pure vampire - Chapter 70

Published at 19th of March 2019 09:44:03 PM
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Chapter 70

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Seb Pov

"On the count of three" Lily started "One . . . … . Two . . . I think you're a werewolf . . . … . Three!" she yelled taking off towards the house . However her words had him rooted to the ground . What did she just say? Seb watched her sloppy run for a moment before taking off after her . He easily caught up to her and cut her off before she reached the house

"Ahh!" she screamed clutching her chest "Damn you scared me!"

"What did you call me?" Seb questioned . Lily began to squirm a little under is gaze .

"Oh umm I called you a werewolf" She confessed . His face scrunched up in confusion

"Why?" He wanted to know what exactly made her think that

"Well I've been noticing things, the biggest was with the wolves on Nexus . Not to mention you growl a lot, I've seen your eyes glow, your aggressive and very hairy, even for a guy" She said the last part a little disgusted . Seb blankly stared at her for moment before bursting out laughing . Lily was stunned by the sound he was making . Not believing he was capable of laughing so hard .

"Wow your funny! A werewolf? You know they don't exist anymore right?" Seb was now talking to her like a child and she folded her arms defensively .

"Okay maybe I was wrong . Let's just forget it" Lily stammered . The girl didn't waste any time pushing past him and entering the small home .

Seb soon followed but he felt a little guilty . Because even though he didn't believe he was a werewolf, he knew something was happening to him . Whatever it is he prayed it wouldn't complicate things more than they already are .

Everyone was still in the living room and Zara was sprinkling something on the broken coffee table . Slowly all the pieces began to move and reconnect until the table was back to its whole form .

"You guys are just in time to hear my plan!" Jace declared with much enthusiasm .

"Are you okay?" Marie asked coming to her brother's side . Seb reassured her with a smile and a ruffle of her hair . "That's great! I have something to tell you about Ana's mate-" she added

"Not now Marie, let's just hear Jace's plan and focus on bringing her back" Seb insisted . Whatever his sister wanted to say needed to wait . He had just calmed down and hearing about her and Jace being mates would only rile him up .

Cora and Zara left the room . Everyone else took a seat as Jace stood in the center of the room and began .

"Alright . I'm going to astral project myself to Ana!" He announced gaging their reactions . The room was silent . No one said a single word and looked pretty confused . Lily slowly raised her hand

"Just one question . What's that mean?" she asked

"It means I want to separate my soul from my body . With the right spell I can send a projection of me to Ana and find out where she is and if she's okay" Jace explained

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"Like what your grandmother did with the vortex" Seb assumed

"Not exactly . My grandmother used much more power for that but this is similar . My spirit will lift from my body but will be linked by a silver cord so I can find my way back . " Jace explained further . They all seemed to understand now and agreed that it was a good idea

"Is it dangerous?" Simon questioned concerned

"If the cord breaks then yes . I will remain in deep sleep until my soul returns" Jace described . "But don't worry everything should go accordingly" he added

"Then it's a plan . Jace get started on your spell . Simon I hear you've been studying the supernatural . Tell us everything you know about the king and his powers" Seb commanded easily taking charge .

Jace went off into the kitchen to get some ingredients from Cora . Simon quickly dug in his backpack and pulled out the thick old book he'd been reading constantly . He opened it wide on the coffee table and began furiously flipping through pages until he finally found the one they need . The rest gathered around to see as well . It was a sketch of a girl but all the words were in an unknown language .

"What language is that?" Marie curiously wondered . Simon looked back down at the page

"It's a combination of several, but I can understand them all . I've been like that since I was kid" Simon shy replied .

"Omni-linguism . " Seb stated "The kid is able to understand any language, it's very rare but humans can sometimes be born with it"

"That's cool" Marie chirped . Simon blushed a little but tried to cover it over by pointing back to the page .

"This is Princess Catalina" Simon started pointing to the girl on the side of the page "The reason I'm starting with her is because she is dangerous and is known for her touch of death…"

Ana Pov

My legs were shivering in desires . Everywhere he touched me left a trail of flames . I was so overwhelmed with desire I couldn't take it anymore . His hand slide up my thigh slowly…A small moan escaped me…

"I can't wait to taste your blood love" He whispered against my neck .

