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Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Companions in youth “Bamboo horse, Greenish Plum Flower”

The front door of Qingshan Courtyard was kicked aside . Zhuge Lao Tai Ye’s subordinates savagely precipitated in, Huan’er and the other small maidservants who were squatting in the corridor rubbing antique vases were startled when they heard the sounds, jumping up at once .

   Zhuge Yue had just been called away to Zhuge Huai’s Hongshan Courtyard, Zhu Cheng  and several other servants were not there to guard so Zhuge Yue’s Residence was quiet . Even the yard where there were already not many people, at the moment had even fewer maidservants walking around . Huan’er and the young maids were scared stiff, trembling as they approached, “Who are you? How can you have such a big courage? Do you not know that it is the 4th young master’s yard?”

 “We are here to catch  a slave girl that escaped, please excuse me . ”

 “How can there be a slave to catch here?” Huan’er listened and since the other party was  polite he gained courage and righteousness: “Which courtyard are you from, how can you know so few the rules ?”

   “We are from outside the Residence, Laotaiye’s people . We come for the girl even though it’s the 4th young master’s yard, later we will inform the Laotaiye, if you want to complain . ”

   Hearing Laotaiye’s name, Huan’er became silent for a moment then spoke lacking conviction, “We did not see any slaves, do not act unreasonably . ”

   A servant came up and said, “That is the house, we saw her climb and enter by the window with our own eyes . ” .

   “Ah!” Huan’er cried, “That is the master’s personal maidservant’s room, you cannot go in . ”

  Zhu Guanshi seemed doubtful at the words pronounced by Huan’er, “Go and make the arrest . ”

   “No!” Huan’er wanting to stop them, and approached them quickly, but was brought to halt by the tight grasp of one of the Guards and could only watch helpless as they rushed in . Then a girl came out screaming with her eyes balling . ”

   “Zhu Guanshi, it’s her!”

   “Xing’er” Huan’er screamed, turned and shouted: “You arrested the wrong person, this is our yard’s maidservant, not the slaves you want to find!”

 Zhu Guanshi looked at the child with a condescending glance, “As you cover each other for a small slave, I have seen enough . I advise you to be honest, or the trouble will do no good to you . ” He then nodded at the male servant who led Chu Qiao out of the Qingshan Courtyard .

   “Xing’er!” Huan’er cried, staring at the last Zhuge male servant who was leaving, he went forward to seize his hand and said: “You are not Zhu Shun Guanjia’s minion . Why did you lead them here? You must bring back Xing’er quickly!”

The servant stood there confused, he saw the slave go into the room and did not expect that Qingshan Courtyard’s maidservants were familiar with her but he still pushed Huan’er away, “You do not fool around, they are Zhu Guanjao’s old slaves prepared to be given to Laotaiye . The more you meddle in this matter, the more you have chance to also be sent!”

  The maids sat there for a while stunned, not daring to move for a moment .

   Suddenly, Huan’er stood up and wiped her tears, then he ran towards the Hongshan Courtyard!

   Zhuge Yue was in Zhugehuai’s study discussing official business when a noise was heard outside : “4th young master, Huan’er has report you something, she claims that it is an important matter, and needs to see you . ”

   Zhuge Yue frowned, “What matter is so important that he is unable to wait until I get back? Even more, ignoring the customs . Make him go back and wait . ”

It was silent for while, but then Zhu Cheng knocked at the door again and announced, “4th young master, it’s… . It’s Xing’er Guiniang . Zhu Shun Guanjia took her away . ”

   Shua was heard as the door was pulled and opened, Zhuge Yue eyebrows were locked, looking ugly, “What did you say?”

   A cold sweat dripped on Zhu Cheng’s forehead . He looked inside to see if there was anything suspicious on Zhuge Huai’s face, licked his lips and slowly declared: “Zhu Guanjia said that their slave escaped, and insisted that the child was Xing’er, thus people forcefully took her away from Qingshan Courtyard . ”

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   “Carried off? Where are they taking her?”

   “Yes, they said they are sending her to Laotaiye’s Courtyard . ”

  Zhuge Yue face turned ugly at that .

  “Perhaps they captured the wrong person, Zhu Shun is injured and it would be inappropriate for him to work . ” Zhuge Huai came forward, patting Zhuge Yue’s shoulder, laughed lightly and remarked: “4th Brother, since she was delivered, later Big brother will select several maids to be delivered to your courtyard as compensation . I will make sure you don’t suffer a loss . ” (Yeah, this dude can die)

   “How much time passed since this event . “Zhuge Yue eyes stared at Zhu Cheng, as though he didn’t hear one word from Zhuge Huai . His voice was low and deep as if eternal ice froze the surroundings .

   “Less than a half of hour . ”

   “Bang” sound muffled, Zhuge Yue shoved open the side gate and strode out like the wind . His people from Qingshan followed on his heels and didn’t even have enough time to salute the other young masters .

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   Zhuge Huai was slightly surprised for a moment . Hongshan Courtyard’s Zhu Yongan quietly sat at the side, without lifting his head, he was silent like some wood .

   “Zhu Yong, how do you see this?”

   The man was more than 30 years old, compared to Zhu Cheng, Zhu Shun, and others his look was old . With a low voice, looking calm he slowly said, “Young master, did you not say that 4th master has reason and seemingly indifferent? But in reality he gives the most effort . I only see that this is not like 4th young master, a bit irrational .

   Zhuge Huai delicately smiled,  shaking lightly his head, then turned and went back to his room, “Ah, romance, the most important childhood’s sweetheart . Youthful dalliance, the innocence . This is a good thing ah!”

   He slightly raised his head, his eyebrows concealing his plans, as his lips gently curved up,” Go check on this maidservant, Xing’er… . It might be very important for me later . ”

   Zhu Yong nodded in affirmation, then backed out, Zhuge Yue was so shocked, that he forgot to conceal his emotions . He also pondered about the child .

   He knew that she was the bamboo horse to his greenish plum flower . She was only an eight years old child, unexpectedly .

   Gradually the day was getting late, the north wind blowing, Zhuge Huai faintly smiled: “Xing’er……”