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Chapter 20

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"I need to find clothes," she mumbled before turning her head in all directions to look around .

She saw cracked grey ground under her feet . A river to her left, stairs ahead and a path to her right .

In the river to her left – floated a boat which was fastened to a wooden pole with a thick rope . From the lake itself, every few moments ghastly hands would emerge and then disappear back into the river .

The stairs led upwards and at the midway point, only thick fog could be seen .

The path to the right was so long that no end was in sight .

Each path led to an unknown place and no one could know where one would end up after following each one of these three paths .

"There are three paths I can take . The boat to the left, the stairs ahead or the path to the right . Now which one should I take," she thought then smirked and plucked out a single feather from her wings . She extended her hand and a feather came into her vision . She rotated it with her thumb and index finger . "Time to do this as I do with every decision I face, rely on luck . " she thought as she looked at the large black feather between her slender fingers .

She threw the feather into the air and a sudden gust of wind blew which made the feather float towards the lake which was to the left . She smirked and mumbled, "It seems my luck from the real world carried over," she chuckled, "The choice I have to make is clear . "

She with only her underwear walked to the boat and looked at it . "It floats, but can it carry me over safely… Won't those hands baptise the boat?" She narrowed her eyes as she looked at the hands that emerged every so often .

She turned her head back glancing at her black wings, "I should give a try to flying, at this point it seems safer than using a boat to get across," she thought .

She closed her eyes and once again focused on her wings, her wings flapped and she rose above the ground . She grabbed this feeling of making her wings flap and opened her eyes . She first practised flying over the ground and then after practising for five minutes, she looked at the river and took a deep breath . "Here goes," she thought then with several flaps of her wings she started to fly over the river . On the way across, several gusts of wind blew against her which made her shiver from the cold but even so, she persisted and flew over the river safely .

She landed on the ground and looked around . Seeing only one path, she walked it . After walking for some time, she saw a dead end in the distance but at the end of the dead end, she saw a treasure chest which glew in a golden glow . "A treasure chest?" she thought then ran up to it and touched it with her right hand . With the touch, a notification flashed .

<+1,000,000,000,000 Gold Received>

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She smirked and thought, "Well it seems, I won't be having any gold problems . "

She looked around once more and after making sure that it was an indeed the dead end and that there were no other paths . She returned back to the river and then using the same method of flying, she returned back to the intersection .

She once again plucked one of her feathers and threw it into the air . A gust of wind blew and the feather once again floated but this time if floated in a different direction, it floated to the path to the right . She nodded and walked down this path .

At the end of this path she saw a slouching man - the slouching man was wearing a black coat and above him - Valeif saw his name and level .

<Underworld Trader, Level ????>

She approached this man and said, "Hello . "

The man replied in a cracked old voice, "You really are lucky, adventurer!"

She tilted her head, "How so?"

"I am the underworld trader and I sell the items that even the gods would kill to get . Do you wish to browse my wares?"

She nodded, "Sure . "

The shop window appeared and she saw many items and most of them were so high level that Valeif only at her current <Level 1000> could equip them . But amongst all items, one drew her attention the most as this item had no level requirement .

<Tome Of The Necromancer>

<Changes Player Class To Hidden Class: Necromancer>

<Price: 100,000,000,000 Gold>

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Valeif smirked and said, "I want the Tome Of The Necromancer . "

"Are you sure?"

Valeif nodded her head, "Yes, I am sure . "

"That will be 100,000,000,000 gold . "

<Confirm, Decline>

Valeif nodded, "That's fine . "

The shop window disappeared and a notification flashed .

<Tome Of The Necromancer, Received>

"Thank you for doing business with me, adventurer . "

Valeif frowned and asked, "You are not going to sell me anything anymore?"

The slouching man with an old voice said, "Only one item per encounter . If you are lucky we will meet again and then I will be happy to sell you an item . "

She smiled, "Until our next guaranteed meeting then . "

"Do you think you are that lucky little girl?"

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She chuckled, "Yes, I am since I am very lucky . "

The man smiled, "We will see . " He vanished and Valeif was alone once again . She opened her inventory . In which only one item laid, clicking on it a window appeared with a description .

<Secret Tome Of The Necromancer>

<You may learn this class added to your existing class>

<Learn, Close>

Valeif pressed on the Learn option and a notification message flashed .

<You may not learn this class until you leave the special zone Hel>

She scratched her head and shrugged her shoulders and thought, "If I must leave here then okay . "

She closed the menu and returned back to the intersection . The was one last path remaining but she still plucked out a feather from her wings and threw it into the air, the wind blew and the feather floated through the air . It didn't float to the stairs, instead, it floated to a random direction between the stairs and the path that she already went on .

The girl without hesitation walked down this path which didn't exist and in the distance, she saw the same slouching man . She approached him and said, "Hello again!"

The slouching man turned around and frowned, "I will not sell you anything at this time . I was just leaving this godforsaken underworld . Now if you will excuse me . "

"I want to leave as well . "

The man frowned deeper and then said, "Did you meet the ruler of Hel, Helir?"

"I didn't . "

The man nodded, "Follow me then . "

The two walked some more and before long, a strange dark portal appeared before them . The underworld trader said, "This is the gateway I made to get here . We will leave through here . "

She nodded, "Alright"

But right before Valeif could step into the portal an angry shout came from behind them, "Stop right there! No one can leave Hel!"

The underworld trader shouted, "It's Helir, quick go in!"

Valeif without waiting for anything stepped through the portal and a message notification flashed .

<Capital Zandar>

<Quest Completed>

<Level Reduced To 1>

<You have escaped Hel without dying – Congratulations>

Valeif looked around, she saw that she was in a city of some sorts and there was not a single sign of the underworld trader . Just before she could do anything, the sky darkened and a voice echoed in the head of every player including her .

"Welcome everyone to RE: Alternative World Online – the first VRMMO you will experience as well as your last, from this moment on logging out is disabled . From this moment on you are all part of this world and not the world you came from . " After these words were spoken the mysterious voice disappeared not to be heard from again and a notification flashed before every player except her .

She frowned then opened the menu and she saw that there was no logout button . She took a deep breath, shrugged her shoulders blinked her eyes and said," In my life, I have never been unlucky, if I am here then that means my luck has led me here . That means my fate is to be here in this world!" With these words, she turned around and disappeared into the distance . In her place, only a single black feather remained .

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