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Published at 5th of November 2019 03:57:11 PM

Chapter 53
Chapter 53: The Counterattack of Madam Black Cat (11)

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Translator: Guy Gone Bad
“Meow!” Sleep now! No bath!

Xia Liang struggled to get away as Ji Yue carried her to the shower . She patted his chest and swept his face with her tail and meowed .

“You don’t like shower?” Ji Yue was not sure but he could sense that she was trying to express herself .

She was obviously upset now because she even wagged her tail against his face .

Xia Liang nodded, “Meow . ” No shower!

“No . You are dirty after playing outside a whole day . You have to take a shower . ”

“Meow!” I will get dirty later because I am going out .

Xia Liang tried to argue but Ji Yue couldn’t understand her meowing language at all .

Ji Yue insisted to shower her against her will anyway .

He clinched her with one hand and opened the door to the bathroom with another . He filled the sink with about 2 or 3 inches of lukewarm water and squeezed shampoo into the water, stirred it and tested the temperature of the water .

Ji Yue finished every step carefully and nicely . He treated it as a big project .

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“Liang, be a good girl . Behave when you take the bath later . Got it?” Ji Yue had to repeat before he put her into the water .

“Meow . ” Fine .

Xia Liang nodded reluctantly .

“Good girl . ” Ji Yue gave her a kiss on her little cat face .

It was Ji Yue’s first time to give a bath to a cat . So he was kind of hurry-scurry . Luckily Xia Liang just stayed put for him to bathe her . Otherwise god knows what would happen .

Nevertheless, Xia Liang felt she was ‘tormented’ really bad in the end .

Scrubbing the paws for once was enough but why again and again?

It was itchy that he scrubbed her tail in his hand .

And she was shy when she was scrubbed on the belly .

Ji Yue wrapped Xia Liang in the towel to absorb water in her fur . Then he dried her with the hairdryer . Ji Yue enjoyed every minute of the entire process and had a great smile on his face .

At this moment, he had completely shown his cat slave attribution .

After taking the bath, Xia Liang’s fur was fluffy, making her look chubbier . And when she walked, her fur moved along . She was even cuter .

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Ji Yue loved her even more and held her in his arms to give her a bunch of kisses .

“Meow . ” Don’t wet my fur .

Xia Liang meowed to protest and got her face away from his kiss .

She liked her fluffy fur very much . It was not a good idea to get moist by Ji Yue .

“Haha . ” Ji Yue chuckled and gave her one last kiss on her lips .

Xia Liang, “…”

She froze there with fur standing up as a cat . She felt flushed on the face and ears . Thanks to the fur, she didn’t get exposed .

Ji Yue laughed out loud at her reaction and lied down on the bed with carrying her in his arms .

“Liang, to be honest, are you actually a cat spirit? Are you going to turn into a human? Huh?” Ji Yue rubbed her little nose and asked seriously .

No cat would respond to a human’s kiss so intensely like her .

Ji Yue was surer that Xia Liang could understand him like a human as if she had human senses, otherwise she wouldn’t be shy and embarrassed .

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“Meow . ” I am no cat spirit . I don’t know if I will turn into human or not .

Although Xia Liang tried to explain, Ji Yue couldn’t understand her meowing . Therefore, she quitted explaining after a while .

“Liang, remember, don’t ever act like you understand human language in front of anyone else . Do you understand?” Ji Yue said seriously .

If people found that Liang was different, it would be a big problem whether they could accept her or not . It would be even worse if they took her away for no good reasons . Thinking of this, Ji Yue was terrified .

Xia Liang was so horrified that her fur stood up again .

Actuall she never took herself as a cat . As for her new body, she hadn’t been used to it yet .

What she have been thinking was how to make people understand her in a human way .

It never occurred to her that she could be caught by human beings for bad reasons, something like being studied, just because she was acting like human as a cat .

Maybe cause it was too short for the time being . After all, it was her first day to be in this world .

Or because Ji Yue gave her a feeling that he was harmless and familiar . Xia Liang didn’t put on defense in front of him . She was being the real her all the time .

But now she completely understood that Ji Yue had noticed the difference in her .

Luckily he accepted who she was and gave her heads-up .

He was a good man .

“Meow . ” Thank you . Meowed Xia Liang to Ji Yue .

Although she already calmed down inside, her fur still in a standing-up state .

Ji Yue thought she was scared . So he stroked her from the head to tail gently, saying very gently,“Liang, don’t be scared . I won’t hurt you . I will protect you . ”

“Meow . ” I got it .

Xia Liang was in a good mood, and her tail started to be wagging, totally reflecting the master’s emotion .

Seeing her calm down, Ji Yue smiled, “Alright . I‘m gonna go take a shower . Wait here on the bed . Don’t run about . I will spank you if you are gone when I get out . ”

Then he spanked her a bit . Xia Liang waved her paws at him .

You can’t touch my little butt!

Xia Liang wished she could go out but she had to stay on bed because of Ji Yue’s threatening . It would be better if she could go out after he fell asleep .

When Ji Yue got out from shower, the cat was curling herself up and sleeping on the pillow .

He lied down on the bed and rubbed the cat in his arms, stroke on her head, then said satisfactorily, “sleep now . ”

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