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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:26:24 PM

Chapter 180

QuietlyHumming took a look at the mess in front of them . The ground was covered with little demons, and a battered body of a large Bear Scorpion .  ┑( ̄Д ̄)┍

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“It’s our fault for not having good luck . Congratulations on successfully completing the mission” The Lonely Scholar politely responded, feeling just a bit let down . He had thought that they could depend on Xiao Qi’s powerful healing abilities to continuously restore their HP so that they could kill off the Bear Scorpion . But now, it looked unlikely . The Bear Scorpion was defeated . The armory they needed was probably taken already by Si Handsome and his people . There was no point in coming again tomorrow . The most they would be able to get would be some auxiliary weapons .

“It truly is bad luck . ” XunMi said dryly . Her gaze was still on Zi Qin . {T/N: She’s being punny . Bad luck here in Chinese literally means ‘bad energy’ . } She then turned to the kindhearted female lead and came to a conclusion . This female lead was exactly as it said in the books: Mary Sue, pure white lotus flower . Just a moment ago, that other person had been fight and cursing her . The next moment, she had forgiven her completely . If she wasn’t used, who would be used?

Ai, she sent a second’s worth of pity to the female lead and those by her side . It should be considered a form of bad luck to meet such an oblivious teammate .

XunMi didn’t know that she had uncovered another truth accidentally .

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Wu Sheng wasn’t happy that Zi Qin was back . Therefore, his attitude towards YaoYao Xiao Qi and the others was a bit sharp . To avoid trouble from either sides, ScatteredDust made his decision as team leader to remove Wu Sheng from the group . Although they were saying Wu Sheng had been switched into another group, everyone knew that he had obviously been kicked out of the group that he had been a founding member of . Wu Sheng was a muscle man . He didn’t really understand the situation . Besides his original anger, he didn’t really have much of a reaction . But some others in the sect were already protesting . Every since YaoYao Xiao Qi joined, there had been trouble after trouble . First there was the matter that roommate, then there was Zi Qin, now there was Wu Sheng . Between these issues were small scuffles with other players . Every single time, it was their sect president and members that had to clean up after her . There were a lot of matters where they had to wipe her ass so their annoyance had been building up . In this period of time, her public opinion had changed a bit .
ScatteredDust knew of this,and had tried to stop them from leaving . However, they only expressed their continued dissatisfaction towards YaoYao Xiao Qi . Yet, he couldn’t bare do anything to YaoYao Xiao Qi . Therefore, he could only allow those protesters to leave . Now, a sect originally with tens of thousands of people now only had about two or three thousand .

When Zi Qin saw XunMi, she immediately felt the pressure of a higher level demon . Unlike the gods, demons, and immortals that could be chosen as a player setting in the game, she had truly fallen and turned into a demon . Therefore, she had a stronger sense of demon energy, even increasing her own physique’s abilities . At least, now she would have been able to take out half of the Bear Scorpion’s HP by herself .

But she wasn’t someone that rushed her plans . Those that hurt her will definitely pay .

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However, Zi Qin had never met someone of the same ‘species . ’ She had the urge to surrender to her without any hint of resistence . Even though she knew that this situation wasn’t safe for her, she couldn’t find any obvious problems .
“Welcome . ” XunMi saw Zi Qin’s face was filled with caution and fear for her . She was satisfied . Watching the third female lead and female lead slowly rip off each other’s masks was not a bad idea .  En, she needed to make sure to make time daily in her schedule for this . After greetings, QuietlyHumming’s group quickly grabbed their things and left . It wasn’t like they were too familiar with each other anyways .
XunMi sent Zi Qin a private message before leaving . She cautioned her to not reveal her identity and that if she needed anything, she could come find her .   She really wanted to know whether, without her involvement and their team’s help, the second female lead would be able to take down the female lead or when the female lead would finally be attack back .

The evilminded XunMi was dragged back to JueXian Pavilion by Si YuFan . He gently threw her onto the bed . Si YuFan climbed atop . Before XunMi could say anything, he had already fiercely captured her tempting red lips . Her scent quickly filled him . Her skin was like jade . Because of the sudden attack on her lips, her peach blossom eyes were unfocused, shining with water . Her usual cold aura had disappeared, leaving behind a warm seductive demoness .

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Si YuFan restrained himself from completely eating her up . Still hugging her close, he collapsed on his back .

“XunMi, marry me, okay?” His mother had said to be aggressive first . First marry the person into their family . Anything else can wait for later . He didn’t want to risk moving too slow and having her stolen away by someone else .
“You said before . You said that as long as I found you, you agree to anything I proposed . My wish is that you marry me and let me be responsible of spoiling you for the rest of our lives . You don’t need to make money . I have a lot of capital for to spend . You don’t need to worry about housework . There’s many servants in the house . Marry me, okay? I’ll give everything to you . ” Si YuFan didn’t really know how to write lavish romantic poems . Instead, these was all his sincere thoughts . From the first time he saw her, he felt she was familiar and he wanted to hide her away . At first, he thought this was the effect of his collecting habit . However, after explaining his feelings to his mom, he realized that he had already fallen for her . But there was a feeling in his heart that was telling him that he didn’t just like her . He knew he held deeper, more indescribable emotions for her . It was a feeling that made him certain that he would be willing to give up anything for her, even his own life .

Therefore, he went to research the symptoms in various ancient books . He found one convincing explanation: love at first sight . He thought he must have felt love at first sight for XunMi . But within that was also a strong sense of familiarity and attachment . He really liked this feeling . He didn’t want to let go or resist the feeling .

XunMi’s closed eyes opened slowly . She had been too distracted by the sudden fervent kisses . As she slowly returned to her senses, she heard her dear husband’s proposal . She almost wanted to cry . After so many years and worlds, her husband’s love was still the same as the beginning . Suddenly, something that she never used to even consider as possible was slowly happening to her, telling her that she too could be happy . She didn’t need to do anything but be happy . There would always be a dummy that would sincerely spoil her, protect her, and love her . Meanwhile, all he wanted in return was her willing heart . There is such a lover that can give you an entire lifetime without regrets .

“Alright . ” Every world, he would do the same things . And yet, every time she would feel high on happiness .

“Really . XunMi, really!” Si YuFan jumped up from the bed, hugging XunMi and kissing endlessly . His happiness was written on his face, making XunMi break into laughter in response .

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