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Chapter 416: 416

Even after she hung up the call, her heart was still quickly pounding, and she could not calm it .

Her cheeks were very red they seemed to have been heated up by a heater .

‘Remember that you are now my wife . ’

The man’s words reverberated in her ears .

Their married status was clearly fake, and they were not truly a husband and a wife; in fact, their relationship was not the least bit intimate .

Still, when he said those words, to her, they were more touching than any whispers of love .

Calming her rapidly beating heart a little, she took a deep breath .

The man promised her that he would make the hospital give them an answer fast, so all she needed to do was wait patiently for the result in her mother’s ward .

Thinking up to this, she slowly made her way back to her mother’s side .

“Ge Ge, where did you go just then? You rushed out in such haste . ”

He mother quickly asked this upon her return .

“Mom, we should know the result of your medical exam very soon . ” She gave her mother a confident and reassuring smile instead of answering her question .

Her mother was rather surprised by this sudden development . “Didn’t the doctor tell you just this morning that it won’t be ready anytime soon?”

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“It should be ready by this afternoon . ” She showed that smile again .

“Did you exit the room because of this?” Her mother thought of her hasty departure from the ward .

“Mhm . ” She nodded . “Mom, you should relax and stop worrying about this . ”

Indeed, once she told her mother this, the latter set aside her worries .

She smiled in relief when her mother listened to her .

Her mother did not say anything about the report, but she could still sense her anxiety .

I really ought to thank that annoying fellow this time around .

While he’s probably treating me well purely because of our contract, I am still very grateful to him for his help in all this .

While she was silently thanking him, the man, who was in his penthouse, was also thinking of her .

Once their conversation ended, he remained seated in his black leather chair, pensively staring at his phone .

“Pei Ge…” His low voice echoed in the room .

It sounded like the murmur of a lover yet also like a person at a loss .

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His eyes darkened as he gazed at the photo displayed on his phone screen .

Of course, the photo was one of Pei Ge .

In the photo, she was smiling brightly . Anyone who saw this picture of hers would feel warmth permeating their very being .

His sight remained on it for some time, and a nearly imperceptible smile crept into his lips .

He had been in a state of turmoil ever since Mu Heng gave him that advice . Thus, using work as an excuse, he had not gone to see or tried contacting her over these past few days .

However, during this period, he had come to realize that that dumb woman, who was making him very confused, would constantly pop up in his mind out of nowhere .

This went on until the woman called him…

When he saw the incoming call, he finally realized that the woman had unknowingly taken up a huge part of his heart, so while gazing at the phone display, his lips inadvertently formed a silly smile .

“Pei Ge…” he muttered under his breath again . A light smile was apparent on his lips .

It’s actually pretty nice entangling with her like this…

Noon soon arrived, yet Pei Ge was still waiting for the medical result .

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However, instead of what she was waiting for, something else arrived first…

It was a group of unwanted guests .

“Big Auntie, are you alright? Why didn’t you let us know that you are hospitalized?”

The smile on Pei Ge’s lips was erased by the entrance of Pei Shishi and Liu Yan in the ward, and her forehead tightly scrunched up .

“What are you people doing here?” she asked frostily, looking at them with displeased eyes .

“Pei Ge, you lass, look at the way you talk to us . You’re so disrespectful; I am your elder!” Liu Yan angrily berated her niece for her rude attitude to them .

Pei Ge’s lips split into a mocking smile .

“Elder?” She snorted derisively .

Having faced those situations at their villa, she no longer treated these people as her relatives .

Actually, she did not even consider them as friends .

The fact that she did not treat them as enemies was already her being polite .

“Ge Ge, since when did you become like this?” Pei Shishi frowned, looking sad as she eyed her disapprovingly .

Pei Ge shifted her gaze from her auntie on to her cousin when heard her reproachful words .

“I didn’t change; you guys did . ” She refuted the accusation in a voice dripping with sarcasm .

Who knew that someone who looked so nice, kind, and helpful to their family would actually be this deplorable inside? Everything they had done was just a façade .

The furrow between Pei Shishi’s eyebrows deepened .

Meanwhile, Zhang Manhua, who was lying in the bed, perceived the increasing tension among them . She heard from her daughter how their relatives had previously acted when she asked for their help .

Still, being a sister-in-law and auntie to these two visitors and having a soft personality, her words were not as cutting as her daughter’s when she spoke .

“Liu Yan, Shishi, thank you for visiting me, but I need to rest now, so you guys can take your leave . ”

Zhang Manhua informed the two coolly . She was a soft-hearted person, but she was no pushover and hypocrite . She was still very upset at what Pei Zhenghui had done .

If her brother-in-law had not pocketed the proceeds from their house sale, with that one million, her daughter would not have had to live such a difficult life and would also have been able to attend a good university instead of that lousy college .

“Big Auntie, why are you…” Pei Shishi asked in shock .

Never mind Pei Ge’s change, but why did Zhang Manhua’s attitude toward them change, too?

Had something happened to the two while they were not paying attention?