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Published at 3rd of December 2019 12:50:06 AM

Chapter 360: 360

The Red Second Generation’s Abandoned Former Wife (13)

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Bai Weiwei added, “I woke Su Shian up with a hard slap and let him know that I had no feelings for him . ”

System: “No feelings can also increase favorability?”

Bai Weiwei: “Because what Su Shian was most disgusted with was Bai Weiwei’s affection for him . ”

If Bai Weiwei didn’t love him, he wouldn’t be forced to marry her by the patriarch .

Su Shian was very resistant to her heavy and unnecessary love .

He hated Bai Weiwei, partially because she loved him .

So to increase his favorability, one must only break this love .

Let Su Shian know that she would not bind him .

His disdainful feelings would naturally ease .

System: Love brought an abundance of negative favorability points, but when he lost this love he anxiously lit a fire to raise the favorability, was this not masochism?

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It had to eat a Latiao1 to calm down .

The world of men, it didn’t understand .

Bai Weiwei returned to the banquet . She began to eat and drink for a while .

When Su Shian came back, he was black faced and cold shouldered, as though he felt that everyone owed him eight thousand dollars .

After dinner, Patriarch Su went to rest in order to give the younger generation a chance to get together .

Su Shian played bridge with several of his cousins .

Bai Weiwei didn’t leave either . She drank cocktails with a bunch of ladies and chatted about perfume and this season’s limited-edition skirts .

This was her natural environment .

Drinking, drinking, suddenly there was a wanton gaze on her body .

She turned back and saw Chen Wenfeng staring at her intently .

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Bai Weiwei took a glance at Su Shian . When she saw that he hadn’t noticed, she immediately showed a smile and casually held up the glass of wine to toast him .

Her smile held a hint of intoxicating temptation . Her lip color in this lighting possessed a kind of luster that people would want to take .

Chen Wenfeng’s heart was stirred .

He took a deep breath to try to harness the discipline of monks .

He was actually teased by that bumpkin, Bai Weiwei .

Although he didn’t know which stylist she found, the image of her earthen bun appearance had reached deep into his heart .

When Chen Wenfeng looked up again to see Bai Weiwei, he was thinking that they should continue their game from before, but Bai Weiwei had disappeared .

He took his wine and began to walk around searching for her .

A friend’s wife couldn’t be cheated with, but for him, blocking Su Shian’s heart was a matter of course .

Anyway, Su Shian couldn’t wait to give him Bai Weiwei .

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He refused once, but this time he wouldn’t refuse . After all, this carefully packaged Bai Weiwei looked unusually delicious .

Su Shian had no peace of mind and was tired as he played cards . In his mind, he was remembering Bai Weiwei’s tearful expression as she told him Things couldn’t go back to how they once were .

He was distracted, he lost all his chips and anxiety struck his heart .

He finally pushed the cards away, said goodbye and decided to leave .

As soon as he got up, he found that Bai Weiwei was gone .

He felt even more nervous . She wasn’t just going to divorce him, she had left him completely behind .

Su Shian calmed down and convinced himself that he wanted her not to tell grandpa that they divorced .

After all, this was an important period of corporate restructuring .

With Patriarch Su’s support, for him this was simply a heavenly rain .

So he was at ease looking for Bai Weiwei .

As he walked to the balcony, he saw Bai Weiwei standing there with a glass of wine .

Bathed in the moonlight, her back was beautiful and dreamy .

Su Shian was just about to step forward .

But found Chen Wenfeng standing in front of her . They spoke and smiled .

Chen Wenfeng seemed to say something, which made her laugh in spite of herself .

Su Shian didn’t really know what he was feeling .

Obviously, he had planned to send Bai Weiwei to Chen Wenfeng’s bed .

But now that they were together, his expression was a little bad .

1: 辣条: AKA spicy stick, spicy strip, hot strip . A popular snack in China made from wheat flour and chili . ↩

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