pure vampire - Chapter 19

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:21 AM
Chapter 19



His antics reminder me so much of Marcos, ugh both these assholes need to die .

My head is still swimming but I think my body is getting stronger . I don't move because I want Talon to think he has the upper hand . The cheater couldn't even fight me fair . The way he's talking I know I bruised that big ego of his with my ability .

Acting quickly, I use the little bit of clarity I have and hurriedly snatch up my clutch . Not seeing any other option I throw my body into the glass wall . Glass shatters all around me as I fall to the dance floor below . People scream and scurry away . I land like a cat and immediately insert myself into the fleeing mob .

Three huge bouncers grab me before I'm close to the exit . I drop my clutch and rapidly stomp on it . Please let me have hit that panic button .

I don't put up much of a struggle as the men drag me back into the almost empty club . The alcohol or drugs still has me off so I'm choosing to save my last bits of energy

"Nice try" Talon says standing in the middle of the empty dance floor . The men holding me toss me to the ground a few feet away from him . Judging from their scent, they are definitely vampires .

"A girl has to take her chances" I say pulling tiny pieces of glass from my arm, still amazed how the holes quickly heal once the glass is removed .

"Now I'm not going to kill you yet, but I will show you why you should fear me" Talon spoke walking slow circles around me . Queue the dramatic music . Damn this bastard is so full of himself . I laugh out loud .

"What's so funny?" Talon asks voice filled with suppressed anger

"You are . You're like one of those guys with a small cock that are always trying to do "big" things to prove themselves . Ha! No matter what you do you'll always have a small cock . " By the end of my sentence Talon's fist are meeting my face yet again .

He came so fast and strong I wouldn't have been able to react quickly enough had I tried . I laugh some more, spitting blood from my mouth . At least I know I touched a nerve . Man being a vampire is making me crazy . A few weeks ago I would be crying like a baby . Now I'm openly taunting an unstable, deadly vampire .

And I like it .

Talon's loser buddies lift me up, each taking an arm . Talon delivers blow after blow to my gut . The drunkenness isn't strong enough to mask that pain . He pulls his fist back to hit me in the face, but suddenly a loud crash sounds around us .

Seb came rushing in looking bewildered . I had never been so happy to see his handsome face . He surveys the scene . I noticed his eyes blazing with rage when he looked at me . Before I could warn him they were vampires, he charged .

Like a bat out of hell he slammed his body into one of the vamps holding me . It caused a chain reaction and all of us fell hard to the floor . Seb may be human, but he sure can fight .

He threw punches so fast and hard the vamp didn't have time to react . The vampire that wasn't holding me went to jump in, but I wasn't having that . I sprang up, launching myself onto his back .

I heard a loud crack . Looking up I saw Seb sticking a long sliver stake into the vamps body .

Everyone froze just watching the scene .

The vampire beneath Seb began to shake and black smoke filtered from his mouth before he burst into a million pieces of ash . Wow totally was expecting that . Now it's three against two




Also wasn't expecting the vampire whose back I was on to grab my head and flip me off of him . He slammed my back to the ground . He brought his massive fist down but luckily I rolled out of the way in time .

I heard a grunt and looked over to see Talon beating the crap out of Seb while the other vampire held him . Shit! I have to help him! Fast .

The jerk I'm fighting came bulldozing toward me . I summersaulted into the air landing on his back again . This time I didn't give him a chance to throw me off . I latched on to his neck and twisted it until I heard it crack .

He fell lifeless to the ground . I'm not sure if that killed him but he's not moving . That'll do for now .

Not sparing a second I use my immortal speed to rip Seb away from them . I face Talon and his minion with Seb behind me . Seb is bruised and bleeding but he still looks strong and ready to fight .

"How cute, you're protecting him" Talon taunts . My anger is boiling over and the only response I can muster is a growl and a flash of my fangs . They both respond the same way

"You won't win . It'll only take one of us to kill him" Talon says with a knowing smirk .

He's right . One of them will attack Seb . No matter how much training he has, he's still human . Damn it! Think Ana! Think!

Suddenly I can feel it .

The electricity in my body .

I focus on it . Tiny pops can be heard as it gets stronger . The blue sparks on my skin make me feel alive and powerful . The energy cocoons my body . An invisible wind whips threw the room . I open my eyes and I can feel the sparks shoot through them

"Is she kinetic?! I didn't sign up for this shit! I'm out of here!" Talon's weak vampire partner shouts .

He turns to flee the room but not fast enough . A bolt blasts from the palm of my hand . It hits his back lifting him almost to the ceiling . His body shakes violently; A second later he combusts into blue smoke . The same color as the bolt I used to kill him .

I pull the lightening back and it tendrils around my arms gracefully . Talon looks like he's about to piss his pants .

"Now, I'm not going to kill you . Yet . I will show you why you should fear me" I say repeating the same words he used on me earlier .

I take slow menacing steps towards him . Talon steps back slowly . I can see his Adams apple bobbing . Good he should be scared .

In a fast move I'm on him . Grabbing him by the throat I channel some of my bolts into my fingertips . His body convulsed wildly as I pumped electric heat into him . I enjoyed the sight probably more than I should .

A warm hand on my shoulder snapped me out of my killer thoughts

"Ana, not yet" Seb says . Reluctantly I drop Talon to the ground . The last shocks still rock his body

"Try me again Talon and I will not hesitate to kill you" I tell him with all the power I have in me . Seb and I walk away leaving him to fight the after effects alone . But in true Talon fashion he has to have the last word

"Th-this isn't o-ov-over" Talon says voice breaking from the shaking

"Bring it on pencil d*ck!" I shout back .


Once we are safely outside my energy drains like a deflating ball . My legs give out, but Seb scoops me up before I even had the chance to hit the ground . I rest my head on his strong warm shoulder

"Marie is lucky to have a boyfriend like you" I whisper

"Boyfriend?" Seb questions . Crap I forgot he doesn't know that I know . Oh well its out now

"Yeah I figured out you guys are secret lovers or something . Don't worry I won't tell" I explain in case he's worried for Marie .

Imagine my surprise when he laughs instead . I think the fight knocked some screws loose . However, I can't help but smile back by how beautiful he looks with a smile on his face . Wish I could see that more often .

"Ana, Marie is not my girlfriend . She's my sister . " He tells me with a small smile .

Oh my goodness! I'm a freaking idiot! That explains so much, his fierce protectiveness over her; his love for her . He's her big brother . Wow how could I not see the resemblance before? Maybe I didn't want to . But I would be lying if I didn't admit a small part of me is relieved .

I start laughing and Seb joins me . After this day a good laugh was needed . I open my mouth to ask what's next when twenty black SUV's pull up all around us .

Marcos and his men

"I have to escape these fucking vampires" I say exhaustedly as car doors begin to open .

Seb stares at me intently for a moment probably trying to see how serious I am . A second later he has the answer he's searching for when a spark crosses my eyes . I'm very serious

"I think I can help with that…"