pure vampire - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38



I darted out the school as fast as I could .

Jace's awe filled eyes wouldn't get out of my head . He doesn't even recognize me so why was he looking at me like that? Could it be possible that the connection we shared is what he remembers? I force all thoughts of him to the back of my mind; choosing instead to find Simon .

My sprinting ended with me in his back yard . The large two story house looks just as perfect as always . Simon's mom was a bit of a control freak . Even the grass didn't dare to lose any of its unreal green color .

I could hear his even heartbeat through the walls . No one else was home . After making sure the coast was clear I leaped into the tree outside Simon's window with ease .

The white curtains were open and I could see him lying peacefully on his small bed . Simon was tall so his feet dangled off a little .

I rapped on the glass to wake him . Simon of course turned over and ignored it . Damn it Sy I don't have all day .

I tapped again, still nothing . Geez he sleeps hard . This time I pounded . Simon's body jumped up startled and tumbled off the bed . A laugh burst from my lips . He's such a dork . Simon shot up looking around all confused and disheveled . Until his eyes landed on me

"Open the window" I mouthed . He shook his no . Is he kidding me right now?

I gave him a stern look . Finally he walked over and popped the lock . I climbed into the window effortlessly . His room was messy but still the same; clothes everywhere and pictures of us on the walls . There were also a few pictures of him and Jace . Great

"Ana is that really you?" Simon asked watching me

"Yes! Geez Sy why's this so hard to believe?" I asked . Simon's reaction to me was getting on my nerves

"You look so different is all . . . " He trailed off fidgeting his fingers . His actions had me thinking that's not all .

"Spit it out" I said placing a hand on my hip . He studied me for a minute .

"Kim started telling everyone you were dead! I didn't believe it but after a year of no leads I sort of lost hope . I'm sorry Ana . It's just that it was hard for me after you left . And now you just pop back up . It's like seeing a ghost" Simon explained sitting on the edge of his bed .

Wow it must have been hard for him . It's not like either of us exactly had any other friends . I guess I can understand where he's coming from . Wait, how dare that brat say I was dead! It was kind of true but still! Ugh I hate her!

I plopped down next to my best friend and wrapped my arms around him

"I'm sorry Sy . I didn't mean to leave you all alone" I said in his ear . Out of nowhere Simon latched onto me and hugged me back with all his strength . I've missed him so much . Clearly he feels the same way . We pulled apart just to see each other . Simon's eyes glistened with unshed tears

"Are your crying Sy-fi?" I teased

"No!" He said defensively . Simon stood up giving me his back while he wiped his eyes . I choked my laugh down

"So what happened to you?" He asked the one question I wasn't ready to answer . I sighed

"That's another story . So what's up with you and Jace?" I asked mainly to change the subject

"Oh uh well we're friends" he said slipping jeans over his shorts . I raised a brow . Clearly I could tell they were friends but what I wanted to know was how that came to be . Jace's handsome face clouded my sight for a moment before I shook it off

"There's a party tonight . You want to go?" Simon asked pulling a green Yoda shirt over his head . What did he just say?

"A party? Since when do you go to parties?" My shocked state showed in my voice and Simons cheeks reddened .

"Oh uh we-we go sometimes . Jace likes to have a beer with the guys . It's pretty cool . There're not mean to me when he's around" Simon told me gathering some books from his desk . Well isn't Jace so great! I mutter to myself . Simon laughing brought my attention back to him .

"Don't be jealous Ana, you'll always be my best friend" He said in a childish voice as he stuffed books into his backpack .

Jealous? I'm certainly not jealous, am I? I stood up to pace while I thought . Maybe I'm a little jealous but I have every right to be . Simon was my only friend; Jace had plenty he didn't need to claim mine too .

"So would you go with me tonight? It'll give us a chance to hang out and take your mind off whatever it is that's bugging you . " Simon said now standing in front of me . My brow raised on its own . What's he talking about? Simon folded his arms across his chest

"Come on Ana not everything changed about you . For one when something's on your mind you blink like a thousand times . It's kind of funny like your trying to blink it away or something . " Simon had an amused smile on his face . Okay guess he still knows me well enough . Maybe this party won't be so bad .

