hanging up .

She happily thanked him again at the end of his call .

The current her did not remember that, just some time ago, she was doing her best to hide from the man and did not even want to meet or get in contact with him again .

Thus, it could be said that nothing in this world was really predictable .

“CEO Ji, really, thank you so much this time . If not for you, I’d really be at a loss,” she said gratefully .

He regarded her with his usual apathetic eyes and said in his ever cold voice, “I seem to remember you having a boyfriend whom you have met the parents of . I don’t wish to see your personal life affecting mine . ”

At the mention of Wen Qimo, she quickly explained, “CEO Ji, please don’t misunderstand . My relationship with Qimo is actually the same as ours – it’s fake . I am just helping him out by being his pretend girlfriend . ”

He narrowed his eyes disbelievingly at this . In a tone filled with suspicion, he coldly pressed, “Pretend girlfriend?”

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