Pursuing Immortality - Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Had to Try It

There were quite a few types of Tame Head skills, which could be generally categorized into Drug Tame Head, Flying Tame Head, and Ghost Tame Head .

Drug Tame Head worked similarly to low-level undead insects of the Miao people which needed to be ingested to take effect . Flying Tame Head was a little more advanced in that it could be controlled remotely, which included Mirror Tame Head, Glass Tame Head, Flying-head Tame Head, and a dozen others .

Flying-head Tame Head was the most formidable of this category . The name was pretty much self-explanatory: a head that was flying, which might even have a large intestine dangling from it…

As for Ghost Tame Head, it was a somewhat special kind of all the Tame Head skills out there, for it involved the prerequisite of raising an infant ghost . The Erotic Tame Head Thant Tun used this time was a type of Ghost Tame Head .

Back to the villa where he made that announcement, Gao Ling was still a little confused . "Master, do I have to meet this woman first or what?"

"Her soul has become your slave already and she will do whatever you order her to . If you want, I can summon her here this moment," said Thant Tun .

"That's great . Please work the magic and make that bi*ch come to me!"

" . . . "

Thant Tun darted Gao Ling a look and did not comment on that . He then chanted the spell—all in all, the two men did not exactly see eye to eye .

He then took out a little plastic box and tossed it to Gao Ling . "That woman will arrive soon . Put this on you and do not stay too far from it, or the spell will stop working . "

Gao Ling checked the box and saw that in it was a pair of golden figurines, which were about 3 cm tall and held each other with their cheeks stuck together . He said, "No problem! Thank you for going through the trouble, Master! Do you need to take a break?"

"I'll be fine in my sealed room . Do not disturb me unless it's something important!"

With that, Thant Tun shut himself up into his room, leaving Gao Ling and his bodyguards behind . Gao Ling sat back down in the living room, opened a bottle for the occasion, and drank it in small sips .

He was never able to resist alcohol and once he got tipsy, his perverted side began to show .

"Hoho, too bad she's such a beauty . You'll wish you were dead by the time I'm through with you!"

Gao Ling guffawed, feeling aroused .

He had had his share of bedmates of both sexes and all sorts of combinations: pretty boys, sisters, mother and daughter, the family combo, you name it . But, after all, he was still bound by the laws of modern society and did not get too carried away . Essentially, those were paying for sex on a consensual basis .

However, something like Erotic Tame Head, which turned a woman into his personal sex slave, was something he had not yet tried .

It was a stimulation he had never experienced before and the more he thought about it, the more excited he became, which in turn led to drinking more liquor . Before long, half a bottle of brandy was gone .


About thirty minutes into the waiting, one of his men finally reported, "A woman has arrived at the residential area and is coming our way . "

"I see . Watch out for her . "

Gao Ling nodded, his blurry eyes flickering with desire .

A little while after the bodyguards were all in position, there came the "tack, tack, tack" of heels from outside and a girl arrived at their doorstep .

"Hahaha! It really is you!"

Gao Ling had a sharp eye for women . From the posture and half a face alone the other night, he knew this was that bi*ch . Now that he got to see her entire face, even a womanizer like him could not help but sigh with admiration .

She was about 175 cm in height, had long, straight, and smooth legs, and the curve around her waist was so impeccably fluid that it looked like a piece of exquisite sculpture .

Looking up, he saw the delicate collar bones, the long neck, and a face that was beautiful beyond this world . The girl looked back at him and giggled all of a sudden, calling out, "Master!"

Wow! Raising his eyebrow, Gao Ling turned around and told the others, "Ok, you can all leave now . "


The underlings were secretly pursing their lips as they left the room in tacit understanding . With the temperament of their boss, they prayed a little for the woman, hoping she could make it until the following day .

Momentarily, there were only the two of them in the living room . Gao Ling beckoned with his hand, "Come here!"

"Tack, tack, tack!" The woman approached him .

" . . . "

He looked closely at her for a moment . For some reason, her movement felt a little rigid today, and so did her facial expression . But he did not think much of it, deeming it a side effect of the Erotic Tame Head .

"Weren't you all arrogant yesterday? Now what? You just offered yourself to me, didn't you? That's what you get for messing with me!"

He reached out and grabbed her by her fair and smooth chin, then spoke in a vicious tone, "From now on, you're nothing but my bi*ch . Now, bark . "

"Woof! Woof!"

"Hahaha! This is great! That wild monkey does know his stuff!"

Gao Ling was so psyched up that the muscles on his face were all contorted . Thanks to the brandy, an uncontrollable urge was rushing through his body . He ignored the fact that he was still in the living room with doors wide open, as well as the open yard outside; he simply leaned back into the sofa .

"Come here!"

The woman shifted and moved closer .

"On your knees!"

The woman did not move .

"I said, on your knees!"

Still not moving .

Hm? Gao Ling stood up, took out that box out of his pocket, fumbled around, and shouted again, "Kneel!"

" . . . "

The woman acted as if she could not understand his words . She simply stood there without any reaction . He was infuriated and slapped her, "I'm telling you to f**king—"


As soon as his palm touched her face, there was a muffled sound like an exploded balloon . The woman turned into a plume of white smoke and disappeared into thin air .

"What, what is happening?"

Struck dumb with astonishment and panic-stricken, Gao Ling was about to call out to Thant Tun when a voice rang out from above . "Tsk, tsk . You just had to try it . You had it coming—that's a very useful motto . "

"Who's there?"

He raised his head in a whoosh and saw a figure flying down gracefully and landed lightly on the floor . It was none other than that woman!

"You, you…"

"I what?"


Xiaojin slapped him without hesitation . The fellow's head snapped to the right so abruptly that one could hear the crunching sound of twisted bones . Blood bubbled out of his mouth as three broken teeth flew out .

