pure vampire - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7



Marcos Pov

Marcos was still fuming with anger from the events two days ago . For once in the last fifty years he decided to hunt instead of using feeders . He had it all planned out . Perfect isolated spot, beautiful girl, it should have been easy as breathing . That was until that stupid girl interrupted . If it's one thing vampires hate its being interrupted during a feeding . To add insult to injury when he went to drain her life she bit him! The audacity! The rage inside him began to boil up again and he slammed his fist against the oak wood desk effectively splitting it in half . Great now the desk needs to be replaced .

He stood from his broken desk and paced his large office, thoughts turning back to the fat girl . There were two questions that swarmed his head like angry hornets . First why was her blood so sweet? Most humans' blood is sweet to a vampire but hers however seemed different more rejuvenating . There was a power it but not from a line of witches of course . Witches and their filthy spells and foolish craft; hundreds of years ago they "blessed" as they call it their bloodlines repelling vampires from their blood . That fact alone ruled out her being a witch . But he couldn't shake the feeling something about her blood was different . It fascinated him .

The second question ruling him was how on earth did she know to take his blood and start the transition? At first he wanted to chop it up to survival instinct but her actions combined with the taste of her blood put him on alert .

"Master I'm here for your afternoon feeding" Marcos whips his head in the direction of the small voice . There at the entrance of his office is a battered weak human woman . She was short and scrawny, her hair was dark blonde and unruly . He clothes were mere rags worn and dirty . He shivered in disgust as he approached one of slaves . He couldn't bother to remember her name she was after all merely a meal to him .

He watched her for a moment . Taking in her timid stance and hung head . If he had a heart he might actually pity her . IF being the key word . Before she even took her next erratic breathe he swiftly lifted her by her neck sinking his awaiting fangs into it . He took all he could take without killing her before dropping her lifeless body to the ground .

Damn . He's going to have to do something about strengthening his slaves . The blood loss is weakening them to the point of fainting . He stepped over her unconscious body leaving her on his office floor . He had more important matters to attend . The plan was to go see how the change is coming along with girl . At this point she should be suffering good and well . A smile crept on his face thinking of the pain she's enduring . Serves her right stealing from him . In all his 500 years such a thing hadn't occurred .

"Guards!" he yelled over the walkie to speak to them all at once . "Prepare the manor for my leave . This time Seb and Talon will accompany me . Report to the main doors at once . " He ended with authority . Several 'yes masters' were heard in response .

Shortly after, he and two of his best guards were off to the measly town the girl was left in . He had to get some answers and if it turns out that she isn't of any use to him well he'll simply enjoy the show of Seb and Talon killing her . Seb is still human so the feeding would be from Talon and himself . Although if her change is complete her blood won't be as sweet being tainted by immortality and all .

By nightfall they had arrived to the small town . The three of them stood like shadows in the night around the abandoned house . Marcos inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of death that clung to the air around it . With a brief nod he signals the others that it was time to check on the girl that puzzles him . Without a sound they enter the torn down house and descended the stairs to the foul smelling basement where he left her .

The first sight is the days old dead body of his first kill . He glazed over her body remembering how he met her leaving a bar . She was angry about something but after a few kind words and vampire allure she was more than willing to follow him anywhere . So it was to her death he lead her .

"Master look" Talon's request brings him out of his memory as his eyes land on the reason he came back to this retched place . Lying on the floor in a state of paralysis is the fat girl . Only she isn't fat anymore . She is in the final stage of transition . The healing stage .

Transformation from human to vampire is the most excruciating unbearable pain one could ever feel . You lose all sense of time and self during . Some beg for death and others have been known to rip out their own hearts, preferring to kill themselves then bare the pain any longer . Marcos barely survived his own 500 years ago so imagine his surprise that this young girl before him transition is nearly complete .

Her body is unmoving and her clothes are thrown about the room, only a white tasteless bra and underwear remain . Right before their eyes the blue veins coating her body began their descent back .

The once large girl was now a very well-toned one instead . Her pale skin was flawless; her new body shape perfection . The bald head she had started changing as well . Slowly but gracefully hair as black as the night sky sprouted from her scalp flowing around her beautifully all the way to her chest .

Her skin creamy, lips blood red, perfectly curled long dark lashes overall turning her into the most stunning looking vampire he had ever seen . By the shock and lust filled faces of his men he could tell they were thinking the same of her .

"Stop staring! And one of you check her eyes!" Marcos ordered slightly irritated by their reaction to her as much as his own .

Talon still stared while Seb sprang into action quickly kneeling beside her still form and prying one of her eyes open . He gasped in shock and jumped back as if he'd been burned . Marcos and Talon instinctively took a step closer confused by his actions . Seb looked back at the both of them eyes mixed with shock, confusion and awe .

"What is it Seb?" Talon asked . Seb opened and closed his mouth a few times at a loss for words .

"Out with it Seb are her eyes black or red!" Marcos demanded .

He didn't understand his usual behavior he had been around vampires his whole life so their eyes should be the least he has to fear . At this point Marcos didn't care his reason he just wanted to know how powerful she will be . With new vampires it's all in the eyes . Black eyes are typical, normal so to speak for vamps, however anyone in the royal family are born with red eyes, distinguishing their immense power from others . Although she is a turned Marcos had a nagging suspicion somehow she could be connected with the royals he loathed .

"Enough of this" Talon stated pushing Seb out the way to have a look at her himself . Similar to Seb he pried open her eye . The pupil that he saw took his breathe away . No, it can't be its impossible!

He locked eyes with his master silently asking him to look at her . Marcos walked over slowly to look at the eye Talon still held open . All three men stared in utter disbelief at the bright blue eye with spots of moving gold specks in the center . No one said a word as Talon continued to hold it open . The silence around them was deafening as they all thought about the impossible occurrence before them .

Talon however had enough . The questions swarming his mind about this girl needed to be answered . He gently let her go and stood back up exchanging looks with the other men . Marcos is his master but he and Talon have more of a friendship type relationship meaning Talon is one of the only people who can question him without having his throat ripped out .



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