pure vampire - Chapter 59

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:48:38 AM
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Chapter 59

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Talon Pov

Talon was growing more impatient by the second . This was taking a lot longer than he expected . It's been three days since finding out his master was captured . And he was beginning to lose his cool . But he had a plan .

For his plan to work, he needed a partner; one that would obey his every command…

Talon sat in the small motel room chair staring at the unconscious body on the cheap bed . She was exactly what he needed to get both his master and Ana .

Because she was Kim…

In the woods days ago he bit her but decided instead of killing her to change her . It was perfect actually . Kim was the only person who hated Ana more than he . Talon didn't understand why she despised her own sister, but he didn't care . See he figured Kim as a vampire would be the only one strong enough to kill Ana . Since Ana has an ability, Kim should also considering they are related . He would then use Kim like he has been doing and send her off to kill her sister and lead Maximus away while he broke Marcos out of the king's prison . Perfect

Except the bitch is taking forever to wake up . Her final stage ended an hour ago and she still hasn't woken . He was glad that her screaming finally stopped; last night he had to bind her hands because she tried to rip her own heart out! Luckily he got to her time or she would have killed herself permanently and he couldn't have that .

Kim began to stir and then suddenly shot up from the bed gasping! She looked around the room in a panic; long auburn swinging with each turn of her head . Her wide eyes finally found Talon

"What happened? Where am I?" She asked still breathing heavily . As a vampire now she doesn't need breath but newbies always act human the first few weeks .

Talon stood and slowly approached her, his eyes glazing over her transformed state . He had to admit Kim looked better . Her body was toned, skin pale and flawless, her hair long and shiny and her eyes black as coals . Wait, black? He reached out a forcibly grabbed her jaw to bring her face closer to his . Sure enough her eyes were black; not blue like Ana or even red like royals . Fuck! That means she doesn't have an ability .

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"Talon ow, you're hurting me" Kim whined . He let go of her and paced the small dingy room . He couldn't believe this! If her eyes are black that means her and Ana are not sisters

"Ana's not your real sister" He stated to see her reaction . Kim looked at him like he was crazy but then was distracted by the image behind him . She slowly got off the bed and walked to it . It was the reflection of herself . She reached out and touched the mirror before touching her own face .

"What's happened to me?" She asked trailing her hand over her smooth skin

"What do you remember?" Talon asked back taking a seat on the bed . Even though she didn't have an ability that didn't make her useless . She could still kill Ana or die trying for all he cared .

"We-we were in the woods… . Ana got away… Your phone rang…You were so angry…and…" Kim cut off and spun around to face Talon . He only smirked already realizing she remembered

"You bit me! You-you're a fucking vampire!" She yelled backing away . Talon began clapping

"And the turtle crosses the finish line!" He said sarcastically "But what your missing hot stuff is I'm no longer the only vampire in this room"

Kim turned back to the mirror admiring her new body . Talon could tell she was enjoying the way she looked .

"You like?" He whispered coming up behind her

"Yes . I'm perfect" She whispered back looking at her reflection "Why did you make me a vampire? And why do I have a reflection? I thought vampires didn't reflect"

"I'll explain the basics of our kind later . But to answer your first question I did it to even the playing field between you and Ana" Talon replied stepping back . He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a cigarette . He knew she would figure out what he meant soon enough . Kim's body started to shake with rage as she mulled over his words

"ANA'S A VAMPIRE TOO!" Kim shouted at the top of her lungs . Talon took a slow drag of his cigarette before nodding . Kim shrieked and slammed her fist into mirror . It shattered . Covering the floor in shards of glass .

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"Don't worry, now that your changed too I'll teach you what you need to know to kill her" Talon reassured her . Kim's face was still a mask of rage . She couldn't stand the thought of Ana being a vampire . Talon thought it'd be best not to tell her about Ana's ability .

"First things first" He interrupted before she destroyed anything else in the room . Talon then went into the standard dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors . Kim watched him cautiously, unsure of what he planned to do . Moving quickly he grabbed her neck and swiped the scissors through her hair . All those long strands fell gracefully to the ground . Kim pushed him off forcibly .

