pure vampire - Chapter 5

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:48 AM
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Chapter 5

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I look at her again more closely this time and I can't believe I missed it before . Dripping down the side of her neck are two long trails of blood . They flow down her neck until they reach the collar of her white shirt soaking into it . My stomach coils at the sight of the blood and I have to fight back a gag .

Her eyes close again and my panic rises . Oh god what do I do? I rush to feel for a pulse on her wrist . Very faintly I feel the beat of her heart . I decide then and there it's time to go . With her warning ringing in my head like cow bells I use my shaky fearful hands to lift her body into my arms bridal style .

She isn't a big woman but I also have no body strength . Contrary to belief being fat doesn't make you strong . Quickly as I can I make my way back to the steps determined to get us both out of here and back to the town before whoever did this to her comes back to finish .

We make it to the top of the stairs and just as I'm about to use my foot to push the door open its flies back with a loud bang! A small scream tumbles from my mouth and I clutch the woman to my chest .

Blocking the exit is a tall man with broad shoulders . He is easily six foot, dressed in all black . Long dark hair flows around him . His stance is casual but alarms of dangerous and deadly go off in my head . I can't make out much of his facial detail in the dark . My heart thuds against my chest and I try to control my shaking body . The man smiles but it's not friendly . No it's menacingly and sends a frightening chill down my spine .

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My brain screams run however a part me feels he would enjoy the chase far too much . Besides where the hell would I run to! His smile drops when he realized it didn't intimate me the way it should and he takes a predatory step towards us .

Again I don't move .

He crocks his head to the side curiously as his black eyes meet mine . Are they really black or is it the lack of light playing tricks on me?

In a flash he extends his leg in a swift kick to my core . Unfortunately the girl in my arms takes the pain of the kick but the sheer force of it alone sends us both flying back down the stairs . My back and head crash into the cement wall under the window . Sliding down to the floor the pain begins immediately . I try opening my eyes but spots dance in my line of sight . Closing my eyes tightly I force the pain away to try and regain my vision . When I open them the sight in front of me makes me wish I hadn't .

The man is holding the girl I tried to save against him . Her back is to his chest and he has an arm around her neck holding her in place . Tears leak from her eyes as she looks at me utterly defeated . I feel my own well up as I stare back helplessly . The man pushes her head to the side completely exposing her neck . I watch in horror not sure what to do . I try to stand but fall as soon as pressure is put on my right ankle .

"No need to rush fat one . You're . Next" his cold deadly voice freezes the air in my lungs . I gaze into the deep black orbs he has for eyes and I knew without a doubt he wasn't human .

He smiles at the horrified expression on my face . Out of nowhere razor sharp teeth pour out of his mouth . I scream and scramble back towards the wall clutching my chest to keep my heart in . He laughs amused by my antics . Then right before me he does something I never thought I would witness in a million years .

This demon or whatever he is sinks his teeth into her neck . My body is shaking so hard its making me dizzy . Tears fall from my eyes at the sight of him drain the blood from her small body . The gurgling sounds he makes while drinking her causes vomit to pour from my mouth . Guess there was something in there after all . I continue to gag even when nothing is left to come up .

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This can't be real! Please wake up please wake up Ana! My voice screams mixing with sobs . I'm so scared and shocked I can't think straight .

Wiping the puke from my mouth I begin to crawl away from the wall . Praying with every step this cannibal is too distracted to notice my movements . Half way to the stairs I hear a loud crack and become stiffen with fear again . I turn my head in time to see that he has snapped her neck and dropped her body in a lifeless heap on the cold floor . I wail a high pitched ear throbbing wail scrambling to the stairs with all the strength I can muster .

Please god I don't want to die here! Not like this by some inhuman freak!

I make it to the bottom step when that killer yanks me up by the back of my hair and tosses me to the ground . My back arches in pain of the impact with the hard floor . Oh god I'm going to die . He killed her I'm going to be next .

I try with all my might to scoot back sliding my body against floor . He watches me for a brief moment before stepping on my broken ankle . I fall back screaming in pain . He simply laughs at my cries and adds more pressure to my ankle .

