pure vampire - Chapter 25

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:07 AM
Chapter 25



"My dad is on his fifth honeymoon, so no one is home" She explained walking up the spiral staircase . I followed behind her glancing at all the expensive looking paintings on the wall .

"You can sleep in this guest room . " She says pushing open a door to a bedroom with a huge king bed with blue and white sheets . The furniture in the room is the same color scheme and there is a flat screen mounted on the wall .

"There is an en suite bathroom if you need to shower or anything . " I look at her standing by door watching me closely

"Thanks . " I say not really knowing what else to say .

"No thank you for saving me tonight . I'm Lily by the way" She offers her hand out . I smile and shake it

"Nice to meet you" I respond casually not offering my name in return

"Cool . I feel like we are totally BFF now!" She says excitedly before turning and leaving the rooms closing the door behind her .

Besides that BFF comment the girl is nice . I hope she doesn't get all crazy on me . No matter, I'm leaving anyway . I can't have the extra baggage traveling with me when I have vampires on my trail .

I toss my duffel on the bed and pull open the zipper . Time to see what Seb packed for me . Inside is a couple pair of jeans, shirts, a pair of sneakers and two envelopes . I open the first envelope and am shocked to see it's filled with money . I haven't a clue how he came into this money but knowing Seb he probably planned this is advance .

His beautiful face and messy hair fills my mind . The ache in my heart comes back in full force . The pain of his rejection still burns freshly in my hollow chest . I swallow the lump in my throat to help push aside all thoughts of him . The second envelope contains a letter . The scratchy sprawled cursive can only be from one person . I sit on the soft bed and begin reading .


If you're reading this then the plan has worked and you were able to escape the hotel . I couldn't be happier for you . Remember the plan . Go back to the abandoned house first because that's where Marcos believes you are from . After your scent is there leave quickly to your true hometown . Remember to feed regularly . You will be around more humans now and you don't want to be hungry . You could hype out and hurt someone . The inside pocket of the duffel contains baggies of blood to get you started . Some are mine; others are stolen from blood banks .

Take care Ana . I will find you soon . ~Seb~

I didn't even realize tears were falling until a blue drop hit the page . I quickly wipe my face and put the letter back into the bag .

Stupid Seb and his stupid letter . How dare he be so considerate and pack me blood! Okay that sounds crazy, but I'm so unsure how to feel when he rejects my love but shows signs of caring . Maybe he's just a nice guy? That doesn't make sense because the way he kissed me… I touch my lips remembering my first kiss .

It was better than any movie could have made it out to be . I shake myself from my memories and get to work on the next part of the plan . I take a quick shower changing into jeans in a shirt . Pulling my long hair into a messy bun I reach inside the duffel hurriedly getting out a package of blood .

My fangs extend immediately and I can feel my eyes lose color . I rip it open with my teeth and gulp the room temp liquid . Even though it's not from a live vein it still tastes just as good . I finish it quickly cleaning up and throwing the duffel over my shoulder .

I use a piece of paper from the desk and write "Thanks" on it, leaving in the bed for Lily to find . I feel bad ditching the lonely girl this way but it's for her own good .


Several hours later I'm back in the dreaded small town of Chance Harbor . I easily make my way to the abandon house where I spent my last hours human . Two years ago seems like even longer now .

Half of the torn house is burned down, but other than that it still looks just as uninviting as before . I walk a circle around it being assaulted by the memories here . The girl I couldn't save . Marcos biting me; I biting him back . It still baffles me that I even thought to do such a thing . One day he will pay for destroying me . I know he will eventually find me, but when he does I'll make sure this time I go out fighting .

Following Seb's instructions I don't mask my scent until I get to the dirt road . My newly found vampire grace makes it easier to walk on this time . At the train station I use a little of the money to buy a ticket .

When boarding begins I make my way to the back . This feels like déjà vu . Everything repeating itself, but in reverse order . Going back to the place I so quickly ran from just two years ago .

I wonder how their lives have been since I left . Did anyone search for me? Miss me? Knowing Kim she probably threw a party when I ran away . When I get back there I will make sure to teach her lesson on how sisters should behave . I'm sure she won't recognize me . I'm actually counting on it as part of my secret plan to get her back .

Seb warned me against this but he doesn't know what sixteen years of living with her was like . The worst part was she was my sister . She was supposed to protect me, not be the cause behind my suffering . I will not physically hurt her but I will show her that fat Ana is gone and Analise has risen .

All too soon the train ride is over, ending at the bus station at the city limits of Mercy Falls . Looking around so far nothing has changed . Well at least at the bus station that is .

When I enter the first site in my view is the heavy set older woman behind the counter . Verna . She is dressed exactly the same down to the smile .

I sniff the air . Her scent enters me and I know instantly she isn't human . I march to the counter waiting impatiently for her to finish with the middle aged man ahead of me

"Hello again Analise . " She greets me when I step to the window without even looking up

"Verna . " I say back coldly

"Nice to see you again so soon" She says finally looking at me with that warm smile and knowing eyes

"Cut the crap Verna . What the hell are you? And why did you send me to my death" I whisper harshly . I try to keep my anger under control but it's harder by the second . She is acting so coolly like she isn't the one who sent me to Chance harbor where I died .

"Well I'm certainly not what you are . And to answer your second question I merely follow what my visions tell me . " She answers casually, smile not faltering . My eyes shift swiftly to red . I can see it through the refection of the glass . I close my eyes tightly forcing my anger under control .

"What does that mean Verna?" I ask slowly once I have a handle on my emotions

"It means you were on a path and it was my job to ensure you stayed on it . Ana, what happened to you was meant to be . " She explained looking at me like that made sense

"I was meant to fucking die! Do you have any idea what I have become!" I yelled losing the control I just gained . Verna wasn't fazed by my outburst

"Honey I know what you are better than you do . " She said getting up from her chair and putting a closed sign in front of her window .

"Verna what the fuck does that mean! Verna! What are you?! Don't fucking walk away from me!" I continued to yell at her back until she disappeared into a back room . I pounded my fist on the counter in frustration . The wood cracked a little . When I turned around a couple was staring at me like I was a nut case .

"What?!" I asked pissed . They shook their heads and turned away from me . Picking up my duffel I burst through the doors back outside .

Damn Verna and her fucking riddles . I'll try this again under circumstances when I don't want to rip her throat out in anger .

I walk down the street stopping in front of the Mercy Falls city limits sign .

"Welcome home Ana!" I shout to no one with my arms out wide sarcastically . It's more like welcome back to hell Ana I mutter to myself as I take my first real steps back into the life I ran from long ago…