pure vampire - Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

85 Marcos Is Dead


Cassius Pov 

The execution feast was in full swing . Cassius stood in the grand ballroom watching hundreds of the oldest and most powerful vampires mingle and feed . The two blonde vampires that he uses for sexual fun, eyed him across the room . Cassius ignored them and downed another alcoholic drink . His mind was clouded by one blue eyed vampire, that has yet to make her entrance; Ana . Even as bad as he wanted her, the conversation he had with sister a couple of hours ago kept replaying over in his mind 

~~~Two hours earlier…~~~ 

Cassius waited until he knew Gwyn had taken Ana upstairs before he questioned his sister .  

"Catalina what do you really want" He snapped barely containing his anger . When Catalina was around it meant trouble for everyone else . Cassius knew there was more than just their mothers awakening she had to announce .  

"Oh I don't know if you heard yet, but I caught some of your mates meeting with father and thought I should tell you that she is the daughter of Celeste" she quipped .  

"So what?" Cassius snapped . It always crossed his mind that his blue eyed mate was of powerful descent; he just didn't know it was that powerful .  

"You know that means she has three mates . And just like her mother she'll choose the witch and reject the vampire . So brother you might want to say your goodbyes now" Cata taunted with a satisfied smirk on her face . Cassius hissed fiercely while taking slow purposeful steps closer to his sister . Catalina may be able to kill with one touch but she wasn't as strong of a fighter as her brother . She tried to hold her ground but her smirk dropped at the sight of the deadly look on Cassius face .  

"You should mind your business little sister" he snapped 

"I'm just the messenger" she replied 

"Yes, and it's always the messenger that gets shot" he sneered before roughly brushing past her… 

~~~~ Back to the present…~~~~ 

Cassius shook the thoughts from his head and grabbed another shot from a passing server carrying a tray . Catalina had thrown him off by the news of Analise . He wasn't one to compete for affection . Cassius was a prince and as a prince he never had to fight for anything . Now the question was if Ana was worth fighting for? 

Just as he thought of her, she entered the grand room . Right behind Gwyn, Analise strode in looking more beautiful than he could have ever imagined . The suit she was wearing previously was gone; replaced by a metallic purple gown that looked almost silver when it hit the lights . It dipped low and curved around her body sexily; the top tied around her neck exposing her bare back and the dress had a double spilt showing off her toned legs .  

Cassius gulped down the lust that was threatening to take him over . He wanted to mark her where she stood and taste that sweet powerful blood resting in her veins .  

"Good evening young prince" An older male vampire stepped up and politely addressed him . Cassius glanced at him for a second and then dismissed him with a wave . Not caring that he was a high council member . Right now the prince only had eyes for one vampire .  

Ana must have felt him staring because she suddenly turned and locked eyes with him; blue on red, like fire and ice . Cassius knew in that moment that he would do anything to have her as his .  

Even if it meant killing her other two mates . . . Making him her only option… 

Ana Pov 

I sat quietly while Gwyn put the finishing touches on my makeup . I hadn't uttered a word while dressed me, did my hair, or put six inch silver heels on my feet . Since she told me that all of this was for Marcos execution I didn't know what to say . Or how I felt .  

It's no secret that Marcos wasn't good . Hell, he abducted me for two years! Forced me to train and strengthen my power, which I now realize was so he could use me as a weapon against the king . I've felt Ferox's powers and I'm not confident that mine are as strong .  

But should Marcos die for this? 

Should he die because he fell in love with the wrong woman? 

I guess that doesn't matter now . By midnight it will already be over and I'll have to use his death as my means of escape .  

"There, all done . Let's go" Gwyn said walking away from the vanity table . I slowly stood, not interested in going but not having any other choice . My reflection caught my attention before I was able to completely move from the mirror . Gwyn had made me look like a whole different person . The makeup was dark and smoky, making me look sexy and mysterious . My blue seers practically jumped off my face and my red lips begged to be kissed . It was job well done to say the least . Too bad I didn't care .  


I entered the ballroom trailing behind Gwyn . It was lavishly decorated and almost filled with vampires dressed in expensive looking garments . Some eyes lingered on me but for the most part everyone mingled and laughed as if this was a normal party . Waiters carried trays with food and drinks around . One particular drink that caught my eye was dark red and smelled exactly like blood .  

"Would you care for a drink miss" A young human waiter stopped to ask me . He held a silver platter full of the red drink 

"Is that blood?" I questioned 

"Why yes miss . These here are the rare O negative blood types . We also both A and B positive if you prefer" he said offering a glass of blood to me . I just stared at him . The way he was talking about blood like it was a fine wine blew me away . Was he serious? But the expectant look on his face answered that question . Not to mention all the fangers in the room downing the glasses . Just watching them made my throat ache with thirst .  

Timidly I picked up one of the flukes and drank it . As soon as the blood touched my tongue, I went into a frenzy . In seconds I had finished my glass and five more . The waiter gaped at me .  

"What?!" I hissed flashing my fangs . He bowed his head, gave me another fluke and scurried away . That was a tad mean of me to scare him but I wasn't in the mood for his judgment .  

I wandered around for a bit but I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching . I got my answer after I turned and locked eyes with Cassius from across the room . Sparks ignited through the air . He looked charmingly handsome yet still bad in his all black suit with a shiny red tie . Cassius dark messy hair was neatly combed back and I had the urge to run my fingers through it and mess it up .  

It was hard not wanting him; after all he was my mate . But I already made my choice . Sadly it wasn't Cassius . Just the thought of rejecting him caused an ache to fill me . Especially since my mother rejected his grandfather and caused this whole war that has rippled down through generations .  

