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Published at 30th of September 2016 07:07:06 PM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Never Actually Happened

The assassination attempt had made a commotion . It was talked about until dawn . Zhu Guanjia suffered a heavy loss with a broken hand . Under a violent anger, he ordered the death of Jin Si . Jin Si was already wounded so under the punishment, not even an hour passed by when the scent of death arose . Then, she was wrapped in a straw mat and was sent into the mountain to be buried in the fish belly in the lake by the Pavillion .

   Zhuge Yue was quite static and his disposition was also eccentric . His Pavillion originally only had two girls, Jin Zhu and Jin Si, but both had died in a few days . Now within the Pavillion, there was only Chu Qiao . She was young, less than eight years old, looks tender, and usually restrained with words but with a voice of silk . Even if she appears competent, it was still somewhat strange in the eyes of outsiders . Not half a day has passed, the news was already spread within the entire Residence; the house’s 4th master took a hobby of raising a young girl to grow her the way he likes .

   In this way, the attitude in which the servants treated Chu Qiao was more respectful .

   In the afternoon, Chu Qiao was wearing a new cotton skirt outfit dyed white Begonia, white camel-hair boots, and her head was decorated with two green jade . As she hopped around the back garden, she looked completely cute . She had left the Residence to get fresh water to send to Hongshan . After reaching the  bamboo forest, a figure suddenly jumped in front of her, laughing, “I do not believe I could not find you!”

   The young master (Jin Pao for those who are confused) today was wearing a sapphire blue gown, clothes embroidered with colorful birds . He triumphantly thrown in his hands a small whip, smiled and looked at the Chu Qiao, said: “What are you doing? Today’s weather is so good, let’s hit the birds . ”

   Chu Qiao frowned and looked at the little master’s excitedly look . Shaking her head, “I do not have the time to be idle like you, I have matters to do . I can not accompany you for a moment” She finished speaking then turned and wanted to go .

   “Oh, do not go . ” The little master quickly ran in front of her with open arms to stop her . He hurriedly said, “I finally found you, I searched the garden all morning . Tell me your name and which hall are you from . I’ll go to Zhuge Huai, will you come? You told me to go back, so how about it?

   Chu Qiao’s brow raised, turned her head, looked up and said: “Do you really want me to go?

The little master solemnly nodded: “Well, out of all the maidservants, you are the most pleasing to the eye . You can be my personal guard, so how about it?”

   Chuqiao smile, nodded and said: “Well, then I’ll tell you what my name is, but I can not come with the young master unless I can see your ability . ”

   “Do not worry about it . A little maidservants that is, even ten or eight, Zhuge Huai will  obediently give them to me . ”

   “Well, you listen well, my name is Zixu . I  live in a desolate courtyard . The aunt that I am under gives us daily work . We mold some clay figurines together to play with the young master, you have to remember ah . “

   Little master eyes lit up, “You mold clay also?

   “Yes,” Chu Qiao held back her laugh seeing this child was really cute . She could not help but stand on her tiptoe to pinch his cheeks severely, then smile, “I have the ability to do more, in the future I’ll give you information one by one . I still have things to get to first, remember to find the young master .

   “Well, do not worry,” nodded the little master with a smile, “You go back and finish up things, I’ll pick you up . ”

   Chu Qiao far away when she turned to see the little master standing on a large stone waving at her . Chu Qiao held back her laugh, turned back to the bamboo forest while holding the fragrant water to go back to Qingshan courtyard .

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   “A false name, a destroyed courtyard, Aunt Dou, and a maidservant who plays with clay figurines . Let us see if you can figure it out . ”

   A clear male voice suddenly sounded above which surprised Chu Qiao . She raised her head and saw Yan Xun’s shirt fluttering and his eyebrows sharp . Sitting on a tall pine branch, he mouthed a light chuckle at her .

