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Chapter 22

Mor Rick took the release document into his hands and scanned it through with his two eyes . Afterwards, he raised his eyes and looked at the smiling warden, "What's the catch?"

"Whatever do you mean?" the warden said with a smile .

He threw the document on the table, "Why would you… no would they release me?"

The warden laid back on his chair and said with a smile, "The intentions of the ten are not for me to question . " His smile disappeared, "If it was up to me, I would never let you see the light of the day again . Your crime is inexcusable and shouldn't ever be pardoned . Are you taking the deal or not . "

He smiled and then nodded, "Alright . I will take this deal . "

The warden nodded, "Take the instruction manual for the game . A jailer will deliver both the game system and the antidote to your cell . "

He nodded, stood up, took the instruction manual and left the warden's office . Outside of the office, he met with the same jailer who escorted him . "Let's go," the jailer said . Mor Rick nodded and he was escorted back to his cell . After entering the cell, the jailer locked it and through the food window pushed in the antidote, "The game system will be delivered to you shortly . " After speaking these words the jailer walked away .

He first gulped down the antidote and then he walked to the bed and sat down . He opened the game manual and read it through, once he was done a voice from the cell door sounded, "Mor Rick, come here and take the game system . "

He stood up and walked to the cell door, he accepted the choker through the food window and the jailer walked away without saying a word more . Mor Rick walked back to his bed put on the choker, laid down on his bed and said, "RE: Start!"

After saying these words the choker lit up and he could feel his eyelids feel heavy and before he knew it, he lost his consciousness . After he lost his consciousness, his eyes opened and in front of him he saw a white space and in this white space, several messages flashed before him .

<Welcome to RE: Alternate World Online>

<Character Creation Initialized>

<Your real appearance will be used for your character>

"Saves time, good," he thought .

<Body Scan Initialized>

<Body Scan Completion: 1%>

<Body Scan Completion: 5%>

<Body Scan Completion: 23%>

"This is really taking a long time if I could have just one of the templates it would have been much faster," he thought and sighed .

<Body Scan Completion: 46%>

<Body Scan Completion: 67%>

<Body Scan Completion: 97%>

<Body Scan Completion: 100%>

<Body Scan Completed>

<Appearance has been set>

<Pain intensity is set to 100%>

Mor Rick smirked . "Pain intensity? There are senses in this game? If its anything like real life then I can't wait to once again feast on food, women and blood," he thought and laughed lightly .

Before his thoughts could continue another message flashed before him .

<Randomising Race>

<Human race selected>

<Please select your class>

A big screen appeared in front of him and on this screen a selection of classes appeared,






He looked over the classes once and then clicked on the first one, <Berserker>

<Class Selected>

<Please input your name> A keyboard appeared in front of him .

"My real name should be fine," he thought before typing in a name, <R-I-C-K> once he was done, he pressed the <Confirm> button . The keyboard and the screen disappeared and a message sounded,

<Character creation successful>

<Welcome to RE: Alternative World Online>


<3…2…1…> The space around him twisted and with a flash of light, his surroundings changed .

<Human Novice Village>

He looked around and a smile formed on his lips . He inhaled the air through his nose and a smell of grass entered it . "It was ten years since I smelled the grass," he said .

"Weirdo . " A sudden voice sounded to his right . He turned his head and saw a youth of sixteen standing before him .

<Rin, Level 0, Berserker>

<HP: 260/260>

"What did you say to me?"

"I called you a weirdo . "

Rick smiled, "Let's see if killing here is the same as killing in real life . " He said and a dangerous glint flashed through his eyes, he didn't pull out his weapon, he punched at the youth .

<-3, Rin>

<+5 Rage>

"What are you doing," the player yelled .

Rick looked at his fist and disappointment flashed through his eyes, "If it was real life my punch would have drawn blood . Let's see if I can draw it out," he thought before coldly looking at Rin and charging at him .

Rin paled and he shouted, "Stop or I will be forced to attack you!" Rick ignored the player's words and delivered another punch to the player's face .

<-4, Rin>

<+5 Rage>

Following that, he launched two more punches which hit directly at the player's face .

<-6, Rin>

<+5 Rage>

<-5, Rin>

<+5 Rage>

Rin because of the last punch lost his balance and fell buttocks-first to the ground . Rick didn't waste this opportunity, he jumped on the youth and started mercilessly punching at the youth's face .

After each punch until the fifth one, Rin tried to throw Rick off but the rhythm of the punching made it impossible . As the sixth punch landed, the youth broke into tears and he begged for Rick to stop, as the pain he felt was too much for a sixteen-year-old youth but Rick ignored the pleas and continued mercilessly punching . After the fifteenth punch, the youth only let out groans of pain all until he died .

<PK status received>

<Note: Players will receive a bounty for killing you>

<Hidden Quest Received>

<Continue killing players and you might be invited to the Dark Family>


<Invitation to the Dark Family>

<Quest Accepted>

Rick stood up from the corpse, he ignored the quest notification and he didn't look down at Rin's dead body rather he looked at his fist which he used to end the life of the youth . "There is some blood on it," he thought and then he licked it . A smile appeared on his lips, "The taste of blood is there . How I missed this . "

"Now then," he looked around and saw a quest far in the distance . "I have to beat this game to get my freedom, I should level up first," he thought and he walked into the distance .

In just a few breaths of time, he reached the town and he saw the old man with a yellow exclamation marker above his head .

"Adventurer, how good that you have come, I have an urgent task for you, please go to the capital . It is very important . "

<Quest Received>

<Quest Objective: Go to the capital>

<Rewards: ???>

<Quest Accepted>

Rick spotted an arrow on the minimap and he followed it . He reached the capital city as it was getting dark, walking inside the city a notification message sounded .

<Capital Zandar>

He followed the streets of Zandar and soon saw a middle-aged man with a yellow question marker above his head . He approached this man and the man said to him, "Thank you for coming adventurer . "

<Quest Completed>


<+0 XP>

"Please go to the square which is in the middle of Zandar and wait there until the sun sets . "

<Quest Received>

<Quest Objective: Go to the capital square>

<Rewards: ???>

<Quest Accepted>

He once again followed the yellow arrow on the minimap and in no time at all, he reached the square . It was a huge neat square with a large fountain in the middle .

As he stepped into the square, the sky turned dark . In this darkness, a voice echoed in the head of every player that was present in the square .

"Welcome everyone to RE: Alternative World Online – the first VRMMO you will experience as well as your last, from this moment on logging out is disabled . From this moment on you are all part of this world and not the world you came from . " After these words were spoken the mysterious voice disappeared not to be heard from again and a notification flashed before every player .

<Quest Completed>


<+0 XP>

<+1 Mystery Gift>

Rick smirked wickedly and roared in laughter, "You moronic jailors of mine! To think you have given me such a chance! I will beat this sh*t game of yours and reclaim my freedom, just you wait!" He walked away from the square, opened the menu and then opened the only item in his inventory .

<Generating Reward>

<Please standby>

<Reward generated>

<Skill Learned, God's Grip, Able to wield a 2H weapon in one hand>