pure vampire - Chapter 58

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:48:47 AM
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Chapter 58

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Jace was pacing and breathing heavily . His face was paled and he looked more shaken up then Lily . Marie was surprised Simon was taking this well and wasn't freaking like Jace and Lily .

"Jace?" Simon said again trying to get the witches attention . But Jace just kept pacing and mumbling to himself .

Marie didn't have time for this . The dwellers weren't following them and that was a bad thing because it meant her brother and Ana were holding them off with their lives .

She walked up to him and slapped him hard across the face . Jace stared at her shocked

"Snap out of it! Now tell us what we can do to help my brother" Marie's voice came out strong and determined as she stood in front of the much taller boy . He still had that shocked expression on his face and she raised her hand to hit him again .

"Wait, wait don't hit me again I-I'm thinking" Jace said putting his hands up . Good . Marie thought . She was going back for Seb whether the witch had a plan or not .

Jace began strangely feeling the walls as if he was looking for something .

"What are you doing?" Lily asked

"We need a way out . I can't just make a door because I don't know where it would lead us . But if there is an old exit here I could re-open it" Jace answered still running his hands along the walls .

This is taking too long . Marie couldn't waste any more time . She cocked her gun and began marching back the way they came

"I'm coming too" Simon said catching up to her . Marie stopped and gazed at the curly headed skinny boy . Something about him made her stomach flutter and cheeks flush . She shook it off and continued walking .

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But then she heard something .

Marie ceased to walk again and listened closer . Before she could decipher what the sound was a body came hurtling towards them . She tried to warn Simon but was too late .

The muscular form crashed into Simon, knocking him to wet ground below . Marie instantly knew it was Seb that had come crash landing . But how?

She didn't ponder and ran to aide both men . Simon was sitting up rubbing his head .

"Seb! Are you okay? What happened?" Marie asked worriedly firing questions . Seb gently pushed his little sisters shaking hands off and tried to stand . He stumbled a few times before finally managing to get to his feet .

"Ana happened . She threw me" He said a little upset pushing his damp hair back . Both Marie and Simon gave him questioning gazes .

"Never mind . I need to go get her" Seb said determined to get back to Ana .

"I found one!" Jace shouted a few feet away "I found an old door way but something isn't right" They all walked to the wall where Jace was standing . Marie couldn't see what he was talking about . It just looked like a concrete wall, no sign of a door .

"Have you gone mad! That's a wall not a door" Lily stated, obviously . Jace didn't pay her too much attention . He just kept staring at the wall .

"There used to be a door here but something is off . I sense a strange aura behind it" Jace sounded so puzzled .

"Can you open it or not? We have to get out now" Seb asked getting to the point . It was clear no one else felt what Jace was feeling .

"Yes, but I don't know what's on the other side" Jace said . The witch started chanting and drawing intricate symbols on the wall . He was using his fingers so they couldn't see anything he was writing or understand his mumbling .

Seb turned off and Marie knew exactly where he was headed . She quickly followed . And Simon did as well .

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Suddenly the ground began shaking . . .

Marie looked back at Jace and was surprised the wall he had drawn on was covered in yellow glowing symbols . The markings seemed to shimmer slightly and then they vanished into the concrete .

The wall began to crack and seconds later completely shattered open . Behind it was what looked to be a wall of water? It waved and rippled like the ocean but you couldn't see through it to the other side; it was too dark . Lily reached her hand out to touch it; almost hypnotized by the dancing waves .

"Lily don't!" Jace screamed but it was too late . As soon as she touched it, she was pulled inside; disappearing from sight . Jace grabbed hold of her leg and was pulled into as well . . .

Marie stared not knowing what to do . From Seb and Simons face they didn't either .

Out of nowhere a blinding blue light shot out from the other end of the tunnel . It was so strong they all had to shield their eyes .

Ana's body came suddenly flying back past them . Her body was rippling with electric charges making her skin look neon blue . Seb reached out to catch her but he missed .

Ana disappeared into the mysterious water door Jace and Lily went through just moments ago .

Seb wasted no time running full speed and charging into the abyss after her . . .

Marie was afraid . It was just her and Simon . She glanced at the boy unsure what to do next . He smiled reassuring at her and took her hand tightly . With one gentle squeeze he pulled her with him as he ran into the unknown waves after their friends…

Talon Pov

"Fuck!" Talon shouted pounding on the invisible barrier . He was so close to killing that bitch and she got away . This was starting to really piss him off .

