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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:07:17 AM

Chapter 166

Bang! Bang! Bang!

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Zhao Xinrui was smiling malicious as she shot at them again . As she saw Xia Min rushing at her, she launched a mental attack and shot at both of them .

Despite the great pain in the head, Xia Min still struggled to carry on . He didn’t stop a bit on his way and put the stool in front of Xia Liang to protect her as soon as he could reach for Xia Liang .

However, as Zhao Xinrui kept shooting, the bullets flew towards them like heavy rain . In addition to Zhao Xinrui’s occasional mental attack, Xia Liang couldn’t be able to make a strong and effective counterattack when she was not armed at all, even though she was good at fighting skills .


Xia Min successfully blocked a bullet that flew directly at them with the stool .

But next second, two bullets were shot directly at Xia Liang’s heart and head at the same time .

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At the very moment, his Liang was covering her painful head and she obviously couldn’t avoid neither bullet because she was distracted .

Even if he threw himself in front of her, he couldn’t be able to stop both bullets .


Xia Min was desperate . His heart stopped beating suddenly at that moment . A strong, an overwhelming desire urged from the bottom of heart!

Stop! Stop! Stop!!!!!!

Then miracle happened!

The two bullets that would be shot at Xia Liang’s heart and head really stopped at the moment . They stopped only one millimeter in front of Xia Liang .  

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Then the two bullets fell on the ground, leaving danger behind .

He Nan was shocked by what he saw and couldn’t believe it actually happened .

That was…

“His power awakened . Being stimulated by such an extreme danger, his genetic lock is completely opened . ” Zhou Yu said as he rubbed his painful head, eyes sparkling with bright stars .

Xia Liang was also aware of the scenario and was happy for Xia Min that he finally gained his superpower .

However, before she was completely thrilled, Xia Liang was scared to death by what happened next .


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A bullet was shot directly at Xia Min’s heart and pierced into it .

While Xia Min focused on saving Xia Liang, he didn’t notice another bullet shooting at him .


Xia Liang cried desperately and pounced on Xia Min quickly and covered his bleeding chest .

“You are fine . You are fine . I can save you . ” Xia Liang took off her outfit and tried to stuff the wound . But blood flooded out from his chest, on and on . Very soon the blood turned his white outfit red .

“Fuck! Stop bleeding! How can’t I stop it!” Xia Liang roared angrily and desperately, wiping her eyes, “why can’t I see it clearly? . . . I need to stop you bleeding . ”

She had no idea that she had already burst into tears now and tears blurred her eyes, no matter how often she wiped tears .

As cold-minded as she was, it was Xia Liang’s first time to cry . It was her first to have a taste of bitter tears . It was her first time to experience despair and pain .

“Liang, I…I am sorry…”

Xia Min could feel that he was weaker and weaker . He was losing it . The shot was painful . But at the sight of Xia Liang who was crying with despair, the wound on his chest was overwhelmed by the pain in his heart .

He cherished her!

He felt sorry for her!

Xia Min thought absent-mindedly . It turned out that he didn’t keep his promise to stay with her to the end this time .


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