pure vampire - Chapter 34

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:49:57 AM
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Chapter 34

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From the rooftop of the house two dozens of vampires descended around them . Maximus guards dropped down so quickly his men barely had time to react .

Chaos erupted everywhere .

Maximus had just as many men he brought . It could be tagged a fair fight . Marcos led the fight by zipping through the yard ripping out throats and hearts in seconds . He noticed Talon laughing as Talon sank his fangs into one of the attacker's neck . Talons reactions to violence still baffled him . But Marcos enjoyed it as well .

He studied the environment observing the roof tops, he realised he could use it to his own advantage,

Two vamps soon attacked him him, throwing several punches at him which he dodged gracefully . . . With immortal strength he launched himself to the roof tops, then in a twinkle of an eye, he sped towards them with great speed, stunning the vamps with his moves, and ripping their hearts out in the process . He looked sideways and saw talon, all smiles and laughing hysterically, as he seem to engage a vampire in a one on one fight, like he was oblivious of the fact that a simple mistake could end his life in seconds, the smile on his face only angered the other vampire . . . Then somehow Talon missed his tactics and made the wrong move, he tried punching the other vampire in the face with one hand but failed to follow up with the other hand hereby giving the other vamp a free access to his neck, and in a matter of seconds two vampires came surrounding him, one holding his defenceless hand and the other about to pluck out his heart, marcos who has been fighting with great abandon the whole while saw what was about to happen to his creation, with Talon gone the assignment will only be of more difficulty, too bad he doesn't have a replacement at hand . . . . With great energy he sped to the scene, holding the hand about to be plucked into Talons heart, breaking the bones and ripping out the owner's heart, this startled the other two vampires, giving Talon access to rip off the throat of the vampire before him, before they (Talon & Marcos) both rip the throat of the vampire beside them simultaneously .


The battle soon ended . All of Maximus men were dead . Marcos was left with Talon and two other of his twenty guards . The wounds they'd just endured began to heal .

Loudly the front double doors burst opened . More guards came out this time they were armed .

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"What business do you have here?!" The man leading the armed guards questioned

"I'm here to see Maximus" Marcos spat . He hated when lesser vampires tested him . He wanted nothing more than to rip that man's tongue out .

"Master Maximus isn't expecting visitors" the guard spat back . Marcos felt his eyes bled black . This fledging is pushing him to the limit with his questioning

"I'm sure he'll make time for his brother" Talon responded .

Marcos whipped his head to his creation . If it were any other time he would punish Talon for speaking on his behalf without permission . But he was out numbered already .

The guard spoke into his 2way communicator for a brief moment . After he was done speaking to Maximus he put the device back into his holster and the aimed the platinum filled gun at them . He fired two shots . Each hit the center foreheads of his last two men besides Talon .

"You can enter now" the man stated satisfied putting his weapon away . Marcos and Talon slowly walked up the front steps of the huge, old Victorian style house . Before he passed the leading guard he stopped

"Before the sun falls I'll have your head for killing my men"




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. Marcos stated coldly putting his five hundred years of power into his voice . He could see the vampire visibly shake . Talon laughed from somewhere behind him .

As soon as Marcos entered the dimly lit home he was forcibly yanked by his collar and tossed thirty feet across the room . His body slammed hard into a wood door that shattered on impact . Marcos was fast but the vampire attacking him was faster . Before Marcos could get to his feet the vampire was on him . He grabbed Marcos by his throat with one hand and smashed his body into the wall of the bedroom he landed in . Judging by the strength of his opponent Marcos knew without a doubt it was his brother .

Maximus was moving with such speed and grace that Marcos couldn't get a good look at him . Several punches swiped across Marcos's face while he was down . Marcos laughed without humor spitting out blood from the heavy blows

"That all you got Max!" He yelled attempting to stand and fight . Maximus kicked his feet out from under him as soon as Marcos stood . Marcos body hit the floor with a loud thud . In a flash Maximus was back on him pressing his heavy boot against his throat .

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you where you lay traitor" Maximus's deep voice was cold and hard . Marcos tried removing his foot from his throat but it was no use . Maximus was older and always stronger than he . Therefore Marcos decided to use a different approach .

"Ca-Cassandra . . . " Marcos choked out . Maximus instantly lifted his foot from Marcos's neck only to use it to kick him five feet across the room . Marcos body slid across the floor until it crashed into the far wall

"How dare you speak my mates name to me?!" Maximus roared showing long fangs . Marcos was aware that would anger him but what choice did he have . Vampires mate for life so Maximus would always have a soft spot for Cassandra no matter what she has become .

Marcos tried to stand as he watched his hulking older brother pace the room punching holes in the wall . Of course after all this time he still looks the same with slightly shorter ruffled hair . The two brothers always resembled each other; Maximus was just more of a ladies man than his younger brother . Until he met Cassandra

"Where is she traitor?" Maximus questioned dangerously stepping closer to a bloody Marcos .

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"I'll tell you if you help me" Marcos bargained . Maximus gave a dry laugh

"Help you?! After everything you've done?!" Maximus bellowed

"That was a long time-"

"Long time ago my ass! You idiot! Not only did you seal your fate, you dragged my mate down with you!" Maximus voice was so loud it could have rumbled the walls . Marcos heard this all before . It wasn't his fault Cassandra joined his plan . She willing agreed to be a distraction while he ran off with his own mate .

Until everything went to hell on that fateful night

"Cassandra did what she did by choice" Marcos stated confidently . Maximus was on him in a instant . He had him by the throat pressed against the wall

"She didn't know you were planning to kidnap the damn queen! She trusted you to keep her safe! As my brother she trusted you!" Maximus screamed in his face before dropping him to the ground .

Marcos quickly rightened himself . He didn't care what anyone thought about his decision all those years ago . The queen was his mate! That much he knew . They were madly in love and she couldn't stand being with the king any longer .

Queen Acacia came up with the plan to flee to kingdom . Marcos being lovesick went along with it down to the last detail . This was using Cassandra as bait for the king .

The plan failed ending with the queens imprisonment, and their banishment . Cassandra couldn't handle the consequence and hyped out .

Maximus still blames Marcos for the loss of his mate .

Marcos still blames Maximus for alerting the king to their plan .

"If you wouldn't have involved yourself she would have been safe" Marcos said angrily

"If I didn't interfere when I did you would all be dead! You, Acacia, Cassandra possibly even me just for being related to your traitor ass" Maximus spat "What type of moron thinks he is the mate of a queen that is already mated!" Maximus continued still shocked by past events .

Marcos eyes darkened . The queen is his mate! He would get her back as soon as that filthy king is dead . This brings him to why he's here in the first place .

"I can fix all of it . We can have our status and wealth back . You can get Cassandra back . The version you fell in love with" Marcos added taking a step in his brother's direction . Maximus watched him with suspicion .

"Don't speak in riddles Marcos . State your purpose for coming here" Maximus demanded

"Two years ago I turned a girl . Not intentionally but that's another story . When she rose as a vampire her eyes were not black, nor red, but blue . Shortly after we discovered she is also kinetic-"




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