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Published at 4th of January 2019 07:11:02 PM

Chapter 16

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Dro didn't look at the Wolf for more than a single breath of time . He walked up to the Wolf, unsheathed his Great Sword and slashed at it diagonally from the top-right to lower-left with a skill . He didn't use the Drain as an opener as he saw no reason to do so as the monster was lower level than him .

<Decimating Slash>

<-141 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Wolf>

The wolf howled in pain before snarling in anger at Dro . The Wolf lunged at Dro but he managed to dodge the attack by moving to the right . After dodging, he used a skill .

<Blood Slash>

<-105 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Wolf>

The Wolf was slain and series of notification messages flashed before him .

<Wolf Slain>

<+50 XP>

<Level Up>

<Level 8>

<You have been awarded 15 attribute points>

<You have 15 Unspent Attribute Points>

After seeing that he levelled up, Dro accessed the character window and allocated the 15 attribute points as per usual . He put 8 points into strength, 5 points into Vitality and the last 2 points into Dexterity .

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He closed the menu and saw that the Wolf corpse was glowing in the same manner as when the monster was lootable . Dro with his left hand touched the corpse and the loot window opened . Dro raised his eyebrow in surprise as he saw the item that dropped .

<Wolf Gloves, Item Grade: Green, Gloves, Leather, Level Required: 5, Unidentified>

"That's a first green item that dropped from a monster," he thought as a slight smile appeared on his handsome face . He was so excited that after looting he turned around and ran back to the village to identify the item .

He ran back to the item examiner and stopped in front of her . She bowed down her head . "Your Excellency, is there an item you need to be identified?" she said .

"Yes, I need an item to be identified . "

"Certainly, Your Excellency . "

A window opened with Dro's inventory and he selected his newly acquired gloves . After selecting the gloves, a moment passed and a notification flashed .

<Wolf Gloves, Item Grade: Green, Gloves, Level Required: 5, Dexterity +3, Vitality +2, Armour +2>

He smiled and thought, "My first green quality item, not bad!"

"Is there anything else, Your Excellency?" The Vampire woman said .

"That's all . " Dro said with a smile plastered on his face before closing the window .

He first equipped the item and then returned back to the entrance of the forest . When he returned to the entrance of the forest, he saw the same Wolf standing at the entrance to the forest .

"So it respawned," he thought and then he walked up to the monster . He attacked like the last time – diagonally using the same skill as before but unlike last fight, he managed to score a critical strike thus killing it in a single strike .

<Decimating Slash, Critical>

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<-253 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Wolf>

<Wolf Slain>

<+50 XP>

Dro looked at the Wolf as he slightly expected for it to drop an item as it had done so before but against his expectations, the Wolf didn't drop a single item . He looked away from the Wolf and walked into the forest .

After stepping into the forest, he stopped and looked around . Looking around, he saw even more wolves . He then moved his eyes to the minimap and saw the arrow pointing deeper into the forest .

He followed the quest arrow and by the time he reached the missing Vampire he was tasked to find, he killed five Wolves; these five Wolves gave him 250 experience points .

Dro approached this Vampire and asked, "Why are you here?"

When the Vampire saw his Dro his face paled, he kneeled on the ground and he uttered with a low voice, "I…" He shook his head, "Please spare me, Your Excellency! Please spare me!"

"Please spare me," he repeated

Dro showed a confused expression, "Huh?" he thought . "What have you done so that I need to spare you?" he asked .

The Vampire man looked up at him and he asked with shock in his voice, "You are not here to kill me?!"

"Your little sister has asked me to find you . Why would I kill you?"

The Vampire lowered his head and after a moment of silence he took a deep breath and said, "I… I can't… I can't come back"

"Why?" Dro tilted his head in confusion .

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"Your Excellency, I… I have something to confess . "

Dro looked at the man and black quest marker appeared before his head

"Your Excellency, I have something to confess… I… I have eloped with a werewolf… I know our laws and I know the punishment of this sin . . but please, please spare me, please let me go . Please just let me go, tell my sister I have died… if I return back to the village I will die . "

<Choice Quest Received>

<Option 1>

<Tell the little sister her brother is dead>


<Reputation with Werewolves increased by 1000>

<+175 XP>

<Option 2>

<Tell Vampire queen and uphold the laws of the Vampires>



<+350 XP>

<Quest Updated>

The black quest marker disappeared from above the Vampires head and he stood up and walked away from Dro and deeper into the forest .

After the Vampire disappeared from Dro's eyes, he thought, "So I have to return to the little Vampire girl or the Vampire Queen…" Drool formed at the corner of his lips, he shook his head, wiped off his drool and thought, "Werewolf reputation increase? But I am a Vampire… The choice is clear for more than one reason . "

He extended his hand and used a skill .

<Blood Gate>

The gate of blood opened and he walked through it . After passing through his surroundings changed and he was now in the throne room and in front of him, on the throne sat the queen of the Vampires – Erylis .

"Did you complete your task, fifth?" she said .

He met her eyes with his own and he couldn't help but be drawn into them but even then he managed to hold his composure and say, "A Vampire eloped with a Werewolf . " After his words fell, her eyes narrowed and a frown appeared on her beautiful face followed by a few notification messages .

<Quest Completed>

<Option 2 Chosen>

<Erylis favourability +2>

<+350 XP>

<Level Up>

<Level 9>

<You have been awarded 15 attribute points>

<You have 15 Unspent Attribute Points>

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