   Chu Qiao exposed her own nature in front of him, not just once or twice . At the moment, she was no longer in disguise . She coldly glanced at him, looking like she smelled a vicious foul smell, “Climbing so high, you are not afraid of falling to death .

   “Then I should be more worried about you . You, child, are vicious . Or should I worry about the fishes? I see the clouds gathered in the sky, saying that winter will turn to thunder, striking people who do something wrong .

   Chu Qiao’s small body was standing under the tree . She looked up with a cold voice, “The black sheep of the family has many matters weighing on his conscience, I can not compare to you killing without batting an eye . Killing the domestic “animals” is common, it’s not a grand thing . ”

   “Your courage is big… . ” He said strict words, but with a chuckling tone . The youth sitting on the tree faced the child, “I deliberately shot the arrow that way to give you a way out, it is all with good intentions in order to save you . Even your young master out didn’t spare you until later . You do not show me gratitude, but the opposite, evil . What is the reason?

  “I am warning you to not to pester me, and do not take this to threaten me . If you dare, you will regret it . ”

   Chu Qiao said, turned and sped up her pace . But just after two steps, her forehead suddenly felt a pain . As she bowed her head, she saw it . A pine cone stained in snow . She was suddenly furious, turning around to look at Yan Xun angrily, “Are you provoking me?”

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   “Wrong,” Yan Xun smiled and said, “It is not provocation, I am bullying you . ”

   Chu Qiao tilted her head and stood under the tree . Suddenly, she turned and left without a word . Yan Xun was pretending to have half-closed eyes, and wanted to wait for the child for her own rebuttal . Seeing her go, he felt somewhat bitter . Who knew at that time, a fist-sized stone suddenly came piercing the sky whistling, and went straight to the front of Yan Xun’s face . Fortunately, Yan Xun learned martial arts and was flexible, so he timely moved to the side to avoid it . He was secretly proud when he suddenly felt a coldness at his neck . What he heard was not good . Listening to the sound, a crash followed . The snow on the tree shook, and all of it collapsed on his body .

 The young crown prince of Jin  jumped down from the tree, covered with a snowy mess . He raised his head and saw a small girl standing on the white snow, patting her palms . Then he saw her raising up her right hand putting up the middle finger . The gesture was a bit arrogant . With a proud smile, she then turned away and left .

   Yan Xun slightly frowned thinking with his head hung down, but the middle finger . This 13-year-old Crown Prince of the distinguished world was puzzled, what was that gesture?

An  eleven-year-old boy appeared like the wind from the forest cried: “Crown Prince, I will go catch her so that young master can give her satisfying punishment for harassing the master . This lowly girl . ”

   “You? Catch her?” Yan Xun scoffed, turned his middle finger to the vertical: “Feng Mian, what does this gesture mean?”

   “This…” Feng Mian was slightly surprised for a moment, but then strategically said, “Should be the meaning of an apology . She also knows that the thing she did was outrageous, but that child is not sensible . She should say sorry to your face but uses this gesture instead . “

   “Apologize?” Yan Xun frown: “It didn’t look that way to me . ”

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   “Certainly is, Crown Prince, yes . ”

   “Is it?”

   … .

 At the Zhuge Residence in the red halls, Zhuge Huai and Zhao Che, heard the words of the little master, afterwards they collective spurted in laughter . Prince Jing Xiao (yes the Jin Pao the author switches titles like nobodies business) wassmall, but was clever . He spoke with a smile: “Zhuge, in your home, is there such a clever maidservant, I want to see . ”

   Zhuge Huai shook his head and said: “That servant is not sensible, so everyone laughed . ”

   “What do you mean? What are you laughing at?” The little master’s skin turned red, anxiously said .

   Zhao Che laugh: “The name Zi Xu, desolate courtyard, Aunt Dou, making figurines? Is it not fictitious, a joke you have fun with, no? 13th brother, others laugh at you .

   Zhao Song (finally his real informal name . The monikers were killing me) little face flushed, bitterly stomping his feet, turned and ran out .

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