He felt a warm hand on his shoulder and quickly smacked it off . The girl, Kim, jumped back a little startled by his hostility . If only she knew how hostile he really wanted to be .

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"What is this? Some kind of trick?" She asked touching the shield the witch created .

How did Ana get a witch? He wondered . Witches were one thing he didn't plan on, but no matter what he would still kill her . And the witch and anybody else that got in his way, he just needed a new plan .

Talon turned and walked away from the shield . They couldn't get far, especially with the wounded state Ana was in . he could hear that pathetic girl following behind him .

"What are we going to do now?" Kim asked . Her human nature caused her to trip over branches on the forest floor . Talon really wanted to rip her throat out . He originally thought she would be useful but now he was reconsidering . She was so young and stupid . She honestly believed he would be with her . Ha! He already had a mate and that turned out to be a pain in his ass . Now the only thing he needed women for was blood and sex . And Kim isn't good for either of those . Maybe killing her would be a way to draw Ana to him? Hmm it's a thought .

The phone in his pocket vibrated . He hadn't heard from Marcos in a few days but he was sure his master was on a wild goose chase for the girl . Talon convinced himself that lying to the man that gave him immortality was in the best interest of everyone . The girl needed to die; Marcos just couldn't see that yet .

"What?" He said answering the call irritably

"Si-sir Talon . I'm number 86 of Marcos guard" The man on the end of the phone said weakly . It was Talons idea to number the guards, mainly the human ones . It was too many guards to deal with remembering all of their names .

"Why are you calling me 86? Where is Marcos?" Talon questioned angrily

"W-we were attacked . They took Master Marcos" Number 86 said . Talon froze he couldn't believe what he was hearing . This can't be true . Who is powerful enough to capture Marcos and why?

"Explain further now!" Talon demanded pacing with long strides .

"We were searching for the girl outside Seattle when we got ambushed . The men out skilled us . They were the elite sent by the king . They easily killed all our men and took Master Marcos . I was shot but left alive to give you a message . The vampire that led them was named Maximus and he says he's coming for you and the girl . " Number 86 explained before going into a coughing fit . Talon could image from the sound 86 was making he hacking blood . The guard would be dead soon . . .

He was livid . That worthless backstabbing traitor Maximus went to King Ferox! Talon was so enraged he threw his phone . It hit a nearby tree and shattered . How could he let this happen?! If Maximus told the King what Marcos had planned for the girl, then Marcos was a dead man .

Talon screamed with frustration . Maximus turned on his own brother . He hopes Max does find him because Talon isn't afraid to kill him . Even though Maximus is older and therefore stronger, he still didn't care . Talon would make him pay for his betrayal .

"Uh are you okay?" Kim asked timidly . Talon whipped around to the scared looking girl . Human senses sucks but you would have to be dead not to sense the dangerous vibe Talon was exuberating .

Using his speed he pressed her forcibly against a tree .

"You . This is all your sisters fault! If that bitch hadn't shown up none of this would be happening! I should kill you just for being related to her!" He yelled in her face . Kim was shaking so badly she could barely remaining standing . She knew he meant everything he said

"Pl-please don't . I'm sorry; I'll kill her for you I swear! It'll fix everything and w-we could be togeth-" Talon stopped her pleas by wrapping his large hand around her throat . He was so angry and it was making him want to do something else too; feed . . .

"Maybe you can help me" he said slyly releasing her neck, she gasped for air as salty tears ran down her cheeks . When she looked back at him, he was no longer the sexy man she was lusting after; but the beast of the night she should fear . A scream flew from her mouth as she stared wide eyed at his black eyes and sharp fangs .

"Oh my god! What are you?!" She babbled . Kim tried to get away but Talon trapped her against the tree by putting both hands on each side of her head . He listened with delight at her erratic heart and smell of fear .

"Please Talon don't kill me! I-I can help you! You need me! Please give me a chance . Oh god what are you?!" Kim begged and cried . Talon leaned in and inhaled her scent . She was so afraid .

Exactly the way he liked his meals . . .

"I'm a vampire and I'm hungry" He whispered in her ear before diving his fangs fiercely into the bulging vein on the side of her neck… .




#Tobecontinued . . .

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