"Did I say you can address me?"


She slapped him again with the back of her hand on the other cheek, then kicked him on his knee . "On your knees!"


Gao Ling screamed, feeling his kneecaps crushed . He lay prostrated on the floor and was shaking from all the pain .

Despite the grin on Xiaojin's face, she was fuming and cursed loudly, "You motherf**ker! Making me your sex slave, aren't you? Do you know who I am? Kowtow!"





"Bang, bang, bang!"

Good god . With the strength she was using, Gao Ling's head was banging against the floor like a pounding pestle . The marble tiles paving the floor cracked and his forehead was a purple mess . The man soon lost consciousness .

"Boss! Boss!"

"What's going on?"

Just then, the underlings heard the noise and rushed into the room . Shocked by what they saw, they took out all their guns, daggers, electric prods, and like .

"Who the hell are you?"

"Let go of our boss, or I'll shoot!"

"Humph! Dragon-seizing Hand!"

Xiaojin liked her drama even under such circumstance . She reached out her palms, made a grabbing gesture, and the weapons disappeared from their former owners and reappeared in her hands . Before the men had time to react, she exerted her energy . "Go!"

"Ah! Ah!"

There were then the thumping sounds of men falling to the ground . The half a dozen people were completely useless and were thrown into the yard . The smarter ones among them began to yell, "Master, help!"

"Master! Master!"

With the noise they made, Thant Tun was long alerted and had ran up from the basement . He looked up and was petrified as well . In broken Chinese, he said, "You… why…"

"Oh? You're here as well . That's convenient . " Xiaojin kicked Gao Ling to the side and said, "Are you talking about that crap of yours?"

With that, she pressed her chest and ripped something out . There were streaks of sizzling lightning—wrapped in the center of the golden purple lightning was a petty lump of black air .

"You really should get your f**king facts straight before messing around here!" she said in a mocking tone . Her five slender fingers then squeezed down and the black air dissipated into nothing . With his soul connected to the black air, Gao Ling was instantly hit by the backfire . Blood spurted out of his mouth and he was barely alive .


Thant Tun was almost frightened to death . He had been practicing Tame Head of decades in Myan and this was the first time he ever saw someone crushing it with bare hands .

With a string of black beads in his hand, he revealed one side of his shoulder and was about to chant a spell . Unfortunately, this was not a turn-based game where the other side would just stand there until he finished loading the skill .

Hence, he was only able to make the first two syllables when he saw a figure coming up to his face . It was sharp and intimidating like a sword, as if it was going to bore deeply into his skull .


The short monkey did not have time to dodge and hurtled out of the door, also landing on the lawn .

Thant Tun struggled to his feet and released a streak of rolling black air, which pounced at one of the underlings and devoured him . There was instantly the shuffling noise of sucking blood and chewing bones .

The fellow did not even have time to scream; he was a pool of blood in no time .

"Monster! A monster!"

Some resident just happened to pass by and was petrified by the scene, then collapsed onto the ground and could no longer control his bladder and bowels .

After feasting on human flesh, the infant ghost grew more imposing . Thant Tun himself was enveloped in a red glow from head to toe which then fused into the black air and erupted into the air, threatening to cover up the sky .


He chanted a spell to have the infant ghost charge at Xiaojin while he himself turned around and fled .

The fellow was not stupid . He knew perfectly well that he was no match for someone who could crush Tame Head with a single hand . All he tried to do was to have the infant ghost buy some time while he ran barefoot at full speed, heading for the wall not far ahead .

Who on earth said this country had no capable men?

Who on earth said the Taoist community was a bunch of good-for-nothings?

That Gao fellow was a pig! Where did he get into trouble with that woman?

As he cursed inside, Thant Tun kept moving . That infant ghost was refined by his master before being handed over to him and had some incredible abilities . He only hoped it could stall the woman for long enough .

About twenty steps later, he arrived at the wall . Delighted, he leapt onto it .

Just then, three loud and clear commands rang out from behind him . "Thunder, come!"

"Thunder, come!"

"Thunder, come!"

"Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!"

Dark clouds gathered in the sky and the courtyard darkened . Three streaks of golden-purple divine lightning as thick as teacups struck down successively, two of which struck the infant ghost . The ghostly energy rolled and heaved, but was no match to the overwhelming power . It was destroyed right away .

The third one shot out like an arrow and struck Thant Tun on his back .



The bricks on the top of the wall were smashed and fell all over the ground . Outside, the street seemed to be frozen for a second as the pedestrians and vehicles halted to witness the golden lightning striking down in broad daylight .

A man had just turned into ashes on top of a wall!

" . . . "

A couple of seconds later, there was a sudden "Beep!"

"Aaaaaah! Help! What was that?"

"Sob… mum…"

"F**k! Get out of my way!"

The honk seemed to have turned on some switch and the long street erupted into a hubbub . There were screams, rumbling, running, crying, cursing, and the whole shebang . All hell broke loose . A patrol car across the street made a u-turn and drove hastily towards the residential area .

Two Taoist priests on the watchout were also astonished . Ignoring the crowd, they activated their energy and jumped over the wall .

Arriving at the scene, the two broke into a cold sweat . There was a giant pit in the courtyard, the house was half gone, and people were all over the ground . A girl stood in the middle of all this, looking very fierce!

"Who's done what? What's going on?"

"Call the police! Call the police! Was there an explosion?"

Meanwhile, the securities and other house owners also arrived, and looked at all this with gaping mouths .

"I am Qingsong Zi of Zhenqing Temple . Who are you? How dare you murder people in broad daylight?" one of the priests asked in a stern voice .

"Zhengqing Temple?"

Xiaojin darted him a look and raised her voice above all the noise . "This is Phoenix Mountain business . Out of my way!"

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