pure vampire - Chapter 13

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:39 AM
Chapter 13


"You hate all vampires" it's not a question but he nods none the less .

So that's why he didn't kiss me and is now looking at me like the gum beneath his shoe . I would like to know why he hates them so much but obviously spends a lot of time with them but I don't dare ask . Mr . mood swing just might hit me if I do . Our stare match ends as he turns to leave the room . Just before exiting he calls back over his shoulder

"Marie is a good girl . The only person I care about so don't hurt her or else . " his voice is hard and serious . I open my mouth to retort but he doesn't give me chance as he leaves slamming the door behind him . I was left standing in an empty room stunned, confused, upset and I dare I say a little jealous .


Once I regained my focus I stripped my night gown deciding a shower was long overdue . Passing the built on mirror I freeze; turning slowly to fully view the new girl in my reflection . I strip off the oversized bra and panties to for once in my life look at me naked .

This is who I am now . I study the girl's perfect body . The body I always dreamt of . Now it's mine . I trail my hands over the creamy skin covering my flat stomach . I can't help but smile when I don't feel the usual fat rolls . My hair, lips, body and skin are all just so remarkably beautiful . It's almost amazing!

I take a step closer and really look into my face and I can still see her . The old Ana . The fat insecure Ana that allowed people to use and abuse her . Yes that Ana is still beneath the surface but the new Ana doesn't want to live that way . This is my chance to start new, be strong, be a winner . This is the chance I wished for every night and now I have it .

My bright blues shine even more at my new found spirit . I smile at my reflection and slowly my canines elongate into fangs . I jump back a little shocked at seeing my strikingly white fangs for the first time . Oh yeah how could I forget this beauty came with a price .

I'm a freaking vampire!

Most normal people would probably have a major breakdown the moment they realized they weren't human anymore . What can I say? I never was normal .

For some reason my mind already accepted the fact that I was a vampire . It feels so much more natural to me than before . And I like it a lot .

I spin around in a gleeful circle loving the feel on my soft silky long hair caressing my back . I wonder what Kim would think of me now? Mean bitch would probably still think she was hotter than me . Ha! That would be a lie . Not trying to sound conceited but new Ana is smoking!

I laugh to myself thinking of all the ways to throw this in Kim's face when her image is replaced by Jace . His beautiful smile and light eyes instantly saddened me . I can't believe I actually miss him . It's crazy because we never talked in high school but I still always felt drawn to him . Like in my own messed up world him and I belonged together . I wonder if he'd talk to me now that I looked like this .

My daydreams are cut short by the door suddenly banging open . My vampire reactions are fast and in seconds I have a sheet wrapped around my naked body . Marcos and Talon are in the entryway staring at me with hungry eyes

"What do you want?" I ask pulling the sheet tighter around my small frame . Talon does that irritating smirk of his again . I promise one day I'm going to smack it off

"Leave us now" Marcos demands without taking his eyes off me .

Talon winks then leaves shutting the door behind him .

Now it's just me and my maker . Well I hope he's ready for round two because I'll beat his ass naked if I have to . I start to question him but barely get the chance to open my mouth because in a beat he has me pressed against the wall .

Damn I thought I was fast? I'm nothing compared to his speed .

His large frame easily covered mine . The whites of his eyes are gone; the blackness I first saw when we met replacing it . He kept me pinned against the wall while his eyes travelled my body . I wanted to open my mouth to say something; anything . But I couldn't .

Suddenly he ripped the sheet from between my fingers tossing it aside . I gasped, hurriedly trying to cover my exposed body . Marcos yanked my wrists and pinned them above my head . With his body pressed to mine I could feel his arousal against my stomach . And dare I say I kind of liked it . What's wrong with me?

"Such beauty" he whispered against the crook of my neck .

His hot breathe on my skin shot desire throughout my body . I was helpless to stop it . He let go of my wrist and slowly slid one of his hands down my face all the way to my chest . A small moan accidentally left my lips when his large hand cupped my breast . I felt my nipple bud in excitement .

A voice was screaming in the back of my head but this heat I felt was clouding it . Marcos dragged his tongue down the curve of my neck then across my shoulder . A shudder ran through me . Why does this feel so good when it should feel bad? I hate him right? He silences my internal questions when he expertly teases my nipple with his fingers . He pinches the bud hard but damn it felt so good . My eyes nearly rolled in my head as I enjoyed the stimulation . I could feel myself become wet . That's something I never felt before . I wonder how it feels if he touched me down there instead .

Marcos must be thinking the same thing because his hand leaves my breast and glides gently down my torso . I can barely contain my excitement the close he gets to my core .

Of course just before he reaches it the door opens . The interruption angered me and before I could stop it I opened my fang filled mouth and growled fiercely at the intruder .

"Oh-oh I-I'm so sorry" Maries timid voice broke through my haze . She and Seb had come in carrying trays of food . She instantly dropped her head and tried to back out of the room .

"Slave! How dare you enter without knocking?!" Marcos questioned in a dangerous tone . His eyes were still black but I knew it wasn't the lust causing this . It was rage .

I pushed him off me and swiftly ran to the other side of the room wrapping the sheet back around me .

"It wasn't her fault I told her to" I said quickly jumping to her defense .

She lifted her head to look at me and I offered her a small smile . I can't believe I growled at her . What got into me? Marcos turned his hard gaze to me and I fought not to cower from it . I wouldn't let him intimidate me .

"You are a prisoner . Would it help you understand your place if I have you chained in cellars?" He asked looking at me like he actually expected me to answer . I cannot believe I let this asshole touch me! I'm pleading temporary insanity on that one .

"Master I was under the impression you and Talon left . Was there a problem?" Seb said finally speaking and diverting the attention to himself .

I hadn't really looked at Seb but now I wished I would have kept it that way . His face is stone . Even so I can see the flaming anger in his eyes . He still holds the tray but he's gripping it so hard his knuckles are white . Why is he so mad?

"No there wasn't a problem . Talon thought a sample of her blood would be useful" Marcos answered still glaring at me . He approached me in slow strides stopping inches away . Marcos pulled a small test tube from the inside of his creepy trench coat holding it out to me . I raised a brow at him .

"Don't push me . This can be easy or hard your choice" He stated coldly .

I snatched the tube from his hand preferring to do this myself . How do I make myself bleed? The easiest way would be a finger prick, too bad I don't have a needle . Maybe I have something better .