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Chapter 1

Inside a dark room; in front of the blinking monitor – sat a youth on a leather chair . His hair was short and black, but oily and chaotic, his eyes were green but there were circles of exhaustion around them . His face was handsome but dirty . His body was slim but a foul odour came from it .

The youth stared directly at his computer screen, his left hand mashed the buttons of his mechanical keyboard while his right hand constantly moved his mouse and clicked it every so often . The screen flashed and the youth continued mashing the buttons with his left and moving his mouse with the right . This lasted for five breaths of time before stopping with one last screen flash . The youth's hands relaxed and a smile formed on his lips, in front of him, on the computer screen a message flashed <You Win!>

"I did it!" he mumbled . His eyes closed and he fell asleep .

Several hours passed and the youth's eyelids wavered and eyes opened, in front of him, he saw – a black computer screen . He rubbed his eyes and stretched while yawning loudly . He grabbed his mouse and moved it slightly . In response to the movement of the mouse, the computer screen flared up but unlike before a new message was now printed in the middle of the screen, <You have been disconnected from the server>

"Did I win?" He asked himself as he stared at the message, a moment passed and he recalled – the last message he saw before falling asleep . His lips curled up in a smile and he laid back on his chair and shouted out happily . "To think that I would win!" A wide smiled formed on his lips .

"Since I won, I can get a free copy of the first VRMMO – RE: Alternate World Online!" he shouted out in a very happy voice . He rotated his chair away from the monitor before jumping up from his chair and when he landed on the ground, he felt his right foot squishing down on something . His eyes looked down and he frowned as he saw that his right foot landed on an opened candy bar .

The youth raised his leg up from the candy bar and he saw that there was chocolate on his right foot . He frowned, "I have to wash my right foot now . "

After this thought, he walked past the mess of his room and entered the bathroom . He walked up to the bath, turned on the water and rinsed off the chocolate from his right foot . He then turned around and prepared to walk out of the bathroom but before he could, he caught sight of himself in the mirror . The mirror that was only left of him .

He looked into the mirror; looking at it, he saw his dirty self . "I can't go into public like this… now can I?" He mumbled before sighing and walking back to the bath .

After taking a bath, he walked back to the mirror and looked at himself once again . He nodded his head and walked out of the bathroom . He carefully navigated to the dresser, carefully evading the trash that littered the entire floor of his room .

After changing into fresh clothes, he then put his phone into his left pocket and his wallet into his right pocket and walked out of the apartment; as he did, he was greeted with sun rays directly into his face . His eyes squinted and at the next moment, he shielded them with his left hand . "How long has it been since I was outside? A month? Two months? … No, it was four months if not more…," he thought . He then shook his head and thought, "No matter… I should go and retrieve my prize from that company . The less time I spend outside, the better . "

He with a hastened step walked away from his apartment building and made his way to the closest bus stop . As he travelled to the bus stop, there were many people walking past him but he didn't pay any of them any mind . When he made it to the bus stop, he bought the ticket and boarded the third bus as to why he took the third bus, it was because it had his destination as one of its stops .

When he sat into the bus, a commercial started playing on one of the monitors that were on the bus . The youth looked at this commercial with great interest, after all, it was the commercial of the product that he was on his way to retrieve .

"Presenting RE: Alternate World Online, the first VRMMO to hit the market and the first MMO that will connect players from all over the world . Our real-time translation technology will allow all players all over the world to speak in a single language and it will also give them complete immersion into our world . Get yours today for only 10,000 Chinese Yuan!"

As the commercial ended the youth moved his eyes away from the monitor with his eyes shining in excitement, he couldn't wait to play this newest game which promised complete immersion . Ten breaths of time passed and the bus stopped at the youth's destination . He stepped out of the bus and saw a large ten storey building appear in front of him .

The youth rushed into the building and inside he saw a long line . He sighed and lined up . Thirty breaths of time passed and it was finally his turn, he walked up to the counter and he was greeted by a smiling woman of around 26 years old who stood in front of a computer . "She is around my age?" the youth thought when he saw his attendant . "Would you like to purchase RE: AWO?" she asked with a smile .

"I am the winner of the competition that took about eights maybe ten hours ago," he stated . Even though he lived as a NEET for a few years, he was still confident when he spoke to her .

Her face showed surprise and she nodded, "I see, I will send an authorization onto your mobile device to confirm your identity . "

He nodded and he retrieved a smartphone from his left pocket . A notification flashed on his screen and he pressed the button the popped up <Authorize> . The woman nodded, "You are indeed the winner of our competition, now I need only your personal identification card . "

He nodded and from his wallet, retrieved his identity card and passed it to the woman . She looked at the card and inputted something onto her computer .

"Mr . Yun Shin, I will give you your product shortly . " She from below the counter retrieved a medium sized bag which had the logo of the company imprinted on it . She extended the bag and with a smile said, "Please enjoy your copy of the game . "

Yun Shi quickly walked out of the building and quickly made back to his apartment . He walked past the fifth on his floor then cleared away his bed and opened the bag, inside he saw two items – a choker and an instruction manual .

He first opened the instruction manual and quickly read through it, from it he found out three things how to start the game, how to access the menu and how to activate the skills . There was no more information besides that .

Yun Shi put on the choker and laid down on the cleaned bed, he closed his eyes and in his head shouted out, "RE: Start!"

After saying these words the choker lit up and he could feel his eyelids feel heavy and before he knew it, he lost his consciousness . After he lost his consciousness, his eyes opened and in front of him he saw a white space and in this white space, several messages flashed before him/

<Welcome to RE: Alternate World Online>

<Character Creation Initialized>