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Published at 30th of June 2019 07:04:20 PM

Chapter 79

Never had there been a person who stood before him with such boldness, much less claimed that she was carrying his child with this kind of attitude .

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Ji Ziming was first shocked by Pei Ge’s words, and then his eyes became filled with intense coldness . His penetrating gaze strove to see through her scheme .

This woman was carrying his child?

What a joke! That day, although they had an intimate encounter, he clearly remembered that they did not reach that point of no return .

What did this woman want? Why would she tell such a lie?

“…Not mine . ” With this thought in mind, his initial interest toward Pei Ge disappeared completely and in its place was indifference as his cold eyes became chillier .

What he hated the most was when others would lie to take advantage of him! Seeing Ji Ziming’s piercing eyes that were devoid of any warmth, she could not help but shudder .

However, her fear was suppressed by the resentment and injustice she felt inside her .

“Idiot! You dare not admit it?! All my firsts, I have given to you! You idiot, I’m pregnant! If this child is not yours, then whose is it?!” she demanded angrily .

“‘First time’?” Ji Ziming frowned slightly . Her reaction that night was indeed of someone who had no experience, but… .

“That has got nothing to do with me . ” His voice was chilly when he spoke and his gaze was cold when it focused on her .

He did not know why, but when he heard that she was pregnant, he felt an inexplicable anger well up inside him .

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This sentence of Ji Ziming pierced through Pei Ge’s heart deeply .

She never had any expectation of this man treating her kindly, and hearing his indifferent words, her heart was only filled with hatred and disgust for him .

“You idiot!” She raised her palm again, intending to smack him across the face .

However, having been slapped twice, how could Ji Ziming let Pei Ge do so for the third time?

“Tang Xiaoyu!” He grabbed her wrist and his cold eyes looked at her with warning .

“Tang Xiaoyu, my ass!” When her wrist was restrained by him, she quickly raised her other hand .

Ji Ziming’s eyes squinted and he growled, “Woman, you need to know when to stop!”

“Heh heh! Stop, your ass!” She sneered and then slammed her head toward his chin .

Ji Ziming did not expect that Pei Ge would be so determined that, if her hands could not be used, she would use her head .

“Omph!” She exerted all her strength this time .

Not only did Ji Ziming’s chin get bruised to the point of him crying out in pain, even Pei Ge’s forehead became red and swollen . Nonetheless, she felt that the pain was worth it!

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“Tang Xiaoyu!” he growled . His voice brimmed with warning as his eyes burned with anger .

This woman was truly pushing him to his limits .

“Ji Ziming, I did not expect you to be this much of a jerk . Ke ke… You don’t want to admit that the child in my stomach is yours, right? That’s fine with me! I never want anything to do with you, anyway! Whether I’m keeping this child or not will have no connection to you or your money!” Pei Ge declared firmly as she stared at him fiercely .

The woman’s watery eyes were like an infinite number of twinkling stars, bright and shiny, and they made his anger dissipate .

The sight of Pei Ge who was filled with grievances yet still remaining strong made Ji Ziming feel some uncertainty inside .

This woman… She doesn’t seem to be a liar . Could it be that I have misunderstood her?

However, he really did not touch her that night… .

“That child in your stomach is not mine,” Ji Ziming, in a rare touch of patience, explained .

His explanation only made Pei Ge’s anger burn more fiercely, though .

“Not yours? Then, how did I get pregnant?! Are you saying that it wasn’t you who was with me that night?!” Pei Ge’s eyes shot fiery darts at Ji Ziming as she thought to herself, My eyes must have gone blind for me to actually choose this man as my one-night stand that night!

“…I didn’t touch you that night . ” Ji Ziming’s eyes flashed with coldness as he stared intently at Pei Ge .

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However, while he thought that his words were serious enough, she only found them extremely laughable .

“If you didn’t touch me, then how did I get pregnant?! With a ghost?!” She was extremely fed up with him . If not for her hands being held tightly by him, she would really give him ten – no, twenty slaps across the face!

“…” Ji Ziming saw Pei Ge’s anxious state, and his initially firm stance about not touching her that night started to waver .

That night, he did remember not touching her… but then… he had a dream… .

Could it be that… he really did touch her?

“Feeling guilty, aren’t you?!” Noting his silence, she sneered . “I don’t intend to hold you responsible for this . Whether you admit it or not, I will have nothing to do with you in the future!”

After hearing her words, Ji Ziming’s tight grip on her slackened, and Pei Ge took this chance to snatch her hands from his .

Pak! The door closing with a loud bang pulled Ji Ziming back from the beautiful memories of that night .

“Damn!” He cursed and opened the car door to chase after her .

“Bastard! Bastard! Big bastard!” Pei Ge ran aimlessly as she repeatedly scolded Ji Ziming .

She was aware that their statuses in life were worlds apart, and she never dreamed of having anything to do with the high and mighty man .

However, she did not expect for him to be so unbearable .

Just the thought of her first time being given to such a man made her feel nauseated .

“Baby, I’m sorry…” Pei Ge’s palm slid into her stomach, and there was sorrow in her heart .

Your father doesn’t want you . Sorry, it’s all my fault… .

Pei Ge’s tears rolled uncontrollably down her cheeks .

“Ah!” Pei Ge, who was in the midst of self-blame and soaking in her deep sorrow, suddenly got her wrist yanked from behind, causing her whole body to spin with it .

Ji Ziming eyed the woman who was full of fierceness earlier but was now crying so pathetically and looking so weak and then felt that her wrist was unusually hot .

His heart began to weigh heavily on him .

“That child… If the child is mine, I will recognize it and take responsibility . ”

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