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Chapter 15

After the attack landed on Dro, he looked at the health of the Werewolf Guard and used a skill .

<Werewolf Guard, Level 10, Elite>

<HP: 861/1,000>

<Blood Slash>

<-69, Werewolf Guard>

The Werewolf Guard howled and then struck back with its left hand in a swinging motion .

<-147(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

He couldn't dodge the attack, even when he already saw the same attack – once before . After delivering this attack, the Werewolf Guard used its own skill and four attacks came in quick succession; Dro couldn't dodge even a single one .


<-149(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-145(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-146(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-148(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

"What the hell!" he cursed inwardly and extended his hand to use a recovery skill .


<-50, Werewolf Guard>

<+144, Dro>

He recovered some health with the Drain skill but it was not enough as it only recovered the health from one attack and not the six that he received up to that point . After the Drain skill, the Werewolf Guard struck again but this time it was a swipe from the opposite side . Not only that, the Werewolf Guard struck a Critical Strike .

<Critical, -347(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

"Damn it!" he cursed inwardly as the pain that he felt from this attack was much more intense than those that of non-critical attacks but even then, he didn't moan in pain or did something as foolish as closing his eyes in the middle of a fight . His eyes remained seated on the monster ahead . The Werewolf Guard howled and it was prepared to launch another attack . Dro saw this and he pre-emptively jumped back which in turn made him dodge before the attack even happened .

At this moment, Dro glanced at his health and his eyes widened in shock when they did .

<HP: 355/1,440>

"This is bad! I have barely any health left!" he cursed inwardly after checking his own health and then he cursed, as he saw that the Werewolf Guard was now in front of him and it used the same skill that it already used before . He knew that if all attacks from this skill hit him, he would most certainly die .


"That's right!" he suddenly remembered that he had invulnerability skill and he used it without hesitation .

<Blood Puddle>

<-0(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-0(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-0(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

<-0(Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Dro>

Dro in the Blood Puddle state moved away from the Werewolf guard and once its effects expired and when Dro was far away from the cave, the Werewolf Guard ran back to its original location .

Dro sighed with relief and he looked at his own health .

<HP: 355/1,440>

He shook his head and thought, "This quest is impossible for the current me . " He turned around and walked back to the village . He returned back to the NPC which given him the pelt collecting quest .

"Your Excellency . " The Vampire quest giver bowed his head deeply as he spoke .

"I have completed your task," Dro stated .

<Quest Completed>


<+150 XP>

He glanced at his experience bar as he didn't see the Level Up notification .

<355/364 XP>

"One more monster should do it . " He thought before looking away from the experience bar . His eyes moved back to the NPC in front of him and he saw that this quest giver had one additional quest . But unlike the last two quests, this quest giver was not marked with a yellow quest marker but with a red one . The red quest marker which meant that the quest giver had a dungeon quest to give .

"Is there anything else that you want me to do?" Dro asked .

"Your Excellency, there is one last pelt that I need . "

"Which is?"

"Please go to a cave this cave is filled with the Corrupted Vampire Bats, at the end of this cave resides a Corrupted Vampire Bat King . Please bring me that Kings pelt . "

<Quest Received>


<Collect Corrupted Vampire Bat King Pelt>


<+1 Talent Point* (Unlocked at Level 10)>

<+2000 XP>

<Accept, Decline>

"Dungeon Quest? Will I even be able to do that… I can't even kill a Level 10 elite, it seems I will need a party for this quest but I am probably the only Vampire player around so I doubt that I will find anyone to party with . I wonder if there is a group finder of some sorts…" He shook his head, sighed and thought, "I should accept for now . "

"I accept," he said .

"Thank you, Your Excellency . "

<Quest Accepted>

"Now I have three quests, one is to go and solve the plight of the village which told me to complete other quests to advance, the second one is to go to a cave that is filled with Werewolves that are elites which I wasn't able to kill and last one is to go clear a dungeon," he thought .

Dro looked at the minimap and a smile formed on his lips as he was pleasantly surprised . "I now have a fourth quest! Hopefully, I won't have to fight elites," he thought and then he walked to the yellow quest which he saw on the minimap .

After arriving at the quest giver's location, he saw a little Vampire Girl with a yellow quest marker above her head . Once he approached her, she looked up at him, widened her eyes and bowed her head, "I greet, Your Excellency . " She said in a loud voice and then she bit her lip, "Please your Excellency, find my big brother!"

"What's wrong?"

"My big brother went missing, he went to the forest and he is yet to come back . Can you please find my big brother, I am worried about him . "

<Quest received>

<Find Vampire Girl's Big Brother>


<+350 XP>

<Accept, Decline>

"Alright, I will do it . "

"Thank you, your Excellency," She bowed her head, in gratitude .

<Quest Accepted>

. . .

Dro followed the quest arrow and he reached the entrance to the forest, at the entrance of this forest stood a wolf .

<Wolf, Level 5>

<HP: 150/150>