Something in the back of my mind was screaming for me to remember something… . but it was just out of reach…

Cassius brought his face to mine but stopped . He was so close but didn't make a move to kiss me . Those lips of his were calling my name, no screaming it! So loudly it vibrated inside .

Acting on my own I grabbed the back of his head and smashed his face to mine in a desperation I wasn't used to feeling . Cassius accepted it fully, lifting me from my feet and slamming my back against the wall . My legs instantly wrapped around his waist as I dove my tongue into his warm sweet mouth .

He tasted sweet and sour at the same time and I wanted more of it . My fingers in his thick soft hair; his large hands cupping my rear . We were lost in a moment of lust we created . I hadn't even realized he had been walking until he gently lay me on the bed . Never once did our lips break from each other . I was feeling so much desire that it was almost unnatural .

A tick in the back of my mind was trying to alert me to something but again I ignored it…

Cassius grinded his hard member against my core heating it even more than it already was . My senses were so focused on him that I didn't realize someone had entered the room . Until Cassius pulled his lips away from me to put them on the lips of another women in the bed!

I snapped!

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A vicious hiss flew from my mouth and I backhanded the girl right off the bed . She shot up and flashed her fangs at me and I returned the favor .

"Whoa! Calm down love . They are just here for the fun" Cassius said gently while holding me down .


Sure enough there were two blondes in the room . The one I just smacked was dressed in red lacy lingerie and the other in black; both looked like sluts . I pushed Cassius off me and began to re-button the shirt I was wearing .

"What the hell are you talking about?!" I cried . Cass chuckled a little . Embarrassment was slowly creeping in .

"The blondes are here to play . You didn't think we would do it alone did you?" he asked sarcastically . When I didn't answer he laughed again "Oh you did! Oh how sweet . Monogamy is boring and overrated love" He added touching my cheek . I slapped his hands away and got out of the bed .

The blonde vampires quickly occupied each side of him and Cassius didn't mind one bit

"You a pig! I'm your mate for crying out loud!" I hollered

"No I'm a prince . And yes you're my mate and you will also be my wife and the next queen but not my only lover" he spoke like what he was saying was no big deal at all . I flung my hands into my hair .

How can I be so naïve? Cassius is a sexy bad prince of course he's a selfish, self-involved whore! Seb and Jace would never say that to me . Oh my goodness! I just hardcore made out with him and didn't even think about my other two mates! I could slap myself for being so impulsive! What came over me?

I glanced at Cassius who was watching me while each girl kissed the sides of his neck . A part of me felt like he was planting all the desire in my mind . Another part knew that some of that was my own doing . Either way it won't happen again .

"Don't look so upset my love, you get the best of everything" Cassius assured me . I snorted

"My name is Analise . And I no longer want anything from you" I snarled . Cassius eyes brightened and an image of us on the bed assaulted my mine . It was him doing this . But it wasn't going to work this time . I fought against it, forcing memories of Seb and Jace to the surface to counter it .

"Impressive . No one can resist me but it makes it interesting that you my little mate can" he stated like he was proud of me or something . I scoffed

"I wouldn't choose you as my mate" I announced . One girl began licking his chest and I sneered disgusted by it .

"It's a good thing you don't have choice love . Your mine" He declared with a devilish grin

"Oh but I do have a choice . You don't know me" I projected back . His head shot up; eyes ablaze with anger . In a flash he was on me; hand wrapped tightly around my throat

"I will kill any man you ever look at . You are mine and only mine Analise" he hissed . I wanted to send as many shocks through his body as I could muster . This prick can have any female he wanted but I couldn't even look at another man! Yeah right . I didn't even fight while he choked me, just pressed all my anger into my eyes . His head tilted to the side curiously

"Your eyes can turn red? What else are hiding love?" Cassius questioned . I quickly tried to fight him off to distract him . The last thing he needed to know was my ability . Lucky the door flew open and he let me go .

