pure vampire - Chapter 29

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Chapter 29



It kind of hurts that he assumes I'm like them mean, popular kids, all because I look like this . Well I'll just have to prove to him that's not true .

After talking with the PE instructor she hands me really small blue shorts and red tank . No wonder I used to skip gym when I was fat . This little outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination .

The locker room is full of half-naked girls changing and gossiping . My ears instantly pick up on a certain monotone voice I haven't heard in two years . My legs move without my knowledge following the sound .

Standing there in blue shorts and black bra is no other than my nemesis; Kim . Her hair is back to its normal brown but shorter . Her body isn't as great as it was, she has gained at least 15 pounds judging by her little pot belly .

"You must be the new girl everybody talking about?" I briefly tear my eyes away to look at one of the four girls around Kim who has spoken to me . It so happens to be my sister right hand twin Josie .

An image of her dumping milk over my head my last day here assaults me . I have to physically fight myself not to rip her apart this very moment . I can feel all the girls watching me .

"Are you slow?" Josie asks making the other girls laugh, all but Kim .

Kim continues to watch me with mild curiosity . For a moment I think she recognizes me

"Maybe she's slow and a mute" another blonde girl adds causing more laughter .

These comments don't bother me . What does is the fact that I can't form any words . Seeing my sister a few feet away has so many things going through my head . A small part is actually happy to her alive and well . A bigger part wants to smash her face into the nearest locker .

The bell rings ending the awkward stare down . The girls all shove past me roughly . Kim is the last one to past . When she bumps my shoulder it's so hard I stumble a little .

What the hell! I'm a vampire! I don't stumble anymore . I'm so pissed at myself for letting her take me off my guard like that! I pace the empty locker room . Why couldn't I speak? It must have been the shock . Well that will not happen again . She ran me away once, she won't do it again . I'm a new Ana now! I hope she wore her big girl panties today because I'm about to give her hell .

I hurriedly change my clothes and rush into the gym . They sent all the boys outside to play football, leaving the girls to play dodge ball inside . Perfect!

"New girl! Team A" The instructor tells me . I look over to team A, its Kim and her minions shooting daggers at me

"Uh is it okay if I'm team B, uh B is my favorite letter" I say shyly . It would be hard to explain why I'm throwing balls at my teammates . She signs but waves her hand to team B . The girls smile hesitant at me when I join .

Standing against the fall wall I stare at the six red balls in the center of the room and the ten girls on the far wall behind it .

Each of them had some role to play in my many years of bullying . Either by joining or ignoring; even some of the girls on my own team are in that boat .

However none was worse than Kim and her four "besties" I look at the five girls closely . Come on coach blow the damn whistle! I'm so anxious to throw some balls!

Finally the whistle sounds . I try to run at a human speed but I still get to balls in the center before anyone else . I snatch two quickly . Just as I get them in my hands I launch them at two girls from the opposite team running away . Another girl throws a ball and I catch it with ease . Three down .

My teammates take out a few and get taken out themselves . I see Josie yanking a ball from her teammate's hand throwing it at me . I catch it and ferociously throw it back . The ball smacks Josie in the face . She goes down hard . I laugh along with the other girls .

"Hey no hitting in the face!" the teacher yells at me . I shrug and mouth "sorry" sarcastically of course .

Josie gets to her feet and runs from the gym with her bleeding nose . Kim glares at me . So I do the only logical thing and wink at her . I can see smoke coming out of her ears .

We are the only two left playing . She grabs a ball and angrily throws it at me . I dodge easily . She tries again and I duck . Kim screams in frustration tossing 3 more balls; all miss me .

This is the most fun I've ever had with my big sister .

I'm still holding one ball in my hand . I launch it hard . It smashed into her stomach . I can hear the whoosh of air leave her lips as she flies back .

It felt so good to hit her; too good .

I'm not ready to stop .

I pick up a ball at my feet and throw that one too . It cracks her on the side of the head .

I grab another ball; it bounces off her exposed thigh . Kim screams on the ground . I grab another

"Hey! Enough!" The coach yells rushing to Kim's aide .

I close my eyes to keep myself from hyping out . The anger I felt was getting to an uncontrollable level . When I open my eyes everyone is staring at me . Kim looks savagely pissed off . Red welts are on her thigh and cheek .

She pushes the instructor off of her and angrily limps in my direction . I hold my ground . Kim bullied me long enough . She's overdue for some pack back

"You fucked with the wrong girl" She says venomously not even an inch from my face . Kim is so close I can smell the banana she had for breakfast . And tequila?

