pure vampire - Chapter 60

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:48:29 AM
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Chapter 60

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"We're in Nexus . Birthplace of the supernatural" Jace stated taking in the huge unfamiliar place . Marie gasped . She couldn't believe they were in another realm .

"How?" Seb demanded . Ana stirred in his arms but still didn't wake .

"I told you I didn't know where the door would lead . At least now we know how the dwellers ended up in those tunnels" Jace explained defensively .

"So how do we get back?" Seb asked . From his tone it was easy to pick up his frustration .

"Obviously we need to go back through the portal that brought us here" Jace snapped .

"Which would be where exactly?" Simon asked cutting in . They all looked in every direction but there was no sign of the watery door that previously transported them . Everyone looked to Jace for a response but he didn't have one . He looked as confused as the rest of them .

"We'll split into teams of two and search the lands . Stick close and stay together" Seb jumped in taking leadership as he usually does . He glanced at the still unconscious Ana in arms . Marie knew her brother was torn about staying with Ana or searching for the portal .

"I'll stay with Ana" Jace spoke up stating .

"No" Seb responded quickly . The tension in both men's body was noticeable . Marie was trying to think of a fast solution . Hopefully before the guys started a fight .

"I'll stay with Ana . " Simon offered "I'm her best friend and besides you both are needed in the search more than I am" Simon ended walking towards Seb . Her brother watched Simon closely for a moment and finally gave a stiff nod . Everyone silently observed as Seb lay Ana gently on the odd colored grass .

"Alright, Marie will come with me and Lily with Jace . We meet back here in an hour" Seb ordered before turning to Simon "She'll probably wake a little weak just let her know I'll be back soon to uh help with that" Seb said .

Simon raised his brow at the cryptic message but otherwise didn't respond . Marie knew her brother was referring to the blood Ana would need but she chose not to say anything .

A few minutes later the boy girl teams split up and headed out into unknown of areas of Nexus . Marie was still amazed at the brightly colored lands . She wondered if the treetops were green like back home but they were too high to tell .

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Seb was walking a quick pace in front of her slashing shrubs and veins from their path . From his aggressive swipes she knew he was bothered by something…

Scurrying up a tree to her left were the cutest white squirrels . Although a little larger than she's used to they still seemed like normal animals . Hopefully there aren't any larger creatures lurking .

"So this is Nexus" Marie spoke . Other than the sounds of crunching twigs it was silent . "It's beautiful here right?" She asked trying to engage her brother again . He nodded once but kept walking .

Marie continued to follow and take in her scenery . The sun was blocked by the trees causing it to appear dark with pockets of light shining through the forest . Every time they got close to any plants they would zip underground . That's some defense mechanism . If flowers could do that back home they could never be picked .

The rest of the forest was normal and no signs of any other animals . This seemed a bit strange to her . But she shrugged it off . After twenty more minutes of silent searching Marie had enough .

"What's bothering you?" She asked Seb .

"Nothing" he answered simply not turning around . He cut swiftly between some shrubs . Marie followed beginning to hear the sounds of running water . The closer they got the louder it became until they broke through a clearing with a waterfall . The fall was magnificent . The water poured gracefully from a hill into a small pound . The sun was hitting it making every drop sparkle .

"There it is" Seb's voice broke her from the trance . She didn't see what he was talking about at first but when she gazed around she caught sight of the watery door right next to the fall .

"Great! We found it" she exclaimed .

"Yes . Now let's go get the others" Seb said . He started to turn away but Marie wasn't having that . She reached her small hand out to stop him .

"We aren't going anywhere until you get it off your chest . Now Sebby!" She ordered sternly . Seb looked like he wanted to argue but when Marie crossed her small arms over her chest he thought better of it .

"Jace is Ana's mate" He said finally . After the words left his mouth his shoulders deflated . He no longer looked strong and dominate but defeated .

"Are you certain? How do you know this?" she asked stunned . Ana and her brother were meant to be together she knew that with all her heart . But if Jace is her true mate…

"I over heard him telling Ana . As far as I could tell she believed him" Seb replied running his fingers through his hair . Marie couldn't believe what she was hearing . It wasn't supposed to be like this .

"What else did you hear?" She asked thinking maybe he left something out .