I choke out big sloppy sobs trying to get my leg from underneath him . My efforts are useless . He finally stops and I begin taking deep intakes of breathe attempting to regain my bearings . I feel pressure over my mid-section and open my eyes to him straddling me . He glares at me with a cold hungry look in his eyes before flashing his horrific fangs in sick smile

"I hate getting interrupted when I feed fat one . And you interrupted me so now… Now you must pay" he says leaning closer to my face allowing his blood smelling breath to fan over me . My stomach tightens in anxiety and I'm terrified of what's about to happen to me .

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"Pl-please I-I'm s-sorry . I don't want to d-die" my voice trembles with every word I speak . From the glint in his dark eyes I know he's enjoying my reactions to him . He takes one skinny finger and glides it across my cheek . The coldness of it causes me to flinch .

"There, there, fat one . You shouldn't fear death . After all we all have to time die sometime" he ends with absolute certainty . I open my mouth to respond but I'm too slow . With a speed I didn't register he grabs the back of my head and lifts my neck to his mouth . He dives his teeth into the awaiting skin all in one motion . The pain is immense…

I thrash around uselessly attempting to break his hold . A red hot burning throb radiates from the spot on my neck his teeth are in . I can feel the blood pooling out as he greedily takes it in mouthfuls . He drops my head back to floor lifting his face to the ceiling in complete ecstasy . I may have even heard him moan .

"Mm what are you fat one? You taste magnificent" I barely hear him . Too busy focused on holding my neck to keep the rest of my blood in my body where it belongs . He begins to stroke his disgusting finger across my face again in wonderment .

"I will enjoy draining the life out of you fat one" he tells me while still stroking my face . His words penetrate something deep within me and I can feel it snap inside . I don't know if it's instinctive or just the fight reflex kicking in since flight isn't an option . However I don't ponder it too much longer . Taking advantage of his momentary distraction I yank his wrist mid stroke taking it into my mouth and with all my strength bite down on the spot I think his vein lies .

My teeth roughly pierce his thick skin and warm blood flows into my mouth . He gapes at me . Truly shocked by my unexpected insane like actions . There is something else that shocks me and it's not the fact that I completely lost my mind and bit someone . No, it's the taste of his blood . It's sweet and bitter at the same time like dark chocolate while also being smooth and thick like honey . I've tasted my own blood from the numerous times I bit the inside of my cheek from chewing too hard . The point being it always tasted metallic kind of like copper or iron; never sweet though .

Another strange phenomenon comes to me as I drink his blood; the feeling of strength . The wound on my neck can literally be felt closing and the burning cools to a dull ache .

He finally snaps out of his stupor and angrily snatches his wrist from my mouth . In that same second he backhands me across my face . My head whips forcibly to the side and the smack echoes around us . A little blood flies from my mouth from the split lip he just gave me .

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"HOW DARE YOU TAKE BLOOD FROM ME!" he roared viscously . He jump off me with grace and swiftly landed a kick to my gut . I would have been impressed by his ballerina like movements if he wasn't the current bane of my existence .

I clenched over in pain grasping my stomach willing it to stop . Damn that hurt like hell . He continues to pace the room ignoring my cries . After a few minutes the pain decreases and I can almost breathe normally again . That was until the bastard came back kicked me again . Damn! It hurts more the second time . I guess Kim was wrong, fat doesn't offer extra protection . My breath comes out in wheezes as I fight the pain and tears once more .

He reaches down gripping me by the throat and holding me midair . Again I would be amazed by his strength if I wasn't choking to death .

"You stupid, stupid, girl" he says bringing my face closer to his . The anger in his black holes has me petrified .

"I would rip your head off right now! For what you have done! But I have a better idea . You see because I drank your blood and then you stole mine the change will begin at any moment" I claw at the hand still around my neck barely listening to him as I force myself to stay awake . It's becoming harder with the darkness creeping around the edges of my vision .

"Prepare yourself fat one for this change will have you begging for death I long to give you" he finishes dropping me to the ground .

I greedily take huge mouth fulls of air into my dying lungs .

"Don't worry fat child I'll be back to finish what I started" He stated with absolution . I lean up to look at him only he's gone: vanished without a sound .


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