"I'll go to this party or whatever" I said casually trying not to smile at Simon's goofy grin . I pushed his shoulder playfully .

We fell into an easy banter about his life the last two years . For the most part he's just been trying to get some space from his control freak mother .

I began to walk back to the window . If I was going to a party I felt maybe I should change or something

"Where are you going?" Simon asked

"To my motel to change and stuff . I'll meet you there later . " I told him prying open the window .

"We have a door you know" he said mockingly . I laughed

"This is more fun" I stuck one leg out but before I could jump Simon spoke again .

"Wait! Does anyone else know your back?" He said looking curious .

"No . Let's keep it that way for now" I said seriously before leaping out the window . From the ground I looked back up and nearly laughed at Simon's open mouth at my perfect landing . I winked at him before I took off jogging .

Surely he will ask a ton of questions later but for now I didn't want to deal with them . Honestly my mind is burnt out . It's still spinning with all the stuff my mother told me . As much as I didn't want to believe it, a small part of me felt she was telling the truth . This just sucks .

And to add more mystery to my situation just toss in Jace and his strange reaction to me . Yeah I think a party is just what I need; one night to act like a normal teenager again . For the last two years I've felt three times my actual age .

Back at my motel I see several maids sweeping glass . Looks like I shattered the glass in the entire building . Whoops! Luckily it was during a storm so no one suspects a person caused it .

When I get to my room I down a bag of blood just to make sure I'm nice and full . This party is sure to have Jace and Kim . I'm not sure how I will deal with them but I'm planning to just avoid them if possible .

I take off my clothes leaving on the sports bra and boy shorts to train . I close my eyes and begin the punching and kicking methods Seb taught me . I try not to think about how much I miss him and Marie . It's hard .

For hours that all I do; various training techniques and exercising . By the time I'm finished I'm not even winded .

After a quick shower I ruffle through my duffel bag . Of course all the clothes packed are practical and not for a party . I grab a pair of jeans and tear the legs off creating shorts . I do the same with the sleeves of a t-shirt making a tank . Being a little bold I tear the cleavage open just to add some sexiness to it . It's my first high school party in a new body so why not show off some . Finally I leave my long wet hair down in waves . I don't have make up or anything so this is it .


By the time I got to the party it was dark and in full swing . Teens were sitting on the front porch of the large house laughing with plastic cups in their hands . The music was loud but I couldn't understand any of the words .

I took a deep breath . Okay Ana it's just a party .

I was feeling anxious maybe because most of the kids in there made my life hell or maybe because I could already smell Jace and I wasn't even visible to the crowd yet . Whatever the reason I let it go as I slipped from the safety of the trees and walked up to the house .

Most people outside stopped what they were doing to stare at me . I tried my best to keep a stern face . These people will not hurt me again .

I had made it up the porch steps and was about to enter when a warm hand on my arm stopped me

"Hey new girl I didn't think you would be here" It was none other than stupid Bobby . Didn't he learn anything from my punch? I snatched my hand from his grip . He looked shocked but cleared it with a smile . Okay this is weird

"Uh I'm Bobby . I didn't catch your name" He said offering a hand . I just looked at it

"That's because I never gave it to you . What do you want?" I asked trying to get to the point . He smiled shyly .

"I was wondering if maybe we could hang out sometime-" I rolled my eyes and walked away before he could even finish .

The nerve of that boy! He tortured me for years and now he asks me out? Granted he didn't know I was Analise Walker but still I punched him in the face that should have been enough to ward him off .

I shoved my way into the crowed house . My eyes instantly landed on my sister and her crew sitting on stools in the living room . Kim's whole face darkened when she saw me . Not giving her the satisfaction of more attention, I decide to push my way into the kitchen .

"Chug! Chug! Chug!" I heard several voices loudly chanting when I entered .

Multiple guys made sort of a semi-circle around one guy currently "chugging" beer .

Who is this guy that's making an ass out of himself? Simon .