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"Nothing . I left after that . But it makes sense, we did catch them kissing when we first arrived" Seb pointed out with anger in his voice . Marie did remember that but she refused to believe Ana didn't love her brother . But does that mean she does love Jace? That's the question .

"Talk to Ana . She's different Seb it could be different for her" Marie wanted anything but to her brother heartbroken .

"Ana may be different but she can't deny a mate, you know that" Seb countered

"I don't care just promise me before you give up on your love that you'll talk to her" she pleaded . Seb stared at his sister before nodding . For her he would try .

Marie opened her mouth to speak again but Seb put up a hand to silence her . She didn't understand what was going on but he had a focused expression on his face

"You hear that?" he asked closing his eyes and listening to the sounds around him . She tried to focus too but heard nothing

"I don't hear anything" She said back finally . When Seb opened his eyes he looked panicked

"There's eight of them . There're angry . Come on we have to get to the others now!" He ended dashing off out of the clearing . Marie had no clue what he was talking about but if Seb looks panicked it must be serious… .

Lily Pov

"Lily, can you walk faster" Jace snapped at her for the hundredth time . He was really getting on her nerves

"I can't! All these damn bushes keep tripping me!" She snapped back, tripping over another plant . How come they moved for Jace but not for her? She felt like they were doing it on purpose .

Jace power walked ahead of her . She didn't care .

They came to a halt at the path that split two ways . Neither direction looked appealing to her .

"I'll go left and you right okay?" Jace said as if he was giving her a choice . Lily faked smiled and nodded in agreement . As soon as Jace disappeared from sight, Lily flopped on the ground .

She was exhausted, besides how would he really know she didn't go searching . As she sat on the ground a bug flew by her head . She swatted it away but it kept coming back

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"Go away!" She yelled swatting at it again .

" You're sitting on my favorite log" It said back . Lily jumped up and screeched .

"You can talk!" She yelled finally looking at the strange butterfly like creature .

It gave off an orange-ish glow . When she looked closed the wings were a lot larger than the little body it carried . But the body was what shocked her . It had four arms, two legs and a face! Like a human, expect the arm and wings part . A handsome human considering it resembled a man .

"You can see and understand me?" it asked fluttering closer to her face . Lily scooted away

"Yes! Am I going insane?" She asked wide eyed . The tiny insect flew back a little

"No, but that means you must be Lily" It replied back

"Ho-How do you know my name?" She questioned . The tiny creature was about to respond but the sounds of Jace approaching scared it off and he flew away with an orange trail following .

"Wait! Wait please!" Lily called after it but it was gone . The glow behind it fading . . .

"Lily? Who were you talking to? And since when did you speak Croatian? Jace asked when he broke the forest line stopping in front of her .

"I-I was talking to this butterfly guy . He knew my name" She told him

"Butterfly guy? Never mind I don't want to know . Did you find the portal?" he asked changing subjects . Lily's busted expression gave him the answer

"You didn't look!" He shouted throwing his hands up .

"Well I was going to but this butterfly-"

"Just forget it! I'll find it myself" Jace ended cutting her off and brushing past her . Lily had enough of his shitty attitude .

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"This isn't about finding the portal! It's about beating Seb!" She shouted at his retreating back . Jace stopped walking and turned to face her .

"You don't know what you're talking about" he shot back

"Ha! I know you two are having some sort of pissing contest over Ana . I know you want to find this portal before he does . And I know that if this was a competition for Ana you would be losing!" She told him with complete confidence .

Jace's face changed to anger . Seems like she pushed a button .

"Your wrong" He replied through clenched teeth

"Oh am I? From my view it seems I'm right . You got a point with the shield thing but he got two when he stayed back to help her fight those monsters" She taunted . Jace took slow steps toward her .

"Shut up" He ordered

"Make me . Better yet prove me wrong" She threw back .

Jace seemed as if he wanted to respond but loud growls stopped that short . They both turned away from each to see what was making that sound . . .

Creeping slowly from every direction were the largest wolves they had ever seen . Lily slapped her hand against her mouth to keep from screaming . They were so big; easily eight feet tall and weighing at least five hundred pounds . The grey colored humongous animals growled fiercely at the two of them .



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