pure vampire - Chapter 55

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Chapter 55



Kim Pov

There was something different about this handsome stranger; besides the fact that he wanted to kill her sister . Even the way he walked was graceful and slightly dangerous

"Where's your car?" He demanded once they exited the school building .

"It's the red sports car over there" Kim said pointing to the new car her dad got her last week after she caught him having yet another affair .

"Give me the keys . I can smell the alcohol in your blood . It's the only thing keeping me from draining you" Talon said holding his hand out for her keys .

Kim had no idea what he was talking about . Draining her? What does that mean? She decided not to push it and dug through her purse for her keychain . Talon snatched them from her hand so quickly she barely saw the movement .

"Can I ask you something?" She said timidly getting into the passenger seat of her car . He didn't look at her but instead ignited the engine, pulling out of the space expertly

"What?" Talon snapped

"Uh why exactly do you want to kill Ana?" Kim asked staring at the sexy man driving . His jaw ticked and his hands tightened on the wheel .

"That little bitch tried to kill me more than once . Now I want payback" he answered in a sinister tone that sent chills down her spine . Kim couldn't believe what he was saying . Loser Ana trying to kill someone? Doesn't sound like her? She would know, after all she tortured her sister for years and Ana never really defended herself .

"That's doesn't sound like her" Kim mumbled .

Talon slammed on the brakes sending her crashing into the glove box . He then forcibly grabbed her jaw with his calloused hand and peered down intensely .

"I've been with that bitch for two years! The girl you used to know is no more . Question me again and we'll have another problem on our hands" Talon stated harshly .

Kim was shaking . A man had never scared her the way Talon just did . She wondered briefly why she even chooses to come with him . Talons dark eyes were still on her intently . He loosened his grip on her chin and began stroking her face softly .

"You and I could be good together" he said in a much sweeter tone . "What happened to your face?" He asked when he noticed the bruise hiding underneath her makeup . Kim's anger spiked remembering the fight her and Ana had last night . Maybe Talon was right and Analise has changed . The loser sure packed a punch .

"Ana did it" she bit out

"See, she's a danger to you . Is that why you want to kill her?" Talon asked still rubbing her face intimately . The brush of his fingers caused desire to pool inside her so much she could barely focus on his words .

"Yes . I-I mean no . That's not the only reason" she stuttered attempting to break through the cloud of lust she was lost in "I'm tired of her taking from me . The things I wanted most she stole . First it was Jace and then my mother! I began resenting her; my sister . And now she's something I resent even more" Kim ended .

Her mind populated the new version of her sister . Even though she wouldn't say it out loud, Ana was attractive now . Even thinking it pissed her off! She was always to be the hot one . Now Ana wants to take that too!

"Good . Hold on to that rage you feel right now . Together we can make sure she never takes from you again" Talon had a glint in eyes that was frightening . But Kim decided she wouldn't be scared and instead embrace it .

Acting on impulse she smashed her lips to his . Talons were so soft they couldn't be real . She would know considering how many guys lips she's felt in her life . Kim wanted more of his sweet taste . She pressed her body closer to him preparing to climb on his lap . Talon however pulled back before that could happen .

"Enough . Tell me where she is" he demanded . Kim had to shake off her frustration from him breaking the heated moment . The look on his face was determination . No signs of a lustful guy that wants her . He must just be really good at hiding his feeling . Or really determined on finding Ana

"Last night she was staying at a motel outside of town, next to the woods . " Kim told him . A slow smile crept onto his face . Talon completely broke contact and started the car back up again . He sped down the road on a mission to get his revenge . Kim watched the sexy dangerous man she was now plotting with .

No turning back now .

She wanted Talon like nothing she wanted before . If it takes killing Ana to have him she was more than willing to do it .

Talon was dark…


In Ana's case deadly…

And he would soon be hers . All mine . She thought grinning to herself . Just as soon as they get that one annoying little problem out of the way . . .

Ana Pov

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"How close is he?" Seb asked scanning the area . I took another breath . And another . But I lost it . His scent was gone…

"Ugh I don't know! I lost the scent" I said frustrated as I tried to pick it up again

"Focus! Don't be afraid" Seb pushed

"I'm not afraid of Talon! If I were alone I would find him myself and finish this . But I have five other people with me whose lives depend on how I handle the next 5 minutes" I shot back growing a little irritated

"What's going on? Who's Talon?" Simon asked . From his increased heart rate I knew he was worried . I tried not to focus on it and instead come up with a plan . I won't let Talon hurt my friends

"Seb, how close is that passage into the tunnel?" I asked forming a quick solution .

