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Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest trough the time

Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest trough the time
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Late at night.

"Cancel your engagement with my stepsister and marry me" senja said brazenly.

Xiao tianyou looked at the little girl in front of him with amusement.

"Then, why should i marry you?"

Senja tilted her head to one side and smirk coquettishly.
"Because i am smart and beautiful and more over i know how to find gong xu"

"Why do you think i care about this gong xu guy?" He asked with cold voice.

"Of course you care, he was the one who killed your deceased wife"

Xiao tianyou glared at her with menacing eyes. His thin lips shut tight before he said with low hoarse voice.
"Are you threaten me?!"

"I wouldn't dare" she feigned her scare expression and continue " lets call this, relationship with benefit"


She was an unbridled, cunning, spoil, clumsy and haughty professional thief from modern era together with 3 of her brothers, she will stole anything as per requested.

However, Senja was sent back to ancient time by her grandma to find someone named yun.

Only by to find him she could back to her era. 

Once she arrived there, people from the kingdom army claimed her that she was a daughter of a formidable clan spy who had been kidnapped for a year.

How could that be ?? 
She was sure that she isn't occupied somebody else body so how could she be a brilliant divine girl with greatly moral conduct and well behave manner who saved the country?

Solved it with the excuse of amnesia then... hehhee...

But, she could pretend to lost her memory but how she keep up with other people expectation about her manner ?

Both of their personality just simply pole apart.

Not only that, because of strict protectiveness from her grandfather due to fear someone will kidnapped her again he forbid her to step out from manor.

How she could start looking for this yun guy if she cant going outside?

Only one way, to married the military commander, xiao tianyou who has another identity as the second prince.

However, he was a fiancee of her vicious stepsister...

Great! nothing going as her plan. Everything seems go against her!

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