pure vampire - Chapter 30

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:01 AM
Chapter 30



There's something about his posture that's familiar . The guy sits bedside Simon and they do that guy fist pump greeting .

"Hey man what's the emergency?" The guy's deep voice washes over my sensitive ears freezing me inside out .

I know that voice .

If a hundred years past I would still know that voice .

It was the voice I used to look forward to overhearing every day at school .

It was the voice that I used to long for at night .

It was the voice of none other than Jace .

Jace Pov

Jace sighed looking out the car window . He can't believe his mom forced him to miss school today to go on some stupid college tours .

"Jace it was a nice school" his mother said pulling into their driveway

"Whatever" he mumbled . Jace took his phone out to another frantic text from his friend Simon .

The last two years he's gotten to know Simon and they've become good friends . At first it was tough with his classmates teasing him because of it but after what happened with Analise, he no longer cared . Jace doesn't live his life to please other people now . After losing the most important girl to peer pressure he vowed to make a change . All he needed now was the girl that was always meant to be his; Ana

As soon as the car parked Jace hopped out rushing to his truck .

"Where are you going?! Next tour is in an hour!" His mom shouted at his retreating form . He just waved her away hoping into his black pick up .

Jace already had a plan after high school . He and Simon were going to search for Ana . Jace knew she was out there somewhere and they would find her . When they do he planned to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness . Jace knew he and Ana shared a connection he just let high school bull get in the way .

He waved to his angry looking mother as he backed out the driveway . If only she understood why he wanted to put college on hold . He tried to explain to his mother before but she called it nonsense best left for the police . Yeah right . The idiots at the police dept . have been coming up empty for two years . Jace was sure he and Simon could do a better job .

Speeding down the empty streets he hurried to the park to meet his friend . Simon is a bit strange but his text messages suggest something else is going on . Of course it would be on the one day Jace isn't there . If Bobby and his buddies are messing with Simon again Jace is going to beat his ass . He already told them to back off . Though he was sure behind his back they still gave Simon hell .

As soon as he arrived at the park he spotted his buddy sitting on the bench . Jace casually sat beside him and fist bumped

"Hey man what's the emergency?" Jace asked wondering what's got Simon so riled up he's skipping class

"There's this girl . . . " Simon replied staring off at the water

"A girl huh? Is she hot?" Jace teased with a grin . Simon shoved his shoulder playfully

"Yes but that's not the point" Simon said

"Okay what is it? Do I know her?" Jace curiously wondered

"No she just started today . And she well, first she won't stop following me-"

"You 911 texted me because a hot girl is following you?" Jace interrupted to ask . He was starting to think Simon was beyond strange and more insane

"No . Just listen . This girl is different . When she's close I feel like I know her . Like I miss her . And when I looked into her eyes I swear I saw Ana there . . . " Simon trailed off

"Sy buddy we both miss Ana, but-" Jace started

"No don't try to make me sound crazy! I know what I feel . There's something about this girl . I mean she punched Bobby for me! Tell me that's not strange?" Simon was getting borderline hysterical . Jace held his hands out in a non-defensive gesture to calm him

"Chill Simon we'll figure it out . Wait, did you say she punched Bobby?" Jace asked when he caught on . Simon nodded .

Wow maybe Sy is onto something . It does seem weird a new girl would punch the most popular guy in school on her first day . Add that to her punching him for Simon makes the whole situation crazier .

No matter whom this girl is she couldn't be Analise . Ana was always so quiet and avoided conflict . She would never just out right punch someone . Especially Bobby, one of her biggest tormentors . The thought of all the things they did to her had Jace balling his fist . How he wish he could turn back time and be there for Ana when she needed a friend .

Jace's phone went off and he didn't need to look to know it was his mother .

"Hey I got to take off but I'll be back at school tomorrow just stay away from her until we figure out her deal okay?" Jace said standing

"Okay . Thanks for coming" Simon said fist bumping with Jace

"Anytime man" Jace replied back running off to his truck .

The dark clouds shrouded the sun making the day look gray . Jace knew any moment the rain would start . When he got into his truck thunder sounded loud around him . He watched as Simon along with a few other people ran to their cars . Not a second later the rain started to fall .

Jace thought this was perfect . He sent a text to his mom informing her that due to the down pour he would be late getting back . After all his safety should be first .



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