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Chapter 32

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<Werewolf Guard, Level 10, Elite>

<HP: 1,000/1,000>

"Last time I fought this monster, I had to run away as it almost killed me but at that time it was several levels higher than me," he smirked and his thoughts continued, "Let's see how will I do now, when the situation is reversed and I am several levels higher and not the other way around . "

He walked past the trees that separated them until the distance between the two was 15-yards – the maximum range that was allowed for the use of his long range skill . Stopping at this range, he recalled the movements of that skill and executed them .

<Blood Spear>

The spear from his right hand flew through the air and hit the sitting Werewolf who was 15-yards away .

<-424 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Werewolf Guard>

After the damage was dealt, the Werewolf howled then jumped up from the ground, dashing at Dro on all fours . As the werewolf entered the 5-yard range of Dro on all fours, Dro activated yet another ranged ability .


<-50, Werewolf Guard>

<+236, Dro>

<+20 Blood>

After the damage was dealt, the monster came in Dro's range, he quickly unsheathed his sword and the two exchanged attacks . The Werewolf diagonally struck with its right hand and Dro activated the skill by striking diagonally with his unsheathed weapon .

<-142, Dro>

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<Decimating Slash>

<-673 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Werewolf Guard>

<Werewolf Guard, Slain>

<+250 XP>

The Werewolf Guard fell to the ground dead even before it got a chance to use its skill <Frenzy> . The skill which was the entire reason why Dro almost died the last time he fought this elite monster .

"That was easier than I expected it to be," he thought before smiling widely . His eyes moved to the corpse; he thought, "No loot . "

Seeing that the monster didn't have any loot, his eyes moved away from it and to the cave behind it . Looking into the dark cave, he thought, "Judging from the Quest objective I will have to fight an Alpha Werewolf, I wonder what kind of level is it and what kind of status it has . Is it an elite or sit a boss . " He sighed, "Whatever it is, I will find out soon," after this thought, he walked into the cave and once he passed the cave threshold a notification message flashed before him .

<Werewolf leader's hideout>

He turned his head in all directions to look around but he saw only one path which led forward ahead . He smiled, "Good, it seems this cave is not of those tunnel system caves that have countless paths and many dead ends," he thought and walked down the only path – forward ahead . Walking a few hundred or so yards, the moonlight from the outside disappeared but he continued walking as if nothing changed . He could still see perfectly clear just as well as in the open area in the moonlight outside .

Walking a hundred more yards, a sound entered his ears which made him stop in his tracks and think, "Is that water?—But it is almost inaudible . " After this thought, he continued on his path – walking further ahead .

With each taken the step, the sound of water got louder and louder . All until he realised that the water sound was the sound the waterfall crashing . Walking fifty more yards, he stopped and squinted his eyes as his eyes got annoyed by the faint light that came from the distance ahead . It was the same kind of feeling when one would squint their eyes when encountering some light after getting accustomed to the darkness but this annoyance disappeared immediately only after squinting his eyes . It was much faster than the time human eyes would take to get accustomed to the light .

He without thinking much continued on his path .

With each taken step the light got brighter and the sound of waterfall crashing got louder all until he saw an opening less than fifty yards away . "I am here," he thought and ran through the opening and stopped to look around .

He first saw that the room that he was in was very large . To the right, he saw the crashing waterfall, to the left – a table with a bunch of papers on it and in the middle – a Werewolf and behind him – a path that led further ahead . He focused not on the waterfall, the table or the path behind the werewolf but the Werewolf himself .

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<Alpha Werewolf – Zjir, Level 10, Field Boss>

<HP: 2,450/2,450>

This Werewolf, like the others, had black fur, yellow pupils and wore no clothes, but unlike the others, he saw, this one had several wounds on its body .

"A field boss? It's not an elite?" he thought and then took a deep breath as he mentally prepared himself to fight a boss . After which he without waiting for anything, he walked into the 15-yard range and used a long ranged ability to start the fight .

<Blood Spear>

The spear from his right hand flew through the air and hit the standing Alpha Werewolf 15-yards away .

<-424 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Alpha Werewolf – Zjir>

Zjir turned its head towards Dro and howled, so loudly that it made the entire cave shake .

<Alpha's Howl>

<Zjir's Damage doubled for the next 10 attacks>

Zjir took two steps forward and jumped, instantly landing in front of Dro and surprising him . Because of this surprise, Dro didn't react at what happened next . Zjir used the skill which almost killed him last time .


<-480, Dro>

<-480, Dro>

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<-480, Dro>

<-480, Dro>

"What?!" He turned his eyes to his health .

<HP: 330/2250>

"Did I just lose almost all my health?! I have to heal now!" He thought then extended his hand and activated his healing ability .


<-123, Alpha Werewolf – Zjir>

<+236, Dro>

<+20 Blood>

Zjir at that time slashed diagonally and it once again hit Dro .

<-500, Dro>

"I have to crit with <Decimating Slash> or its over!" he thought .

<Decimating Slash, Critical>

<-1691 (Damage multiplier applied because of level difference), Alpha Werewolf – Zjir>

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"Nice a critical, I did it!" he thought .

<Alpha Werewolf – Zjir, Level 10, Field Boss>

<HP: 212/2,450>

"It's one hit away and I am one hit away . I still have <Blood Pool>, I don't have to run away . I can do this!"

Then as his thought finished the Werewolf suddenly jump back, extended his right hand showing Dro his palm and shouted out, "Wait!—Vampire, you have already won, but before I die . Please grant one request of mine . Further down the cave, you will find a little girl . She is not a Werewolf but a human child, she is not part of our war, please don't kill her . Please send her back to her realm . "

<Choice Quest Received>

<Option 1>




<Option 2>




<Quest Accepted>

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