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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:29:54 PM

Chapter 112

A total scene of obliteration, without a single living breath left .

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A black smoke wrapped around the scene, enveloping any any living plants in its path . But miraculously, it avoided XunMi and Ouyang HanShuang almost as if it was scared .

XunMi didn’t care too much about it . She was only afraid that she had arrived too late . The forbidden area’s outside was already like this, what could the inside look like?

On their way here, they hadn’t seen a single living animal . By the time she arrived at the cave that the two elders had entered secluded cultivation, XunMi had practically lost all her hope .

“Teacher, maybe they were only injured . I’ll go in first to check . ” Ouyang HanShuang grabbed XunMi’s hand to pull her back . There was obvious traces of combat on the ground, with some places soaked in red liquid .

She couldn’t be confident in what the scene inside would be like . If it was really bad inside, her little teacher will be heartbroken .

XunMi closed her eyes and walked to the side . She also didn’t know how she would react to the two elders’ condition .

Ouyang HanShuang rushed inside, preparing for the worst . Even then, her eyes widened from shock .

“Teacher, teacher! Come in!”

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XunMi heard Ouyang HanShuang’s shout . With a flash, she appeared inside the cave . Seeing the devastation in front of her, her legs almost gave in from under her .

Luckily, Ouyang HanShuang reacted fast and supported her .

The was not an uninjured part on the two seniors’ bodies . Their eyes had been dug out of their sockets . In the empty holes, numerous worms were already wiggling around .

Their noses had been broken off, their mouths opened wide to reveal white bugs currently gnawing on the insides .

First elder’s body had already been eaten to the point that his skeleton was showing . The second elder’s lower body was still untouched . Their belongings were scattered around their bodies, including the XiSui pill bottle that XunMi had given .

Bang! Her knees hit the floor as tears flowed down her face . Even though she wasn’t the real Liu XunMi, she could still felt the stuffiness of her heart clenching .

She knew that this world was ruthless . She knew that everyone was going to die under death’s sword one day .

But she never thought that these elders would die without the dignity of an intact body .

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Ouyang HanShuang also knelt to the ground as her tears poured out . She had only met these elders once . But it was obvious through their one meeting that they were filled with affection and kindness . How could such people end up like this?

“First elder, second elder . I know burning a body with fire represents the person had done an unforgivable crime . It’s not an honor but a type of punishment . However, I’ll have to apologize today . I hope that you will forgive me . ” Because where I come from, cremation would be a type of purification of all filth before ascending to the heavens . I think if there is really such thing as gods, they would definitely understand .

A fire assembled in her hands . This was a skill reserved for soul seniors and above . But the skill also depended on the presence of a basic foundation . In the past thousand years, no one had been able to control fire .

XunMi closed her eyes . With a wave of her hands, fire encircled the two bodies on the ground . The white bugs scurried over each other trying to find their way out .

Watching as the white bugs tried to escape the fire, XunMi’s eyes became darker and darker . With another wave of her hand, a hotter fire attacked the white bugs . These weren’t bugs that scavenged on corpses . Instead, they were magic bugs that only consumed human meat and blood . These bugs were hard to raise .

If these bugs appeared, then that means there was also an original body that sustained these creatures .

XunMi clenched her jade flute . “Liu ZhenXin, I’ll make sure you die in shame . ”

Taking a deep breath, she wiped away her tears roughly . When the last flames died out, XunMi waved the bone ashes up and placed them into a small box . Since first elder and second elder liked this place a lot,  she’ll help them tidy it up .

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Ouyang HanShuang quickly picked up the overturned table and chairs so that her teacher could put down the box .

With a tap of her finger, Cleaning Method flowed out of her fingertip . In a single moment, the disorderly mess was spotless .

Walking out of the cave, XunMi added two more protection membranes and yet another around the outer surroundings . If anyone wanted to charge in, they won’t be greeted warmly .

“Teacher, what should we…?” Ouyang HanShuang knew teacher was feeling unstable right now . Even she felt as if her heart was clenched after seeing such a scene .

“Sweep out Liu family, kill Liu Zhen Xin . ” XunMi brought a corrosive chemical from the space market . When anything came into contact with it, that thing would die .

Ouyang HanShuang took out her silver fan from her space ring and followed her teacher as she furiously charged towards Liu family .

With one kick, she pushed open the front doors . The two of them were very fast . But by the time they arrived in the hall, Liu ZhenXin seemed to have already received the news and was seated in the highest position waiting for them .

XunMi’s jade flute transformed into a long sword pointed directly at Liu ZhenXin . Her voice sounded as if it could turn water into ice . “Liu ZhenXin, I won’t allow you to have to possibility of resurrection today . ”

With a tap of her foot, she soared into the sky as her sword teared through the air . The wind blew stronger and more powerful .

Liu ZhenXin didn’t take XunMi seriously . She was already a soul senior now . She could finally finish Liu XunMi off now . Even if she hadn’t come to find her today, she had planned to go find her herself .

“Hahaha, Liu XunMi . You’ve really delivered yourself to my doorsteps . Today, you’ll be dinner for my little babies . Hahaha . ” She rushed forward, ready to suppress XunMi .

XunMi narrowed her eyes and muttered an incantation while gripping her sword .

Liu ZhenXin swiftly swung her whip harshly across XunMi’s middle, laughing crazily .

“Hahaha, Liu XunMi . I’ve kill you . Everyone will die . When everyone’s dead, no one will dare oppose me . I’ll be a god . ”

Ouyang HanShuang stared in disbelief at the person that had disappeared in midair . She had been ready to rush forward fight against Liu ZhenXin but suddenly realized that something wasn’t right . If her teacher was really killed, why didn’t she see her body fall down to the ground? Why did it disappear instead?

“Liu ZhenXin, you are too confident . Don’t you know that arrogance is a fatal weakness?” XunMi reappeared behind Liu ZhenXin and pushed her sword into her back . XunMi didn’t give Liu ZhenXin any time to rebel, and immediately doused her with the chemical .

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