pure vampire - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40



"I'm sorry" I heard him whisper against me . All I could think about was the brush of his lips against my skin when he spoke . My traitor body was in such a heightened state my mind barely stood a chance to fight it . Still I tried

"Why?" I asked allowing my fingers to run through his silky hair . Seb moaned lifting his head to meet my eyes . The lust in his gaze caused my core to sear with need . All I wanted was for him to press those perfect lips to mine .

"Because I hurt you" he replied . Those words penetrated my lust . Turning it off like a switch . Now Seb was apologizing for hurting me but I didn't miss the fact that he left out his rejection .

"Is that all your sorry about?" I questioned .

Please say no .

I stood frozen as I waited for his answer . I knew I still loved Seb . I also knew he rejected me . But my heart couldn't help but hope he realized his mistake . All he had to say was he was wrong and he does love me . I know I said no second chances but looking at him so close to me now I know I lied .

Seb eyes stared at me intensely . His years with vampires allowed him to have complete control over his emotions . I searched his face hard and couldn't find one clue about what he was thinking . Seb please don't hurt me again a voice in my mind pleaded . I watched in slow motion as his mouth began to open

"Everything okay out here?" My head whipped angrily to the person that interrupted us . Of course it was Jace . He stood awkwardly by the door glancing between the closeness of Seb and I .

"Everything's fine" Seb replied in a deep even voice .

Sebs face may not betray him but his voice just did . He was pissed Jace intruded as well . I on the other hand completely ignored Jace . My attention was all on Seb . My anxiety increased when he stepped away from me . I wouldn't let that stop me . I took a matching step towards him .

"Is there anything else your sorry about or you want to say?" My voice was so hopeful it made me feel a little weak . Maybe love does that to a person .

Seb's eyes held mine and for a brief second and I saw something flash through them but it was too fast for me to grasp .

"No" he answered tightly .

My insides squeezed together in a tight ball of emotions . My heart felt like it exploded in my chest . I'm so stupid . He doesn't love me . How could I be stupid enough to confuse his jealousy over Jace with love? All I wanted to do was curl up in a corner and cry . Seb did it to me again . Twice he's rejected me . He caused a new wound before the old even could heal .

"Ana-" he began to say but my right palm across his face silenced him .

My whole body was shaking . I turned and stormed off before I caused any real damage . I shouldered past Jace walking into my room . I ignored everyone and went right into the bathroom locking myself in .

My powers were shimmering below the surface of my skin . I stared at my eyes in the mirror above the sink . They were blazing blue with bolts striking through every few seconds .

Control it Ana . I coached myself . If I didn't calm, I would bring this whole building down . My hands gripped the porcelain sink so tightly it started to crack .

Seb will not get this type of reaction from me again…


Marie POV

Marie knew her brother was hurting . Her whole life whenever Seb was in pain she could always feel it like they were twins . Only they weren't .

The car ride with the strange giddy girl had Marie completely exhausted . The girl, Lily, sang the whole way to Ana's motel . Quite badly actually . Add that to the intense emotions of her brother in the back seat and Marie was ready to combust .

Finally they arrived and both her and her brother eagerly jumped out of the car . Everyone quietly watched Ana and that boy she kissed get out of their vehicle . Marie still couldn't believe Ana had kissed another boy . Granted she knew Seb hurt her but she was sure the love they shared was strong and Seb could easily get Ana back . Guess it won't be so easy now with another guy in the picture . Marie briefly wondered if this boy was the same one Ana used to tell her about when she first turned .

Ana had scooped the curly head boy in her arms as if he were light as a feather . Ana should not be broadcasting her strength like that . Without even looking at her brother Marie knew Seb was on his way to correct that problem .

Once he took the boy from Ana they all followed her into the room she was staying in . The room wasn't great but it was still better than the slave's room at Marcos manor .

"Can I speak with you for a second?" Seb asked Ana . Before he exited the room Marie gave her brother an encouraging smile . They had rehearsed his apology the whole way here . Now all he had to do was put his jealousy to the side and tell Ana he loved her and then they could be together and Marie could relax . Well at least that what she hoped .

"Hello, I'm Marie" she said to the remaining people in the room . The silence was starting to become too much

"I'm Lily" the chubby girl said dusting off a chair that looked dust free already

"Hi, I'm Jace and this drunk is Simon" The boy said pointing at the sleeping boy on the bed . So he is Jace . That's the one Ana had feelings for when she was human . Well this is an interesting turn of events . Still if Seb told Ana how he felt she was sure he could still win her heart .

"So how do you know Ana?" Jace asked politely smiling . He was an attractive man there was no denying that but was he the one for Ana?

"Oh Jana and I are best friends! She saved my life" Lily said a little smugly Marie thought

"Her name is Ana, not Jana" Marie corrected . Lily shrugged it off and began texting on her phone .

"How do you know her?" Jace asked turning his gaze to Marie . The boy in the bed mumbled and rolled over

"Uh long story . I'll get him a cold towel" She replied dashing off to the bathroom . She wasn't sure how much they knew about Ana but she was certain it wasn't much .

Marie came back out and sat down next to Simon . She gently began wiping his face with the cold damp towel . This was the guy she was the most excited to meet; Ana's best friend . She'd heard so much about Simon it was if she already knew him . As she ran the towel down his cheek he slowly opened his eyes .

"Y-you look like an angel…my angel…" He mumbled staring directly at her for a moment before his eyes closed again .

Marie was stunned by his words . No one ever called her an angel before . The smile that spread across her face was surprising yet intoxicating . Simon you look like an angel too she thought happily wiping his face





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