Once he turned around I got a clear view of the back of his neck and sure enough my mate mark was there . Just great! My third mate is the biggest d-bag in history!

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"Am I interrupting?" Gwen spoke walking into the room surveying the scene

"Not at all . Your welcome to join" Cassius remarked slyly . The cold vampire rolled her eyes

"Your father wants to see you and her" Gwen said the last word in hatefully . I don't know what I did to this vamp but I'm sure I'll find out soon .

Cassius dismissed his two blonde whores and began to put on some decent clothes . The whole time Gwen stared holes into my head .

"See to it that Analise is ready for dinner" Cassius told Gwen once he was dressed . He sent me a final wink before dashing from the room . Damn, daddy calls and he goes running . Punk .

Now it was just me and her . . .

Gwen's eyes went completely black and her fangs slowly peeled out .

I should have seen this coming . This bitch wants to kill me… . Well good luck…

She turned and locked the door with a loud click…

I allowed my own fangs to re-surface… If she wanted to take me out I was going to make her work for it…

"Let me guess . It's because I'm not a blonde right?" I taunted . Seems to be a lot fair hair around here .

"Funny" She stated "Let's see what else you got"

I smiled a wicked smile

"Well if you insist" I replied

And then we charged… .


Prince Cassius Pov

The excitement bubbled in his core as he strode down the staircase . His little mate was a fiery one, and powerful too . He understood she was upset about the sexual aspects of their relationship but he was certain he could convince her it wasn't a big deal .

Analise was perfect for him . She challenged him and that itself was thrilling . He almost sent the blondes away when he saw how much she hated the idea . But as prince he couldn't back down so quickly . If Analise continued to fight it he just may let his extra fun go; maybe .

Several servants bowed as he passed them in the corridor . They were barely acknowledged .

Cassius was in such a good mood nothing could break it . That was until he turned the corner to enter his father's study, when he noticed his sister standing outside the door .

"Hello brother" Catalina greeted in her usual sly tone .

The princess was devious . Always had something up her sleeve to impress their father . Not like Cassius who barely met the minimum requirements of a prince . The siblings were nothing alike . Catalina was all about making others suffer; Cassius enjoyed bringing women to pleasure .

"Hello little sister . I see you are back, meaning father is too . Step aside I have news" Cassius ordered

"Yes Gwen told us you found your mate" She replied rubbing her red leather gloves together . The princess was wearing a black spandex outfit with her special hand covers . The gloves were for protection but not for her, for everyone else . . .

"Yes" Cassius replied growing agitated

"Gwen also informed us she is a traitor . Sent by Marcos to kill us" Catalina added tilting her head to the side as she studied him, her high ponytail followed her movements .

"That hasn't been proven . Besides she is my mate" Cassius snapped taking a step towards her

"True . I just tortured Marcos myself and he wouldn't talk . I have found him guilty and I set his execution for tomorrow evening . A public one too" She added with delight in her red eyes . He could never understand her thirst to cause pain . Maybe it had something to do with her ability

"Well sister once again you have it all under control . Now if you'd excuse me" Cassius pushed past her but it's not in her nature to ever let anyone have the last word .

"I think I should question your mate too, considering you stopped the first try" She hinted . Cassius instantly halted and faced his malicious little sister .

"Don't go near her!" He ordered . Knowing exactly how Cat "questions" he was sure Analise would be killed in minutes if left alone with his sister . Cassius focused on her mind and pushed what he wanted through her thoughts .

"STAY OUT OF MY HEAD OR THE GLOVES COME OFF!" Catalina roared . He withdrew his suggestion

"Then stay away from my mate" He demanded .

It was no secret what Cat could do but he wasn't afraid of her like the rest of the kingdom is . At the end of the day she is just a spoiled daddy's girl with too much power .

Cassius turned his back on her again knowing she would say something else anyway . But nothing could have prepared him for what she ended up saying . . .

"You should know I ordered our mothers awakening for tomorrow's execution…" he could hear the smile in her voice before he even turned to face her .

And that's when he lost it… .




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