History repeating itself is what Ferox said; he was right . In some way our situation would be very similar to my mothers and to his fathers, but I hope I can spare him pain by not leading him on . That'll be hard; even now it's taking all my effort to drag my eyes off him .  

I can't imagine what'll be to break his heart .  

"Everyone! Can I have your attention please" a vampire spoke interrupting my thoughts . I recognized him as Lord Henry as he spoke into a microphone . With vampires filling the room I wasn't sure why he needed it . We'd all be able to hear him even if he whispered . "Thank you all for coming tonight . As you know Marcos Bellicose has been charged with treason and plotting to kill our king . He has been found guilty and sentenced to death . You are all witnesses to that death tonight" he ended .  

Lord Henry strode from the center of the room to a wall on the other side . He then pressed a button I didn't even notice against the wall and it part open like curtains, revealing another room . The next room was filled with velvet chairs facing a panel on the far end . It reminded me of and old court room .  

Everyone began to walk in and take a seat accordingly . King Ferox sat in the center of the panel like a judge and Cassius and his sister sat on each side of him . I hadn't even realized that Cassius had left . Also I was aware that Raven wasn't clinging to Ferox shadow like usual . Strange .  

Even from his seat, Cassius eyes found me . However my own couldn't focus on him because there was another sight more demanding of my attention… 


Marcos was tied to a stake directly in front of the panel . He looked tired and weak; his body was covered in blood and bruises that were healing so slowly it was if they weren't healing at all . His clothes were dirty and torn; he had been tortured for days . All the other vampires were seated and patiently waiting for everything to begin . Their faces showed no signs of sadness or even pity for the sight before them . I on the other hand was shaking . Yes he was a bad man . Yes, he held me captive for two years but seeing him like this seemed unjust . It seemed too cruel, even for Marcos .  

His weak head lifted slowly and his black eyes found me . So many emotions passed between them that I wasn't able to interrupt what he was feeling . If I had to guess I would assume anger and regret .  

"As some of you may know" Lord Henry shrill voice cut in "Marcos Bellicose was exiled from the kingdom because he tried to steal the king's mate . So we found it only fitting that she is here today and also witness his death . I welcome our special guest, Queen Acacia" Henry said gesturing to the back of the room .  

Four guards approached from the ball room we previous occupied . In the center of them was a woman in chains . Her small body was hidden by the large guards and I couldn't get a good look at her until she walked up the aisle past me . Her clothes were old; her dirty blonde hair was dull and lifeless and her skin looked sunken and fragile . She looked hungry and weak .  

Still, the queen held her head high and strode past us like we didn't exist . Her eyes were only on Marcos . The guards stopped when Acacia and Marcos were only a few feet apart . When they locked eyes so much passed between them; love, longing, despair, sadness and defeat . It was like they were having a conversation without words . I knew then, the love they shared was real . And in moments it would end forever… 

Acacia tore her eyes from Marcos and met Ferox's "My King" she began in a surprisingly strong steady voice . At one time this vampire queen was a force to be reckoned with, that much I'm sure of . To be standing where she is, after going through what she went through, takes a certain type of strength . And she exuded it . "I place myself at your mercy as your wife and the mother of your children . Please spare him" she plead 

"You are not my mother!" Catalina spat 

"Shut up Cat!" Cassius jumped in but he never looked at his sister, only his mother . Something in his eyes told me this was hurting him, even though his face remained neutral .  

"You'll be great king one day my son . Sadly your sister's hatred for me will destroy you both" Acacia said lowly 

"KILL HIM NOW!" Catalina sprang to her feet and ordered . The burst of anger shocked everyone . This girl has some serious issues with her mother . Ferox motioned for Catalina to take her seat and after shooting daggers at her mother, she did so .  

"Acacia, your disrespect to my daughter and your kingdom is astonishing . For that you will be punished" Ferox stated coldly .  

"You have kept me starving in a tomb for centuries . Isn't that punishment enough" she asked still keeping her composure .  

"No" he replied simply . Ferox then waved his hands and two guards entered carrying thick platinum chains . They were the same ones that were used to beat me in my interrogation .  

The tension in the room was so heavy, it was suffocating . There wasn't a question of what was going to happen but just knowing it was coming was making me edgy .  

I have to do something .  

This isn't right .  

My feet moved slowly away from my seat and closer to the front . But a hand on my wrist stopped me .  

"Don't be stupid . There's nothing you can do to stop this . " Gwyn whispered fiercely while staring at me like I was crazy . The distraction lost me too much time to interfere . Turning my attention back to the front, the two guards whipped their chains gracefully through the air; clanging the sounds of death . The whips then drifted down and wrapped tightly around Marcos neck . His body stiffened… 

"NO! PLEASE NO! TAKE ME! MARCOS! MY LOVE!" Acacia screamed with deep sorrow as she struggled to free the chains on her wrist and legs to reach him . The pain in her words was like a knife in my heart . That kind of pain was something I'd never witnessed before .  

With one forceful tug, each guard pulled in opposite directions and a loud cracked sounded the quiet room .  

For a breath not a single thing could be heard .  

And then Marcos head fell from his limp body tumbling to the ground, rolling inches away from Acacia . I vomited in my mouth .  

All eyes were on the queen now . Yet her teary eyes only stared at the decapitated head of the man she loved . Catalina and Ferox looked smug and Cassius looked away .  

He's dead . Marcos is dead… forever… 

Suddenly the temperature in the room began to change… It got colder… .  

I let out a breath to test how cold and was surprised that it came out in a white cloud . Why is getting so cold? I wondered . Slowly ice began to form along the walls and seats .  



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