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Published at 14th of October 2016 03:12:57 PM

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 A bit suspicious

It was quiet in the room for a long time . The wind outside the window was gently blowing . The boat orchids, that were just recently put on top of a shelf, emit a delicate fragrance that waft through the air .

   Chu Qiao was quietly standing still for a really long time, so long that she thought that the young master had fallen asleep . She could not help but look up to sneak a glance, but was met with a pair of dark eyes that she could sink into .

   She couldn’t pretend not to see . Chu Qiao licked her lips, whispered, “4th young master… . ”

   “Have you been deceiving me?”

   The youth picked up a tea cup and slowly drank . His voice sounding light and soothing .

   Sure enough, he really was a sly person . Chu Qiao coldly snorted in her heart, but on the surface she quickly knelt looking afraid, “Xing’er does not dare to lie . ”

   “Is that so?” Zhuge Yue chuckled while lowering his head, “Then say your point, I’ll listen . ”

   “Last month, on the fourth day, Xing’er and a group of children slaves from the House were brought to the young master’s hunting grounds . Xing’er was the only one to come back alive . After Xing’er came back, Xing’er is very afraid . I need time to recuperate, then I was going to pack my things and run away . ”

   “Run away?” Zhuge Yue slightly raised his eyebrow, “You grew up in this Residence, the Jing clan was annihilated three years ago . You have no relatives outside and you are young . Where can you go?

 She was slightly surprised for a moment, but then slowly spoke, “Xing’er does not know, I just do not want to stay here to die . Young master may feel Xinger is outrageous, but a person can only live once . Xing’er’s life, in the eyes of others, is worthless . However, in my own eyes, I am very precious . ”

   “Xing’er was ready to escape that time, but Song Lian found out and severely beat me by slapping my face . He saw me today, and thought the young master favored me, so I would find a way to retaliate against him . Therefore, he wanted to harm me . ”

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   “Right, the original issue . He is really bold . ” Zhuge Yue continued to drink his tea,  “Do you still remember that he had hit you?”

   He surprised her again with that question . She saw that Zhuge Yue eyes were sharp, like a snake, before he suddenly lowered his gaze . “This was not too long ago, so Xing’er still remembers . ”

   “Your memory is pretty good,” Zhuge Yue nodded his head . “Well, can you remember that Jin Si and Jin Zhu instigated me to kill Lin Xi . Can you still remember that Zhu Shun gave the rest of your family to others? Can you remember that some people have killed your sisters?”

   Chu Qiao’s heart was startled, but was sensible not to raise her head but knock her head on the floor . Crying out, “Master, Xing’er remembers, but Xing’er is aware of her status . I know my duties and I know my ability . ”

   “What you mean is, when you have this ability one day, you will take revenge, right?”

   Suddenly the child looked up, frightened, “4th young master!

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   “You do not have to deny it . When I first saw you, I knew that you were not an average child, and there was a lot of things in your eyes that I could see . ”

   Chu Qiao with tears in her eyes, weakly said “What does young master think Xing’er will do? Do you think Xing’er will go around killing people? Or that Sister Jin Si and Jin Zhu were killed by Xing’er? Xing’er is young . Even if in my heart there are moments of hate, but I know what I should and should not do . The Jing clan’s entire family and extended family was exterminated . Thousands of people died in one night . Xing’er was a noble daughter but was turned into a cheap servant . If Xing’er would hate, it is the Sheng Jin Gong’s emperor that I should hate, it is the  Presbyterian Church that issued the order that I should hate . Should I hate the regiment of the Zhen Huang? Master, Xing’er’s ability is not that big . I just want to live well, those things are too heavy . Xing’er cannot afford to undertake it .

  Chu Qiao stayed kowtowed on the ground . Her small spine straight, head firmly down, but those thin little shoulders could not stop trembling . It seemed like she was very afraid, crying but stiff .  (And the oscar goes to……)

   Zhuge Yue’s eyes looked back and forth over the child’s body . His eyes hard-edged, and finally stopping on her head as she softly cried . Zhuge Yue put down the tea cup, leaning on the soft couch, slowly said, “You get up . ”

   The child tightened her lips with her eyes wide open . They were misty and red .

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   Zhuge Yue saw the eyes of the child, see her little pink face, small fists holding tight . He saw that she wanted to cry but was holding them back . She looked like a small animal that was greatly aggrieved, very pathetic . He could not help but sigh . In this household, he was so used to distrusting others . Everything was really very suspicious .

   “Alright, let’s just say that I’ve wronged you . If you want to cry then go ahead and cry, ok?”

   This was Zhuge Yue’s apology . He disguised it in politeness, but the child was still stubbornly  standing in the same  place, staring in his eyes, refusing to release a tear .

   Zhuge Yue, who have never been known to succumb to his irritation, waved his hand, “Go on, don’t just stand there . It’s an eyesore . ”

   The child turned around spitefully, no saying one word . She just wanted to go back .


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