I stand and watch Simon greedily downing what looked to be his tenth beer judging from all the empty bottles on the table in front of him . Has he lost his mind? When he finishes he throws his hands up in victory and all the guys cheer . Jace slaps him on the back laughing along with Simon . They actually look like good friends .

Simon stumbles forward a little but catches himself on the table . They are both still oblivious of my presence at the kitchen entrance . Jace has turned away to talk to one of the jocks about a game or something . I don't really listen because I'm too busy watching Simon . Cleary he's drunk out of his mind . His sloppy movements tell me so . Simon takes one step forward and I can tell he is about to go down . Damn it! I rush over to him and catch him just as he was falling .

"Oh heyyy you showed uuup!" Simon slurred blowing his beer breath in my face .

"Yeah I did and now I'm taking you home" I replied back slinging his arm over my shoulder .

I could feel eyes on us but I ignored them . Simon is way too drunk to stay here .

This is great . My first party ends before it started and I have to carry my drunken friend home . I choose to exit the back door instead of the front . I really don't want to deal with Kim or Bobby for that matter .

"Hey wait up!" I hear Jace's voice coming from behind us . I don't answer him .

The cool night air is refreshing when I get Simon out the house and into the back yard . Surprisingly no one is out here . Maybe it's because there isn't anything out here but a direct path into the woods

"Hey! Hey" Jace said catching up . Simon pushed himself off my arms and hunched over puking everywhere . Ugh that's so gross

"It's okay man get it all out" Jace said while patting Simon's back . Wow he really is a good friend .

Simon continued to dry heave . Jace straighten up and turned to face me .

Again sparks flew . This time I fought against it

"Uh hi I'm Jace" he said politely sticking his hand out . The way his eyes sparkled was enticing

"Uh hi" I said back awkwardly . I wanted to take his hand but the contact would be too much for me .

"So how do you know this guy?" He asked pointing at Simon who is now lying on his back making snow angels without snow . I really need to get him home

"Long story . Look I need to get him home" I told Jace reaching down to pick up Simon

"I could take you . I've only had one beer I'm completely sober" Jace said holding up two fingers in scouts honor . He looked so cute I couldn't help the smile that forced itself on my face

"Um no thanks I think we can manage" I tried to ignore the disappointed look on his face but it was hard . Reaching down I lifted Simon to his feet with one arm . Only for him to fall back down

"You-you be nice to Jace . He is a goo-good guy now Ana . " Simon drunkenly slurred .

If he wasn't drunk I would punch him in face right now! He just called me ANA in front of Jace! I knew Jace heard because I heard his sharp in-take of breath without even looking at him . Aw hell!

"You're Ana? Analise Walker?" Jace asked voice thick with emotion . No point denying it, thanks to my dear friend that ousted me . I simply nod . "Oh shit! It all makes sense now, but you look so-wow" Jace ran his hands through his hair staring at me in wonderment and excitement .

Suddenly he engulfed me in a bear hug . I could have easily broken free but his heat surrounded me . The tingles in my body by his tough ignited desire in my core . Jace let me go but placed his hands on my cheeks just staring at me

"I've thought about this moment for two years . What I would say when I saw you again but now I'm at a complete loss for words . All I want to do is this" Jace crashed his soft lips onto mine .

I was stunned . My body wouldn't move .

Jace was kissing me!

He expertly glided his lips over mine . In seconds I couldn't refuse anymore and joined him . He tasted like the sweetest candy . I don't think I could ever get enough . His hands slipped around my waist and molded my body to his . His body against mine was like heaven .

"Ana?" my name being called immediately snapped me out of the moment .

I quickly detached myself from Jace .

I knew who that small feminine voice belonged to and I was both happy and terrified to turn and face it . Too bad I didn't have any other choice .

I slowly turned on my heel coming face to face with Marie and Seb at the edge of the woods . They looked tired and dirty but very much alive and free! Marie was looking at me slightly confused . But that's not what I was worried about .

Seb's whole body was tense . His jaw was tight and his fists were balled . The look in his eyes was dangerous . Seb was royally pissed off . I've never actually seen him look so strong and letal . However it wasn't me he was giving a death glare to… .

It was Jace…

Oh shit he saw the kiss!




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