"Less than half a mile" he responded

"Good . Take them there and I'll lure Talon to me" I began to run off in the opposite direction . But Seb caught my wrist to stop me

"Marie, take the others to the passage while

we hold off Talon" Seb said putting emphasis on we .

Should have known he wouldn't leave me alone, even knowing I could take Talon . Marie opened her mouth to argue but Seb's expression stopped it . Sometimes it's strange the way they communicate without speaking . It's as if they can read each other's mind . That would be a handy talent if it were true .


"Sy I'll be fine . Just go okay . Everyone leave now" I said . Simon looked torn but I pushed easiness into my eyes . He didn't need to worry about me . Marie led the others deeper into the woods . All except one followed; Jace

"You need to go too" I told him . He shook his head and walked closer to me

"No . I should stay and help" Jace replied determined

"I disagree . We know Talon we can handle this . The others however could use your help" Seb spoke to Jace like the leader he was . And he was right . Seb and I could deal with Talon .

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From the change in his demeanor Jace understood too . With one final glance at me he ran off the way the others had previously gone .

Talons scent came drifting on the next breeze but this time I noticed something else about it .

He wasn't alone…

Another smell of hairspray and tanning lotion followed his . I knew who it belonged to but I wasn't ready to admit out loud yet . Mainly because it doesn't make sense . How could he have found her?

I used all my energy to pinpoint their location . Good thing I did because had I not, I wouldn't have been able to stop what happened next…

The distinctive sound of a trigger being pulled filled the silent forest . My experience with being shot enabled me to gauge the direction the bullet was going . With my vampire senses being so fast it was almost like everything was happening in slow motion . I saw the tiny gray bullet break through the tree line into our small clearing . Immediately I knew this shot wasn't intended for me .

Using a speed so fast a human eye wouldn't see, I tackled an unsuspecting Seb to the ground . I was fast but not fast enough . The bullet pierced through my right shoulder . We landed on the forest floor hard . Not a moment later the freezing burn of platinum began

"AHH!!" I screamed withering on my back .

"Fuck! We need to get the bullet out" Seb shouted as he quickly began tending to my wound . His face was a mixture of anger and rage that made him look scary beautiful .

The platinum began working its way through my body . It hurt like hell but I was fighting it . After taking shots like these from Marcos guards I was somewhat used to the pain .

Slow clapping from our left alerted us to the arrival of our unwelcome guest

"Bravo!" Talon said with that cocky smirk on his face . "You see I knew if Id aimed at you, you would have dodged, so aiming at Seb was just perfect!" he ended proud of himself . Talon isn't my concern at the moment . I couldn't take my eyes off the girl he brought with him . From the smug look on her face it was willingly .

"Kim, what the hell are you doing?" I asked suspiciously . There was a glint in her eyes that had me on edge . She smiled wickedly before clasping Talons hand .

"Don't worry about her dollface or maybe you should" Talon stated winking at me .

Seb was glaring at Talon so hard that if looks could kill, well you know the rest . I had a bad feeling and lying on this ground in weakened state wouldn't save us . Masking my emotions I dug into the small hole in my shoulder . The pain was intense but if it was one thing Seb taught me was to never show a vampire your feelings . They play on pain .

My fingertips brushed against the bullet . Latching on to it I swiftly yanked it out and dropped it on the ground . The relief was instant and the wound closed in seconds . Jumping to my feet I prepared myself for their next move .

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"We'll aren't you Ms . G . I Jane" Kim sniped looking me up and down "Got your little black shorts, tank top, boots and even the ponytail to complete it" she ended with jealously burning in her eyes




#Tobecontinued . .


CHAPTER TITLE :Ana & Seb vs Talon & Kim

You don't wanna miss this,


"Bye Analise" Kim said snapping me from my thoughts . "


"My momentary distraction was enough for Talon to send a kick to my core . I flew back a few feet landing on the grass . Talon charged me . "


"Bitch" He said spitting blood

"Thanks" I said back flipping to my feet "I hope you're ready to die" not giving him the chance to reply I attacked him . "

WATCH OUT!!!! . . . .