pure vampire - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27



"What do you mean her scent disappeared in the city?!" Marcos growled into the phone . He barely gave the other person time to explain and crushed the small cellular in his hand . The tiny shards hit the ground barely making a sound .

"Uh master? Sorry to interrupt but what's going on?" Seb asked with mock confusion . Talon raised a brow at him but otherwise said nothing

"The girl escaped" Marcos said dashing to his newly broken desk rummaging through papers scattered about .

Those are the words Seb wanted to hear . Ana made it! He tried to keep his nonchalance intact but with Talon eying him it was getting harder

"The way she escaped would seem as if she had help" Talon said pushing from the wall . Seb hardened his gaze on the man he longed to kill

"She probably did" Seb said coolly . It wouldn't make sense to argue that fact .

"Did you have a hand in that Seb? I know you two were close . " Talon accused .

"No . Did you have a hand in that Talon, I know how much you hated her" Seb countered back . Talons eyes drained deep black . He took slow movements in Sebs direction before stopping directly in his face .

"Enough!" Marcos bellowed . The men continued to stare each other down .

"I have reasons why both of you would be involved in her escape . I will find the truth but for now we have searching to do . Seb gather the guards and meet at the gates in one hour" Marcos demanded .

Seb nodded and did as was told . He knew Talon would be the first to accuse him . However it works because Seb could simply accuse Talon also and keep Marcos off his back long enough to get Marie and him out .

Seb sent some orders through his walkie to the other guards in the house .

He made his way back into his dark room to get some extra weapons . Marie was sitting on his bed fidgeting her fingers . She jumped up the moment he entered

"What happened? Did she make it?" Marie asked with hits of fear in her voice . Seb was still amazed at the bond the two women formed .

"Yes" Seb answered her with a smile .

Marie's tiny face lit up like a light bulb . Her happiness was infectious .

Seb walked to his desk and began strapping various knives and guns to his body . Now he just needed to focus on keeping Marcos off Ana's trail and getting Marie out before Marcos finds the truth .

After he was done loading up weapons he sat on his bed and sighed . Everything was in motion but he just felt off . Ever since Ana left Seb has been uneasy . He was starting to think it had more to do with missing her than worrying for her

"Sebby, what's wrong?" Marie asked tenderly .

He looked at his small sister not knowing what to say . He didn't want to upset her so he chooses instead to just nod . Seb tried to stand but Marie stopped it by pushing him back down

"Don't lie to me . I know you . Now tell me" Marie demanded . Another side effect of her relationship with Ana . Marie now has more of a backbone . This actually made Seb proud . Still he wasn't sure if telling his little sister about his last conversation with Ana would be helpful .

Marie continues to stare at him with her doe brown eyes . Seb figured telling her the truth might make him feel better . After all she would understand his decision better than anyone



"Uh before Ana left we uh talked" Seb started to tell her but paused

"And . . . . " Marie pushed

"Uh well uh Ana she uh she told me she loves me . . . " Seb trailed off the end running his fingers through his hair .

Saying it out loud made the whole situation more real . He'd been trying to keep his mind occupied to keep from thinking about those words . Too bad it didn't work

"What did you do?" Marie asked looking worried . Seb briefly wondered what she was worried about . He did the right thing after all .

"I rejected her love . What other choice was there" Seb was caught by surprise when his shy tiny sisters small hand smacked the side of his face .

He jerked up startled by her actions . Marie would never lift a finger to anyone! Why did she do such a thing? Seb stared at the girl he's been protecting all these years in confusion . Her eyes welled with tears and she was trembling

"Why would you do that to her Seb?!" Marie asked holding her tears back . Seb honestly didn't know what to say . He thought he did the right thing and Marie would agree . Apparently he was wrong about one of those

"She's a vampire Marie! I did what was best for all of us!" He explained getting a little frustrated by his sister

"That's such bullshit and you know it!" She said with a tear dropping .

Did she just curse? Seb could not understand what's gotten into her? She knows what happened to their family even if she doesn't remember

"Marie you know vampires are dange-" Marie held up her small palm to stop him before he finished that sentence

"Don't give me that all vampire are dangerous speech . You've only been telling me that my whole life" She said interrupting

"Only because it's true" Seb told her sternly

"Yes for most, but not Ana . She's not like the rest Seb . She a good person that would never hurt anyone! She wouldn't even feed from a live vein unless the person volunteered and was well nourished . Remember the time she forced herself to drink animal blood and kept throwing up? We had to force her back onto human and she would only drink from you!" Marie yelled collapsing on the bed .

Seb paced the room . He knew Ana wasn't like the other vampires but he also knew that could change at any moment . He thought by helping her escape it would prolong that . Never did he consider that Ana wouldn't eventually turn into a vicious monster .

"Marie I know you cared for her but you don't know what she could become" Seb said trying to reason with her, staring at her upset face . She jumped off the bed and shouldered past him .

"Seb wake up and stop lying to yourself! This isn't about what Ana will or won't be, this isn't about our parents! This is about you not being able to face the fact that you love her too!" Marie yelled with full blown tears .

Seb was stunned by the accusation of his sister . Maybe he was nicer to Ana than he needed to be but that didn't mean he loved her . Did it? No it couldn't be true . Marie was just confused because she was so close to Ana .

Seb was at a loss for words . He was so sure his sister would agree with his choice . This wasn't at all what he expected

"Marie I don't love her" Seb didn't know who he was trying to convince . Obviously not Marie seeing how she laughed without humor at his declaration




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