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Chapter 39


Riku's sword descended down at frightening speed and just as it was about to make contact and cleanly chop off Dro's head, a sudden thought flashed through his head, "I don't want to die!" Subconsciously using his only self-defence skill which in actuality he used as the thought formed in his head; not after . Because if he used the skill after the thought, he would have without a doubt died .

<Blood Puddle>

<-0, Dro>

Vampire onlookers widened their eyes in shock as they didn't see a head roll down the ground but instead saw a Progenitor turn into a puddle of blood . All of them gulped down their salivas and stared wide-eyed at the puddle of blood .

Turning into a puddle of blood, Dro wasted no time . He moved in a random direction as he had no time to think where to run to, he only needed a direction – any direction . Moving away from Riku, one word repeated itself in his head on a loop, "Run!"

Riku frowned not getting the result he wanted . "You dare to resist an execution?!" he shouted looking at blood puddle that was getting farther and farther away . He scoffed; extended his right hand and a spear of blood appeared in it, "Anyone that will be in the way of my spear once he returns back to his true form will die!"

Vampires hearing this paled; they all ran away from the moving blood puddle as fast as they possibly could and just before Dro turned back, there wasn't a single Vampire who was in 20 yards range of him .

Dro turned back from the blood puddle to his normal form; Riku smirked and threw the spear he held in his hand .

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The spear flew through the air impaling Dro right through the heart .

<Blood Spear, Critical>

<-956,348, Dro>

<You have died>

Dro's eyes closed and then a short moment later his eyes opened again; a notification message followed .

<King Yanma's>

Dro's eyes widened in shock, "What?! Didn't I die?! Why was I teleported here?!" He questioned the air in shock; then he saw what was before him . Before him, stood a huge desk at which sat a fat 10 meters hight giant with grey skin, wrinkled old face, two black horns, black long hair and a black beard .

<King Yanma, Level ??????????>

The giant picked up a book which was placed at the edge of the table . Flipped it open and started flipping through the pages .

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"What is happening here? What is this? Why am I here?" Dro thought confused .

King Yama stopped flipping through the pages and looked down, "Dro, a Vampire . In your life, you have accumulated 200 prestige points . " The giant smiled and nodded, "Since you were a hero, who was known to the world you can be reincarnated and before you ask, I can't resurrect you . The story of Dro the Vampire has ended and a new one has to begin and it will begin from zero . "

"What?!" Dro mumbled shocked .

"Didn't you hear me?" the giant sighed, "If I wasn't clear, I apologise . Let me start over—Dro, you are the hero with the most prestige points throughout all the lands and realms . Because of your achievements in life, you can be reincarnated as whatever race you want . Well, there is also an alternative option, you can reject my offer to reincarnate but if that would to happen I would destroy your soul, as sending you to one of the hell realms would be an insult to your great name . So what will it be, will you reincarnate or do you want me to extinguish your soul . "

<Choice Quest Received>

<Option 1>




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<Option 2>

<Don't Reincarnate>



<Quest Accepted>

"This is not even a choice," he thought and said, "I will reincarnate"

<Option 1 Chosen>

<Quest Completed>

King Yanma nodded, "A wise choice by a wise hero . As you were the most prestigious hero, I will offer you three strongest and noble races, any other race besides these three would be an insult to you and I won't accept it . "

"Before that can I ask something?"

"Certainly hero . "

"Does everyone that die get a chance to be reincarnated?"

King Yanma shook his head, "No, only heroes that collected prestige in their life can get reincarnated"

"So as long a 'hero' collected at least some prestige through each of their lives can continue being resurrected?"

"No—Each lifetime you have to overpass what you were before . "

"What happens to those that can't get reincarnated?"

"They are sent to one of the hell realms to be tormented until end of time . "

Dro frowned; then nodded, "I understand . I am ready now . "

"I won't die again . I will save Fina from her imminent death . I will kill Riku for killing me and Erylis for ordering my execution!" he thought .

"Your first choice is a Dokalfar, the oldest and most noble race of elves . Your second choice is Lich although not noble but they are arguably the strongest race of all . Your third choice is Werepire, this race went extinct and is long forgotten by all . They are the Vampire ancestors . Which one will it be?"