"What the hell you do that for?!" She screamed touching her now short hair .

"I like it better" Talon replied simply . Kim's short hair made her look more edgy and dangerous .

"I have a present for you" Talon said remembering the gift her stored in the closet for her . Kim let go of her hair and perked up excitedly . When Talon opened the closet door a bound and gagged teenage Asian boy fell out . Kim recognized him as a student from her high school . She didn't understand how this was a gift . She didn't even know this guy really .

Talon yanked up the boy and tossed him on the bed . The tied boy tried to squirm away but it was useless

"I don't get it" She said .

Talon smirked and seconds later his fangs extended and his eyes went completely black . Kim gasped in shock . The last time she saw him like that it didn't end well for her . Talon forced his fangs into the side of the boy's neck .

She watched on hypnotized by it .

Not long after her own fangs revealed themselves . She couldn't resist her building urges and flew to the bed joining Talon in the draining of the boy's blood . They both greedily fed on him until he lost consciousness .

"That was delicious! I want more" She said licking blood from her lips .

"We can have whoever we want but first we have to take care of your sister" Talon replied . Kim stared at him with a new hunger in her eyes . A hunger he instantly recognized

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"There's something I want more than her…" Before Talon could speak Kim yanked her top off . He couldn't help his lust at the sight of her perky breast .

She pushed their meal off the bed; he hit the floor with a thump . Kim then savagely climbed on top of Talon and straddled him


"Shush" She said cutting him of with her finger to his lips "I know what you want . But this is what I want" She ended grinding her hips against him . Talon was a vampire so it wasn't hard to get his member to respond to her movements . Kim smiled deviously

"I know you like it Talon" she said seductively grinding harder on his stiffness . Talon grabbed hard onto her hips and flipped her over with lightning speed . She yelped in surprise at his quick movements as he now lay on top of her .

"You want it so bad hot stuff?" He asked sliding his hands down her chest and into the front of her jeans . Kim moaned out loud when his hand began to roughly stroke her core .

"Ok . I'll give you a ride dreams are made of…"


Marie Pov

As soon as her body touched the doorway of waves it felt different . It was cold and left her skin feeling tingly . A force from the other side latched on and yanked her small body forward . Marie could no longer feel the warm hand of Simon as she hurtled through the dark abyss . Just as soon as it began it was over and she was tossed out into unknown lands…

The surface beneath her was cool and soft like grass . It was so comfortable Marie almost wanted to fall asleep but something heavy was pressed on her abdominal . Opening her eyes the sight in front of her warmed her heart . Simon's curly hair and cute eyes were staring at her .

"Are you okay?" He asked concerned . It was hard to breath with him on top of her but at the same time she didn't want him to move .

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"Yes" she whispered back . With his face so close to hers, all she could think about was what it would feel like to kiss him

"You mind getting off my sister" Seb said interrupting the small moment they were having . Simon's expression turned fearful as he scrambled off her so fast he nearly fell again .

She smiled at the awkward boy and began to get up herself . When she finally saw her surroundings it took her breath away . Everything was bright and beautiful like a paradise . The sky was green and shinning with a beaming sun . The grass under them was soft and as blue as the ocean on sunny day . When she checked for the others, everyone's expression mirrored hers .

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" Lily said looking around in awe

"Look in the sky! It's two moons!" Simon pointed out . Everyone gazed up and sure enough there was a moon on each side of the sun . This strange place was utterly amazing .

"Where are we?" Seb said picking Ana up from the blue grass . Marie assumed the use of her powers had knocked her unconscious since the rest of them were seemingly okay .

"I think I know where we are" Jace said . The witch boy leaned down to pluck a purple flower but as soon as he touched it the flower retreated into ground, disappearing from sight .

"Whoa! Did you do that?" Lily asked stunned . Marie couldn't help but feel the same way . She'd never seen a plant do that before . Jace stood back up dusting his hands

"I didn't do that . This place did" he replied gesturing around . They were in a clearing next to what looked to be a lake . Beyond the water there was outlines of mountains and in front of them was a forest . Not like any forest seen before because the tree tops of this land soared to the skies, lost in the clouds




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