"That's funny you look exactly like the right one to me . " I say casually crossing my arms and putting a defiant smirk on my face .

"This isn't over bitch . I will ruin you" She spits before turning away . If she only knew she already did that . Now it's time for me to return the favor . Bring it on Kim . I have a few things in store you…

Ana Pov

I watched Kim walk away feeling slightly satisfied with me .

"New girl! Laps the remainder of class!" The gym teacher yelled at me pointing to the track outside . If that's my punishment for pelting girls with balls I'll take it .

I casually begin walking out the gym and then exited the side doors to the bright sun . Guess it's a good thing the whole burning vampire sunlight thing is a myth . If it were true I'd be long gone .

Outside the boys are in center field playing football . The track circles the field so at least I'll get entertainment watching them . I start slow running while I search the field for Simon . He's easy to spot being how skinny he is .

The guys are chasing after some boy with the ball . Simon of course is lagging behind . Out of nowhere a jock tackles Simon hard to the ground .

What the hell! He didn't even have the ball . Me being me of course I cut off the track and dart to the playing field . The jerk is laughing as he gets up off Simon, until I push him back down

"What the hell is your problem?! He didn't have the ball!" I yelled hovering over him . The guy pulls his helmet off . Blonde hair and green eyes stare at me shocked before turning into smirk . It's Bobby Kennedy . He was one of the jocks responsible for the prank pulled on me . If my memory serves me correctly he put the pig ears on my head

"Whoa babe chill, it's just a game" Bobby says getting up dusting himself off . Now all the boys are huddled around us

"Why do you care anyway? Is nerd boy your boyfriend?" He asks laughing as if that lame joke was funny . I don't have time for this . I swing my right fist out and punch him in the face . Stupid Bobby goes down fast . The other players all laugh and "oh" at him .

Suddenly the football coach that didn't give a crap earlier when Simon was getting treated like dirt came rushing to the center .

"What do you think you're doing?!" The mid forties man snapped . I shrugged

"Teaching him some manners" I say back looking at Bobby holding his lip . The idiot was looking at me in awe

"I've never had a girl hit me before" he said still giving me a weird look . Ugh I don't have time for this .

I turn around searching for Simon . I spot him walking away back toward the gym . Sprinting at human speed I catch up with him right before he enters

"Hey wait up" I say grabbing his arm . Simon rips his arm away from me . The look in his eyes has me taking a step back . Simon is mad

"What's wrong with you?! I don't need you protecting me! I don't even know you! Geez just stay the hell away from me!" Simon angrily strides away . I'm left there standing in shock and hurt .

I didn't mean to come off so strong but he's my best friend how could I not want to protect him . Okay so he doesn't know who I am . Maybe telling him would make this whole thing easier . Knowing Simon a freak out is highly likely .

The bell rings ending the hour session . In my next class I'll try to give Simon a little more distant . If I keep this up I'm sure he'll start to get scared of me if he isn't already .

Just before I enter the building out the corner of my eye I see Simon's dark curls dashing through the parking lot . Is he skipping class? No way! Not perfect attendance Simon . But sure enough there he is sneaking into his old beat up car . I cross my arms and laugh when he starts it . The car rumbles to life so loudly it scares him and he ducks . Very smooth Simon

Slowly he pulls out of school grounds . Should I follow him? If I do and he catches me he will be livid . If I don't and he gets hurt I will be livid .

Decision, decisions .

Ultimately I follow him . Too bad I don't have time to get out of this ridiculous small gym outfit . Oh well .

I stay back far enough so he doesn't see but still keeping a good eye on him . Where is going? I wonder as he turned down a side street . Simon surprises me by stopping at the park . I watch him walk and take a seat on a bench overlooking the pond .

Why is he here? This isn't one of our usual hide away spots . Mainly because Simon doesn't like kids and I don't like crowds . Looking around there isn't either of those here this time of day . Maybe this is a good place to think .

I continue watching him for a few minutes . He sends a couple of text messages but other than that nothing . Is he waiting on someone? What if he has a girlfriend? Wow that would be so great for him! I hope I like her .

Before I can imagine anymore scenarios a teenage boy approaches the bench . I inch closer to the bush that's hiding me desperate to see . From behind the guy clearly is tall with a great body . The short sleeves of his shirt show me his toned arms . The jeans show his nice butt . His hair is dark brown and short but still has about an inch or so fashionably fanned up . Wish I could see his face . Or the wind would blow and I could catch his scent .

There's something about his posture that's familiar .




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