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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:25:30 PM

Chapter 196

There were only the normal citizens that sat in the military vehicles and a few people that had followed them by foot .

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“Are there any injured?” XunMi smelled the air . Something seemed off .

Song ZiQian was puzzled . Before getting on the car, they had checked everyone . There was no one injured .
XunMi raised an eyebrow . There must be someone hiding their injury . They were probably afraid of being kicked out . “Search . You need to find them . ” If their situation suddenly got worse, it would be bad for everyone here .

Song ZiQian didn’t doubt XunMi’s words . He immediately commanded his men to find who was injured .
Ye MingYe’s eyes were on the truck that Song ZiQian had been driving . His eyes darkened .

Ling Chen only knew that this situation had nothing to do with him . He lightly ran to the side and took out pots and pans from the car . He set up shop and waited for XunMi to cook .

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“We didn’t find anything . ” Song ZiQian had made sure that all the citizens underwent investigation . His face was cold . Since Miss Ming had spoken, then there was definitely truth to her words .

XunMi could clearly feel the energy waves in the air: a bit aggressive, and stinky . She suspected that this should be a transforming zombie . But why was she becoming more and more like a bloodhound nowadays…Her nose was truly too strong . She awkwardly coughed and rubbed her nose, and then began heading towards the area where the smell was most present .

Ye MingYe stood protectively by XunMi’s side and followed her to stand in front of a little black car .
“Are there people in here?” XunMi looked in the window . There weren’t any people .  Yet the smell was coming from here . It was getting stronger and stronger .
Song ZiQian was also perplexed . “My right hand man and I drove this car . I didn’t see him get out of the car so he should still be in here . Could it be . . ” He opened the car door and peered in . But there really wasn’t anyone inside .

XunMi’s eyes narrowed . The guy ran off? Ye MingYe pointed a finger below the car . Everyone understood . Stepping back, XunMi let out her earth abilities . Without a sound, vines emerged and shooted underneath the car . Vines entangled the car and quickly moved it aside, successfully revealing the man underneath the car .

His hand was already rotting, his eyes were bloodshot red . He was biting deep into his lips, as if holding back something . The other hand held a gun, pointed right at his temple . It looked as if he was ready to end his own life at any moment, for the sake of the rest of humanity .

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Unfortunately, XunMi felt indifferent towards all of this . If he really wanted to kill himself to avoid becoming a danger towards others, why would he wait until now? If he really cared about others first, he would have notified his leader the moment he was bitten or when he realized the changes happening in his body . Although it was already the apocalypse, the duty of soldiers weren’t meant to be treated like a façade .

On the other hand, Song ZiQian’s eyes widened with pain when he saw what was underneath the car . The aimed gun in his hand shook .  This was the right-hand man that had been by his side for so many years .

“Do you want to live?” XunMi suddenly spoke . Those simple words were like opium to a drug addict . The man’s eyes widened . The desire and excitement in his face revealed his answer for him: He wants to live .

XunMi scoffed . “Hypocrite . ”

The vines seemed to have their own consciousness . Knowing that their master didn’t like this man, they quickly bundled him up like a zongzi .

“A woman called Ming Mei will arrive . She has healing abilities . Whether or not she can save you will be based on your luck . ” Wiping her hands, she grabbed Ye MingYe and turned . Before walking too far, she remembered something . “Of course, whether or not she actually has the skill to save you is also up to luck . ”Ming Mei was at most level one right now . But because she was a bug, she might have the power of a level two or three . After all, the female lead always had the favor of the world and was OP .
Song ZiQian stood in his spot for a while . Finally, he decided to go join XunMi .  When he had heard the mention of healing abilities, his heart skipped . Does this mean that there was hope for humanity? That they wouldn’t have to face such a merciless apocalypse?

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But Ming XunMi’s following words made him realize how naïve his thoughts were .
“I know what you want to ask, but I don’t know much either . Yesterday, we bumped into her in a small village . They’ve been tailing us so they should be here soon . You can go ask her yourself . Oh right- it would be best not to mention Ming family . And don’t mention anything about knowing me . That might make her angry . After all, she is the illegitimate daughter that got kicked out by my family . ” XunMi said indifferently . But her lowered eyes were filled with evil intent .

In the original story, Song ZiQian admired Ming Mei . Later, he became her firm supporter . With the support of the two big figures of Shuguang base, she had no trouble getting whatever she wanted .

XunMi took pleasure in giving the female lead a bad future impression .

Song ZiQian opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say .

XunMi didn’t mind him . Seeing the simple stove that Ling Chen had set up, she began making lunch .

Soon an engine’s roar could be heard .   A large black range rover appeared in front of them . Seeing that there were military men, the car drove directly up .

Yu WenBo’s face brightened up . With military men around, then their journey will be well protected . Although XunMi and Ye MingYe had finished off the maneating flower, a group of zombies had arrived after the three left . After wasting a lot of energy and time, they finally escaped . But by then, they had already lost track of the car in front of them .

Luckily there was only one main road to follow .

“Chief, good evening . We would like to travel with you . ” Yu WenBo quickly got out of the car and quickly found Song ZiQian in military costume with stars on his shoulders . He put a perfect smile on his face . He pulled out a cigarette, a must for creating new partnerships, and prepared to light one up for him .
But this was the behavior that Song ZiQian hated the most . His eyes narrowed . He pushed away the hand outstretched to him and coldly replied . “Drive behind us . Forget everything else . ” He had hoped this group would be good . But in the end…

After being looked down on, Yu WenBo’s expression stiffed . He quickly readjusted . How could he be satisfied with just this much? His plan changed on the spot, as his attention turned to Ming Mei .

“Chief, there are two weak women in our group .  One of them even has precious healing abilities . Our skills are all not too high . If something happened to us, it would be a huge loss . ” His words were euphemistic . But to Song ZiQian, he might as well have directly said ‘You guys need to protect us . ”

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