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pure vampire - Chapter 9

Published at 23rd of February 2019 11:50:44 AM

Chapter 9



"Talon my office we have things to discuss . Seb take the girl you can't seem to let go to her quarters . There you will stay until she wakes . If she freaks calm her or tranq her I don't care . You are not to tell her about me just yet . I would prefer to do that myself . And is she needs to feed grab one of those disgusting girls to do it . " Marcos ordered before walking off to his office with Talon on his heels .

A few servants followed too, one being his sister who gave him a small sad smile before lowering her head and following her master . Seb clutched the new girl tighter in his arms using her warmth to calm him . Wait, what? He placed his palm against her cheek and sure enough she was warm like a human . Impossible! All the leeches are cold, that's just a fact . What the hell is this girl?

One of the servants cleared her throat to get his attention . He tore his eyes away from the beautiful creature in his arms and followed the servant up the stairs . The room they prepared was decent compared to the basement quarters slaves sleep in . It was about as nice as the guard's room . Think of cheap hotel room and that's what it is . An average size bed, desk, chair, lap dresser and mirror all dull earth tones . Marcos keeps all the extravagant rooms open for his guests .

He gently laid her body on the bed and turned away when the servant began to undress her . Once she was done she took her leave . She had put the girl into a white nightdress that made her dark hair and ruby lips stand out all the more . Seb pulled up the chair close to her bed and waited . If memory serves him correct she should have woken hours ago but her coma like state hasn't changed . He wondered briefly if it had something to with the fact that for some reason she isn't a normal vampire .

Her body began to stir and he leaned closer to see if she was waking . He watched in curiosity as her head moved side to side; looks as if she's dreaming . She finally stops moving and a peaceful expression over takes her face . What a pretty sight Seb thought to himself . The girl opened her mouth in a big yawn surprising Seb when he saw the striking white fangs inside . They were so white it was almost illuminating . Slowly they receded leaving her mouth full of straight perfect teeth .

Seb really wanted her to wake up . So far she just seemed perfect in every way and maybe hearing her voice or seeing how she acted would help sort out his irrational thinking's . No matter how different she appeared in slumber she was still a blood sucking demon .

Doing the unthinkable he grabbed both her shoulders and gave her a little shake . No response . He shook again this time a little harder yet still nothing . What else can I do? He thought scratching the back of his neck . Slowly he leaned down closer and closer until they were nose to nose . He didn't understand why he was doing this; he just wanted to be near this strange girl . His eyes soaked in her features . Travelling from her full red lips up to her small button nose then meeting with her bright blue/gold eyes . Oh Sh**! Her eyes are open!

The shock of her being awake and staring directly at him scared him to the core . If he were any other man he would have screamed or stumbled back at least . But the young woman beneath him barely gave him a second to intake his next breathe . Her small hand moved with lightning fast speed, wrapping tightly around his neck . He tried to gasp but she only tightens her hold . Seb watched with fearful eyes as her once bright blues turned a vicious red . She snarled loudly flashing her fangs . The lack of oxygen was causing darkness to creep around the edges of his vision . He tried his hardest to fight through it while maintaining a strong eye contact with her .

His only hope was there was something inside her that could see the sincerity in his eyes . She snarled again then launched him across the room . He smashed into the wall cracking it . Seb lied on the floor ignoring the pain in his back and instead focused on taking all the air into his lungs he could get . Once his breathing was somewhat normal he looked back up at the girl .

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She was sitting up on the bed staring at her hands with mixed emotions . He could see the shock and confusion but there was another emotion dancing in her bright orbs . She continued to just flip her hands over and over staring at them as if they weren't hers .

Seb slowly stood back on his feet but made no move to approach her . Judging from her first reaction he didn't want to make the same mistake twice . The girl leaped from the bed and with slow graceful strides walked to the mirror built on the dresser . When she saw her reflection she jumped back with a frightening scream .

"Whoa it's ok, calm down your fine" Seb said softly with his hands palm out in a non-defensive gesture . She whipped her head back at him eyes shining with unshed tears . Seeing her like that caused an unpleasant ache in his chest .

"Wh-what happened to m-me" she asked . Her voice was soft and smooth as silk almost caressing his ears . Seb shook it off and met her questioning gaze right as a single crystal blue tear slid down her face .

He didn't want to see her cry but he was given orders not to give her answers . He pondered for a minute . Marcos only said to not mention him; he didn't say anything about explaining her change . She continued to watch him while he battled on what to say without freaking her out . Finally deciding the truth was the best option . With cautious steps he walked to her until they were about a foot apart .

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"There isn't an easy way to say this, but you've transitioned" He says gaging her for a reaction . She tilts her head to the side adorably

"Transitioned? Into what exactly?" she asked . Seb opened his mouth to answer but she cut him off . "Oh no, I'm dead right? I transitioned into someone else's body right? That's why I'm some hot skinny bitch huh? Oh god why me! I should have never run away now look at me-" Seb continued to watch in confusion and amusement as she paced the room ranting about ghosts and something about an alternate universe .

Clearly her final memories haven't come back yet because she defiantly has the wrong idea . He let her go on her short hysterical rampage a little while longer just enjoying the sight of her . She acted so normal, so human except for that initial moment they had . He forced himself to stop thinking about her as normal . She is far from that; she's one of them at the end of the day . Seb straighten his stance and squared his shoulders before loudly clearing his still sore throat . She stopped pacing, turning to look directly at him

"You have the wrong idea . You're not a ghost or in someone else's body . In my experience that isn't possible . " He crossed his arms over his chest . She watched then mimicked his action

"Okay then stranger who knows everything . What happened to me really?" she asked sarcastically raising one perfect curved brow . Seb narrowed his eyes at her . Fine if she wants the truth so bad he'll give it to her .

"You're a vampire . "

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