pure vampire - Chapter 10

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:42 AM

Chapter 10



Analise POV

"Ha! That's funny . " I say walking and sitting back on the ugly bed . It gave a little squeak when I flopped down .

He watched me the whole time; actually now that I think about it he hasn't taken his eyes off me . I wonder who he is or better yet why I'm not afraid of him .

Taking a moment to analyze his features I come to the conclusion he's hot . He's tall and muscular in an athletic way . The stubble on his jaws coupled with his dirty blonde hair falling over his eyes definitely added to the hotness .

He slowly raked his hands through his hair still keeping his light brown eyes on me . My stomach clenched with a desire I've only felt for one other person; Jace . His name in my head immediately brought me back to the problem at hand . Oh right I'm in a strange room with a hot guy in some else's body . Well make that crazy hot guy because he did after all just say I'm a vampire .

"Okay" I say standing back up breaking eye contact . "Here is what I think happened . The last thing I remember was walking on that dark creepy road . It was really bumpy so I must have fallen and hit my hard . Voila! Here I am now in some weird dream . Sounds good right?" I finish waiting on him to agree with my theory since his was ludicrous .

He steps closer to me shaking his head . He doesn't stop until he's right in front of me . His strong masculine scent washed over me making my mouth water and my eyes close in delight . Mm he smells delicious .

"You need to feed" His deep voice snapped me out of it and I took a step back to clear my head

"You just said I smelled delicious and your fangs extended . " He continued .

Oops didn't mean to say that out loud; how embarrassing . I catch the rest of what he said and I touch my finger to my teeth but they feel normal to me . What is with this guy, he's totally loopy .

"Look umm . . . " I say holding my hand out to get him to offer up his name . "Seb" he says when he catches on

"Okay Seb, I'm Ana and you need to stop with the crazy talk . Vampires don't exist!" I end throwing my hands ups . Geez this guy is going to give me a migraine in my damn dream .

"First they are real . Second your theory is wrong . And third I believe because your transformation was so unusual your memory of the incident is taking longer to come back . " He says summing it up so nicely he should have put a bow on it I think sarcastically .

However, I'm not in the mood to argue this anymore so I change the subject .

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"Seb how about you smack me so I can wake up and get my fat ugly body off the ground and figure out what's next in my runaway plan" I say pinching the bridge of my nose to calm myself .

"Fat and ugly?" he asked with his brows furrowed in confusion . I sigh dramatically . I forget he doesn't know what I really look like

"Yes . My true body is fat and ugly so don't get used to this . Wait what I'm saying once I wake up you'll be gone anyway" he opens his mouth to reply but the door bursting open ended that .

The door banged against the wall with a loud boom!

In waltz the cockiest guy I have ever seen . How can I tell this? Well he doesn't make it hard with the lazy smirk he wears . He walks in like he owns the place . Although he isn't bad to look at with his dark eyes, buzzed cut hair and neatly shaved face . He is about the same height as Seb but Seb is slightly bigger . Not by much though . He walks right up to me and slowly rakes his eyes up and down my body . The way they travel my body make me feel very exposed in this thin gown .

"Excuse me? Can I help you?" I ask growing irritated by his eye banging

"Oh I can think of a few ways you can help me" he replies still staring at my fake body .

At this moment though this body I'm in feels very real to me .

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"Talon! Enough" Seb said with a blank expression . Talon slowly turned from me to face Seb instead

"Watch your mouth human" Talon spat venomously .

This dream is getting stranger by the moment . Does this guy believe in vampires too? Oh gosh! He probably does . Leave it to me to dream up two equally crazy sexy guys . The two men faced off waiting for the other to make a move . I could tell they were both strong but something about Talon put me on alert .

"I'm starting to think I'm in a coma . This is too much for a normal dream" I say aloud more to myself than anything .

Somehow it cuts the tension and both men separate and turn to me . Great all eyes on me . Talon gives me a questioning gaze before looking at Seb expectantly .

Seb shook his head "She thinks this is all a dream and vamps aren't real . Apparently her final memories haven't surfaced" he offered as an explanation .

Talon turned back to me with an amused smile on his face before he burst out laughing . Both Seb and I watched him laugh like a mad man . Did I miss something here? Ugh I hope I wake up soon before this gets any weirder .

"That . Is . Perfect . Marcos is going to love breaking the news" his tone still hints at laughter as he walks back to the door . He gets the entrance before looking over his shoulder at me "Well come on he's expecting you" he says giving me his back again disappearing through the door .

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I look to Seb but he just nods his head to the door for me to follow that Talon guy . This is the worst dream ever I think angrily stomping from the room .

The hall is enormous . The walls are decorated with various old paintings and the floor is carpeted in a deep red color . I see Talon at the bottom of the staircase watching me tapping an invisible watch . Man this guy is an ass . How did I dream up something so bizarre? I begin my descent down the stairs . I feel Seb behind me matching my slow pace .

We reach the bottom and Talon leads us to a big office . The desk is split in half but other than that everything looks perfectly in order . The way a big city CEO office would look except the shades are drawn and I have no clue if its day or night lights outside .

We stand in an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes . Talon has that smirk on his face again leaning against the far wall of the office . It's really starting to piss me off . He looks like he knows something I don't . He has three seconds to wipe that smug look off his arrogant face before I do it for him .

My emotions seem so heighted in this dream . Literally it seems as if I'm on edge and the smallest of things set me off . First my instant desire for Seb when I smelt him and now my simmering anger towards Talon . He continues staring at me and I narrow my eyes and glare harder . Three . . . two . . . one . . . times up pretty boy . I take a step in his direction when the office doors open wide behind me . Damn he got lucky this time . I give him a promise with my eyes that this isn't over and the a-hole smiles at me .

A cold chill creeps down my spine . I stiffen knowing it was caused by the presence at the door behind me . For the first time since this dream began I feel fear . A part of me doesn't want to turn because the moment I do everything will change . Another part wants to know what's happening .



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