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Chapter 25

<Your real appearance will be used for your character>

"Figures," he thought . He relaxed himself and calmly looked at the slowly changing numbers .

<Body Scan Initialized>

<Body Scan Completion: 1%>

<Body Scan Completion: 5%>

<Body Scan Completion: 23%>

<Body Scan Completion: 46%>

<Body Scan Completion: 67%>

<Body Scan Completion: 97%>

<Body Scan Completion: 100%>

<Body Scan Completed>

<Appearance has been set>

<Pain intensity is set to 100%>

"Well this game is the recruitment grounds for the ten, so it's not that surprising that they would use full realism, pain and all . "

<Randomising Race>

<Human race selected>

<Please select your class>

A big screen appeared in front of him and on this screen a selection of classes appeared,






"I will have to conquer this world with the class I will choose next, I can't take this decision lightly," he thought .

"Hmm…" He looked over the classes a few times and then he clicked on <Paladin> class .

<Class Selected>

<Please input your name> a keyboard appeared in front of him .

"I don't want them to know it's me so the nickname I had as an orphan should do but this won't hide me if they look for me . Ideally, they won't look for me and when I win their little game, they will most likely invite me to congratulate me, I can't wait to see their pale faces at that exact moment, I wonder what will they say to me then," he thought with a smirk before typing in a name, <H-o-l-d-r-a-k> once he was done, he pressed the <Confirm> button . The keyboard and the screen disappeared and a message sounded,

<Character creation successful>

<Welcome to RE: Alternative World Online>


<3…2…1…> The space around him twisted and with a flash of light, his surroundings changed .

<Human Novice Village>

"In the instruction manual father gave me there were some hidden mechanics of the game which other players are unaware of, one of which was unique skills, I should create my own skill before moving on . If I am the first one to do so, I will also receive some prestige points which I need to receive my place in the ten," he thought .

He unsheathed his weapons and saw a mace in his left and a shield in his right . He pulled back the mace and swiftly moved the shield horizontally . He did this action, one time, ten times and then a hundred times when he repeated it for over two hundred times a notification sounded .

<Unique skill created, Shield Bash, Damages Your Target for 50% Strength and stuns it for 3 seconds, Cooldown: 30 seconds, Range: Melee, Mana Cost: 50 Mana, Shield Required>

"I did it, now I have to be the first one to reach <Level 10>" he turned his eyes to the minimap and following it he walked into the distance to the closest quest .

He walked past all other players and soon reached the town; at the entrance of the town, he saw an old man with a yellow exclamation mark above his head . He approached him and the man spoke to him .

"Young adventurer, how good that you have come, I have an urgent task for you, please go to the capital . It is very important . "

<Quest Received>

<Quest Objective: Go to the capital>

<Rewards: ???>

<Quest Accepted>

He once again looked at the minimap and following it, he walked to the goal of the quest .

After travelling for quite a while, he finally reached the capital city and as he did the sun was already setting . He entered the city and a notification message flashed before him, <Capital Zandar>

He ignored everything around him and he just walked to the quest . After navigating the streets of the capital city Zandar, he found a middle-aged man with a yellow question marker above his head .

Holdrak approached this man and said, "I have been asked to come here,"

The middle-aged man looked at him and nodded, "Thank you for coming young adventurer,"

<Quest Completed>


<+0 XP>

"Please go to the square which is in the middle of Zandar and wait there until the sun sets . "

<Quest Received>

<Quest Objective: Go to the capital square>

<Rewards: ???>

<Quest Accepted>

Without waiting for anything, he walked into the square and as he entered it, he looked around and saw that it was still a little early . He shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes – waiting in a single place until the sky darkened and a voice entered his ears which made him open his eyes .

"Welcome everyone to RE: Alternative World Online – the first VRMMO you will experience as well as your last, from this moment on logging out is disabled . From this moment on you are all part of this world and not the world you came from . " After these words were spoken the mysterious voice disappeared not to be heard from again and a notification flashed before every player .

<Quest Completed>


<+0 XP>

<+1 Mystery Gift>

Holdrak arrogantly looked at the chaotic crowd and harrumphed . "I have no time for this, I have to get out as soon as possible . I will become one of the ten and nothing and no one can stop me! Not those geezers and not some game . " He turned around and walked away . After getting some distance from others, he opened his inventory and clicked on the only item in his inventory and used it .

<Generating Reward>

<Please standby>

<Reward generated>

<Unique Racial Passive Learned, Boundless Talent, Increases Attribute Points Per Level to 25 from 10>

As players around the world were overreacting to the six names that suddenly appeared before them, in front of Dro an additional notification sounded .

<Talents Specialization Unlocked>

A window popped opened before Dro and in this window, three specializations were listed side by side .

<Blood Lord, Tank>

<New resource Blood>

<All abilities updated>

<Blood is used as a shield>

<Passive Health Regeneration>

<Transfuser, Healer>

<New resource Blood>

<All abilities updated>

<Blood is used to shield allies from damage>

<Health is used as a resource for healing>

<Passive Blood and Health regeneration>

<Dracula, DPS>

<New resource Blood>

<All abilities updated>

<Pet maximum increased from 1 to 6>

<Pet damage increased by 100%>

<More blood you spend in the battle, more powerful your skills become>