pure vampire - Chapter 8

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:45 AM
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Chapter 8



"Marcos? What is she?" Talon had to ask the question on all their minds . He and Seb watched as Marcos paced the room dragging his hands roughly through his hair . This can't be right . Marcos thought over and over again . Never had a vampire had any other colored eyes except red and black . He was trying to remember old legends of the first vampires but his mind was coming up blank .

Damn! Now what? He could ask around to other vamps but if she is as powerful as he thinks she will be, he would rather keep her his little secret . Yes, Yes! He thought as an idea began to form . He can research her and study her all the while train her to help him destroy the royal family that exiled him . He stopped his pacing and turned back to the men grinning like a Cheshire cat .

"Grab the girl; let's go I have a plan . " With that Marcos turned leaving the room so quickly if you didn't know what he was you would have thought him a magician for how he disappeared . Seb bent to grab her until Talon shoved him roughly away, throwing her over his shoulder instead . Seb glared at him, balling his fist angrily . Talon laughs mockingly at the foolish human before flashing him his fangs .

"Careful Seb" He taunted still laughing as he too fled the room with immortal speed .

Seb punched the cement wall with force . He hated Talon and Marcos with a passion . He vowed to one day kill them especially Talon because Talon is the reason he is living the life of a slave guard to a vampire . He needed a plan, only for the last twenty years he couldn't come up with one that didn't result in his death or his sisters . There has to be some way, he wouldn't give up on this even if it took the rest of his life .

He heard Marcos booming voice demand him to hurry up . He ignored it, going over to the dead body of an innocent girl falling prey to an evil creature . He knew well what her family will feel if they found out how she died . After going through that heartbreak himself he always found it better for the families to remain ignorant to the creatures of the night that steal and kill their children . With a final look he set her body on fire, hiding the evidence of her gruesome demise .


The six hour ride back to the isolated manor was a silent one . Each man lost in their own thoughts on the mystery of the new vampire . Marcos sat in the passenger seat concocting plans . Talon was driving smoking a cigarette wondering what Marcos was thinking so hard about . Seb like usual was in the back of the SUV . Seb looked down at her sleeping form covered by his jacket for the hundredth time . For whatever reason she didn't repulse him like every other vampire . It was more than just her obvious beauty . He felt the need to protect her . He didn't understand it but from the moment he opened her eye he knew she hooked him . What are you? He thought brushing a strand of hair from her face

"Don't get attached Seb, she isn't yours" Marcos bite out venomously .

Talon gaged his reaction through the rearview mirror but Seb wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing how he felt . Like always Seb put a steel blank mask on and stared at the road ahead . He had to be careful the same way he is careful with his sister . Vampires enjoy emotional torture as much as physical so it's always safer if you don't show any . The less they know about how you feel and who you love the better . You would think with their beauty and prolong lives they could find happiness but of all the parasites he's encountered over the last twenty years none have displayed that emotion .

They arrived at the large house in the early morning hours . Marcos had already called the servants to make arrangements for the new arrival . So Seb wasn't surprised at all to see multiple servants waiting inside front doors, along with his sister . His heart pinched in his chest looking at her so small, and timid . Just two years younger than him she has spent the majority of her twenty one years as Marcos feeder . And it was all Talons fault . Rage boiled in him watching Talon cockily lean on the staircase banister smoking without a care .



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